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Patito Feo

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Patito FeoPatito is ugly but pure-hearted girl, lives peacefully with her mother Carmen in Bariloche. She meets Matías - a boy whom she immediately falls in love with. Matías will also fall in love with Patito, i.e. her voice when she is singing and they will be together. However, when Patito knew him, she didn't believe that she had a chance with him. Then she must travel with her mother to the country's capital city for some medical exams. In the hospital, Carmen surprisingly meets Leandro (Juan Darthés) the love of her life, and also the father of Patito. Neither Patito nor Leandro know this. The exams don't go very well, so Patito has to stay 3 months for treatment, instead of the week Carmen was planning. Leandro suggests Paito goes to the school which his mother directs when he revealed her talent to sing. As soon as she arrives there, Patito meets Antonella. Antonella, who is talented, sexy, and beautiful girl, but also cruel, arrogant, prudent, and very dominant, will become the worst enemy of Patito, calling her "ugly" and preventing from making friends with Matías. Patito feels terribly bad, and realizes Matías is also on that school. The bad news is that Matías is completely in love with Antonella.


Laura Natalia Esquivel as Paricia (Patito) Diaz Rivarola Castro

Patito is 13 year-old girl who lives with her mother in the South of Argentina, Bariloche. She is very plain and humble girl with the purest heart and no hint of any dark thoughts to spoil her soul. She is a very dedicated person when it comes to act in circumstances so natural for her. She is ugly in looks but her inside world is full of beauty, music and high extent of world perception. She does endeavor to meet her father and in spite of her looks she evokes high feelings in Matías.

Eva Quattrocci as Tamara Valiente

Tamara is only 14 and she is the best friend to Josefina and Sol. She is afraid to live in the school team since she hates fights and conflicts. She is a good jockey. Tamara is far diplomatic when expressing her opinion and she tries to solve the school tensions since she gets determined and rigid as the occasion requires. Later she has some kind relations with Facundo, brother to Antonella.

Brenda Asnicar as Antonella Lamas Bernadi

Antonella, 14, is very beautiful and attractive. She feels she can use her looks to attract people to do what she wants. She likes singing and dancing and she wants to do a breakthrough like Madonna when she was younger.

Antonella does not progress at study and she attends school only because education is required for her future. She is so irresponsible and she flatters and butters Inés when she is willing to take advantage of the managerial assistance. Antonella, Pia and Caterina make a musical group Las Davinas.

Nicole Luis as Luciana Mentitequi

Luciana, 15 year-old girl, is stylish and chic. She walks and poses as a model. Luciana comes from the family of good standing. She is used to the things of high quality and cost. She is too impulsive and affectionate. As a personality, she is string-minded and determined. She never allows herself to be manipulated or threatened. Luciana is devoted to her friends and family. She dates with Gonzalo for some time but for the college time she starts dating with Guido to make a perfect couple. In the beginning Antonella considers her as the real Goddess for her features.

Santiago Talledo as Guido Leinez

Guido is 16. He is a good fashionista and is a voluntary victim of all the trendy stuff. He opts for the trendy designer clothes only. He listens to the music that is popular only and all hhis poses assume he is a model or pretends to be one. Though, this is the protective behavior only. He does not want to be vulnerable and weak to get injured once. Anyway, he cares a lot of himself and his appearance. Josefina fights against him all the time and throughout all the series they try to balance their relations to come to the right side. However, he pays his attention to well-dressed and popular girls in the school only.

He is keen on rugby and wishes he becomes a model in future. He is also good at singing and dancing to play with Scratch, musical group.

Gastón Soffritti as Matías Beltran

Matías, 15, is Josefina's brother. He is the best friend to Facundo. When he meets Patito, he tends to protect her to make good friends with her. Antonella is his girlfriend but she dislikes histender care of Patito. In most occasions Matías finds himself between these two and Antonella always takes advantage of being his girlfriend pretending to tell the true and behaving as a victim.

Matías has open heart and he feels sympathy to those in need. He is good at football and he dreams about playing for the Boca Junior division. His parents object for his sports career and, thus, he gets engaged in musical comedy performance to prove the time he spends out. And only his true friends know the truth and support him.

Juan Darthés as Leandro Díaz Rivarola

Leandro is the pediatrician from the high society in Buenos Aires. He is strict and official-treating person, collector of automobiles. He is Patito’s father but he does not know abut it.

Leandro is the Director to the medical hospital La Merced, one of the prestigious medical institutions in the city. He has always been committing to grow in professional career but he really loves children. Fourteen years ago he met and fell in love with Carmen but his mother, Inés, ruined their relations for she thought Carmen was not worth being next to her beloved son.  

Griselda Sicilliani as Carmen

Carmen is Patito’s mother, funny, humble and generous. There is still a great love to Leandro in her heart. She lives with the daughter teaching her to love the simple life with its wonderful piece of existence. She designs clothes by herself so she wears only the stuff she has made, as well as Patito. When she meets Leandro again, she wishes she cries of her love to the whole world but she gets restrained and waits until it is possible to get close to him.

