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Muñeca Brava

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Muñeca Brava telenovelaMuñeca Brava is a funny, melodramatic and romantic story of a girl called Milagros. Her mother died when giving birth to her. Having no father, she was raised in a monastery with other orphans. She dresses like a boy and is crazy about soccer, kicking other team's players' legs to score a goal. The priest of the parish, father Manuel, calls her "Cholito", after a well-known Argentine player of the 60's. Milagros turns 18 and she cannot stay at the convent anymore. She must leave her friends, find a job, and start a new life. There is an opportunity. Father Manuel finds for her work as a maid in a big mansion, Solitude, owned by the powerful Di Carlos family.

Muñeca Brava - telenovela

(1998 - 1999) - Natalia Oreiro, Facundo Arana


Natalia Oreiro ... Milagros 'Milli' "Cholito"/"Carlitos"
Facundo Arana ... Ivo Di Carlo-Miranda Rapallo
Fernanda Mistral ... Luisa Rapallo de Di Carlo
Verónica Vieyra ... Victoria 'Vicky' Di Carlo Rapallo
Lydia Lamaison ... Doña Angélica viuda de Di Carlo
Victoria Onetto ... Adelina 'Liná' de Solo
Norberto Díaz ... Damián Rapallo
Mariana Arias ... Andrea Ramos
Silvia Baylé ... Amparo Rodríguez alias Socorro 'Socó' de García
Segundo Cernadas ... Pablo Rapallo
Osvaldo Guidi ... óscar alias Bernardo Avelleyra
Valeria Lorca ... Martha 'Martitá'
Gabriela Sari ... Gloria Esposito
Pablo Novak ... Alfredo Luis Solo (Bobby)
Gino Renni ... Ramón García Parapuchino
Marcelo Mazzarello ... Morgan (Rocky)
Arturo Maly ... Federico Di Carlo
Paola Krum ... Florencia 'Flor' Rizzo de Di Carlo-Miranda
Diego Ramos ... Sergio Costa Junior
Marita Ballesteros ... Rosario 'Rosí' de Albertini
Lorena Meritano ... Carolina 'Caró' Domínguez
Gustavo Guillén ... Fabrizio Rizzo alias Daniel Breyla
Pablo Patlis ... Facundo Damián Caruso
Roberto Fiore ... Gustavo Marías
Mercedes Funes
Claudio Garófalo ... Detective Aguirre
Laura Liste
Fernando Llosa ... Doménico Rizzo
David Masajnik ... Fernando
Sebastián Miranda ... Carlos (Chamuco)
Paula Siero ... Marina Rizzo de Rapallo
Claudia Albertario ... Romina
Margara Alonso
Gogó Andreu ... José 'Don Pepé' Simal
Roberto Antier ... Juan Cruz
Emilio Bardi ... Francisco
Adrián Batista
Gabriel Batistuta ... Himself
Salvador Bivachi
Brian Caruso ... Gamuza
Ana María Caso ... Mother Superior
Valeria Cavassa
Jorge García Marino ... Armando Osvaldo Ripetti
Mauricio García
Daniel Kuzniecka ... Alejandro
Regina Lamm
Isabel Macedo ... Ana
Rodolfo Machado ... Néstor Miranda
Dalma Maradona ... Herself
Coni Mariño ... New Wife of Néstor Miranda
María Julia Moreno
Gustavo Moro
Laura Muñoz
Eduardo Nutkiewitz ... Don Julio
Florencia Ortiz ... Pilar
Osvaldo Peluffo
Rolo Puente
Nilda Raggi
Jazmín Rodríguez ... Jazmín
Patricia Rozas ... Lidia
Ernesto Rucker
Jorge Sabate
Humberto Serrano ... Father Manuel Miranda
Héctor Sinder
Lita Soriano ... Clara de Ripetti
Amelia Vargas ... Herself
Carolina Vespa
Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi ... Little Thief from the Street
Maite Zumelzú

Directed by
Hernán Abrahamnsohn
Gaita Aragona
Víctor Stella

Writing credits
Enrique Torres

Cambio Dolor performed by Natalia Oreiro

Original music

Executive producers:
María Eugenia Estebanez
Lala Franco
Raúl Lecouna
Vivian Prudente
Susana Rudni
Marcela Spinacce
Alelén Villanueva

Cinematography by
Hugo Battitessa

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Telefe


Won award in 1998 and 1999 Martín Fierro Awards in category Best Telenovela

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Stacy   |2008-12-03 12:06:39
Where can I find the movie for it in pennsylvania?
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