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Nano telenovelaNano (short for Manuel) runs an oceanarium, Mundo Marino, in spite of the fact that his father, Noel, wants him to join the family enterprise as is expected of an aristocrat. Nano, an idealist, prefers to work in the magical and silent world of the animals he so loves - the dolphins, Orca whales, sea lions and penguins. By day he runs the oceanarium and the foundation to protect animals, but at night he comes to the aid of people. Secretly, he is "the Cat" - a sort of Robin Hood who steals from the rich and corrupt and gives to the poor.

He will even steal thousands of dollars from his father's own safe to distribute to the workers who were fired by his father. Connected to his office is his secret "cave" where together with his closest friend, Sebastian, he plans the "cat's" actions. Also connected to his office is his little apartment where he finds peace and quiet away from his nagging wife, Rosario, whom he does not love. Although he has a lover, he says that he has never experienced the magical love that, by his definition, is felt from the waist up. Until he meets Camila.

Camila, who became deaf and mute as a result of a childhood trauma (her parents were murdered), silently watches Nano at the oceanarium without him seeing, and photographs him without end. Her silent world joins to the silence of his world of water. They meet and fall in love. But will they be able to overcome the dark secrets of their past and the evils of the present to live and love in their magical world? What will happen when Camila remembers her past and recognizes Nano's father, Noel, as the murderer of her father. Will Nano's wife succeed in her insane schemes? And will Nano's and Camila's love for each other, that began in their long lost childhood, triumph in the end?

Nano - telenovela

(1994) - Gustavo Bermúdez, Araceli González


Gustavo Bermúdez ... El Gato
Araceli González ... Camila Del Molino López de Espada
Mario Pasik ... Silvio Canelo
Lydia Lamaison ... Amalia Del Molino López
Emilia Mazer ... Rosario de las Nieves Melón de Espada
Cecilia Cenci ... Felicia Del Molino López de Espada
Graciela Pal ... Aurora Del Molino López
Silvia Pérez ... Crista Piris
Gabriela Bianco ... Fiorella 'Fiore' Canelo
Carlos Brown ... Víctor Melón
Ana María Castel ... Encarnación 'Encarna' Simonetti
Mercedes Funes ... Maripaz Canelo
Alejo García Pintos ... Máximo 'Maxi' Espada Del Molino López
Fabián Gianola ... Sebastián 'Sebi'
Coni Mariño ... María del Carmen Espada Del Molino López
Sebastián Miranda ... Genaro
Enrique Otranto ... Patiño
Andrea Pietra ... Magdalena 'Maggie' Del Molino López
Omar Pini ... Gotardo Simonetti
Gabriel Rovito ... Federico 'Fede' Melón
Nicolás Scarpino ... Guillermo 'Willy' Simonetti-Espada Del Molino López
Arturo Maly ... Noel Espada
Norberto Díaz ... Rafael Del Molino López
Anna Ferrer ... Gardenia Melón
Héctor Fuentes ... Pascual Costacurta
María Maristani ... Dora
Anahí Martella ... Bernarda 'Bernardita'
Sabrina Carballo

Writing credits
Enrique Torres

Song: Abrazame
Written by: Patricia Sosa, Juan Forcada
Singing: Carica

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Suárez

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Rodolfo Hoppe
Rolo Pereyra

Produced by
Yair Dori
Celso Durán


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maria  - nanooooo   |2009-10-18 20:32:08
the best soap opera i have ever seen
Angela   |2009-10-28 20:30:50
I never missed an episode!! It touched my soul.. excellent actors.. My favourite one..GUSTAVO BERMUDEZ - i watched all his films..
Eli  - I agree   |2010-09-25 02:44:24
It was the best couple and love story ever! Unforgettable.
yesenia   |2010-10-30 06:46:50
when was the last time it aired? Will it b comencing soon again?
Daniela  - Gustavo Bermudez - best actor   |2012-06-14 18:01:34
Gustavo Bermudez is a great actor, really impressive. It's so great that most of his movies were named by his character because he's the soul of them all.
And those eyes of him ........
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