Camila Outon as Pia

Pia, 15, is the right-hand to Antonella. She is the girl who lives with gossips and troubles of other people. When she gets some news about people she knows, Pia adds more intriguing details to share with others. She is a real troublemaker and moreover, she makes troubles intentionally. And she really triumphs when she thinks she reveals the truth and ruins reputation of her victims.

She is a girl to hold at a distance since she is a little bit dangerous to hurt. She dreams of being the leader to win respect, worship and fear and she is happy when she does to override Antonella but in most cases it’s useless.

Patito Feo - telenovela

(2007) - Laura Natalia Esquivel, Gastón Soffritti


Juan Darthés ... Leandro
Griselda Siciliani ... Carmen
Gloria Carrá ... Blanca
Laura Natalia Esquivel ... Patricia 'Patitó' Castro (Capitana Populares)
Marcela López Rey ... Inés
Diego Ramos ... Andrés
Vivian El Javer ... Dorinha
Martín Bossi ... Polo
Luciano Cáceres ... Germán
Nicolás D'Agostino ... Barcarolli
Florencia Ortiz ... Emilia
Rodrigo Guirao Díaz ... Nicolás
Matías Ale ... Fito Bernardi
Silvia Yori ... Petrona
Brenda Asnicar ... Antonella Lamas Bernardi
María Sol Berecoechea ... Sol (Populares)
Thelma Fardín ... Josefina
Andrés Gil ... Bruno (Divinas)
Juan Manuel Guilera ... Gonzalo
Nicole Luis ... Divinas
Camila Outon ... Divinas
Eva Quattrocci ... Populares
Camila Salazar ... Caterina (Divinas)
Gastón Soffriti ... Matias
Santiago Talleda ... Guido (Divinas)
Nicolás Torcanowsky ... Populares
Brian Vainberg ... Divinas
Rodrigo Vellilla ... Felipe (Populares)
Nicolas Zuviria ... Alan
Calu Rivero ... Emma Taylor (Divinas)
Silvina Acosta
María Eugenia Bonel
Dalia Elnecavé
Ma. Sol Berecoechea ... Sol
Maria Eugenia Bonel
Laura Perez Esquivel ... Patricia 'Patitó' Castro
Andres Gil ... Bruno

Directed by
Jorge Montero

Writing credits
Marcela Citterio
Mario Schajris
Alejandro Stoessel
Marcelo Tinelli

Original music
Mario Schajris

Executive producers:
Leonardo Blanco
Marcelo Tinelli

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Canal 13


The futher remake of telenovela Patito Feo is mexican telenovela Atrévete a Soñar (2009) with Danna Paola and Eleazar Gómez

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adriana   |2009-01-02 01:46:08
ola!estan muy guapos todos!felicidades por la novela,esta de pelos!
Anonymous   |2009-08-08 11:38:03
hello pat sava tu et belle comme une fleu qui chante comme une marveille bon toi anto te pareille mes stp arrete de te batrre avec pat bon je mappelle raimya
hilda   |2009-11-28 21:50:02
es una exselente novela nos dejo un crato mensaje me gusto l personaje de antonela y me fasino que eya que dara con aquel chico ya que hasian exselente pareja felisidades atodos
maria guzman marquqez  - patito   |2009-12-24 16:14:28
Querida patito:
Me encanta la serie que protagonizas, porque me personalizo bastante con tu personaje. Aunque a mi nadie qme escucha cantar, ni confia en que pueda llegar a ser cantante, aunque si no es asi cantare de todas maneras, te quiero.

Besos y abrazos de tu nueva amiga maria
yerika   |2010-09-10 14:49:46
ha y eso si que todos los chicos estan de punta de pelo espero que tu puedas leer este mensaje ta quiero mucho y vesos a todos los chicos chaoo.
Anonymous   |2011-01-15 22:21:20
patito sale con el matias sequieren
mucho antonela no le qiere a matias
porque matias es feo mas feo no pota
vaso giuanoylopoyloy  - patito feo   |2011-03-13 18:07:03
ola stean muy gyapos todos feliciadades por la novela,esta depelos ha laura i love you
carolina   |2011-04-02 06:21:47
me gustaria ver la 3temporada en el canal 2 yo muy fanatica de la novela me e visto 1 y 2 temporada y me gusta mucho las musicas y bailes gracias att..carolina robalino alvarado para ti patito y antú somos de la misma edad
emma  - soy una fan tuya i de todos   |2011-04-28 13:37:05
patito soy una fan tuya por que me gusta cuando cantas cancioness i cuando cantastes por la tele para buscar a leandroo a mi me gustoo i tan bien cuando era la final de patito feo me gusto cuando estuviste con antonella a mi me gusto i siempre me gustara patito feoo i ta bien cuando vesaste a matias i cantavas una coancion con el me gusto i cuando bruno beso antonella a mi me gusto con esa cara de sos prendida te kiero patito(L)
Anonymous   |2014-10-04 23:56:14
patio tania casa quiero mama
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