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Perla Negra

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Perla Negra telenovelaWith 22 black pearls to cover her costs, a mysterious woman abandons a baby at an exclusive school for girls. Perla grows up there, along with her best friend, Eva. One day, Tomas arrives and seduces Eva, leaving her pregnant. The two friends decide to have the baby and raise it together, never letting anyone know who is the child's real mother. But on their way to meet Eva's family, there is an accident and Eva dies.

Perla survives and since she was found with Eva's purse, everyone believes that she is her. Perla decides to play along so that she could keep the baby and also make sure that he received all to which he was entitled. But arriving at Eva's family's house, she finds that no one wants her there--not her "grandmother," her "uncle," or her "cousin," Malvina. She also discovers that the slime who seduced her friend is Malvina's boyfriend! But Perla takes control of the family's cosmetics firm, determined to secure the best future for her "son," Charlie. And there she must deal with the intrigues of her family to wrest the firm from her hands, the schemes by Tomas' family, who happen to be the firm's most tenacious business rivals, and also the pressing attentions of Tomas, who cannot understand why Perla resists his charm and therefore chases her with every ounce of ardor he possesses. But Perla is not as immune as she seems and she doesn't know how close to love - and her real mother - she really is.


Andrea Del Boca as Perla Márquez Montifiori-Wanstein de Álvarez
Perla is a beautiful and considerate young girl left behind the happy family life. She is raised at the boarding house but in spite of absence of parents she becomes a generous, well-educated and smart young lady. She is caught up at the lake with the “offer” to get married but she is too pure to decline it. And she is honest and frank persuading Eva to forget Tomás. When living together with Tomás in the house, she makes every endeavor to make fun of him before Malvina. She is sharp-witted and her jokes make Tomás a laughingstock but he slowly falls in love with her.

Gabriel Corrado as Tomás Álvarez-Toledo
Tomás is a handsome and merciless womanizer. He is easy to get to know young girls and leave them, whether they are pregnant or not. He prefers a comfortable and easy life style when no personal qualities are concerned. Living with Perla in the house, he faces too many little troubles because of her based on her love to him and jelousity to Malvina. Slowly Tomás realizes the extent to which he ruined Eva’s life and he feels miserable about Charlie.

María Rosa Gallo as Rosalía Pacheco-Güergo
Giving a birth to a baby girl at the age of 15, Rosalía leaves her in the fear to be disclosed and disgraced. She lives her regular life but without Perla, her daughter. At the elder age Rosalia pretends to e blind but she is not for this is a good excuse to manipulate people. When the time comes to reveal the secret, she feels too suppressed since Perla does not acknowledge her. By Eva comes as an angel and aggress to make Rosalia alive if Perla accepts her. Rosalia gets alive again to see her daughter at her side.

Perla Negra - telenovela

(1994 - 1995) - Andrea Del Boca, Gabriel Corrado


Andrea Del Boca ... Perla Márquez Montifiori-Wanstein de Álvarez
Gabriel Corrado ... Tomás Álvarez-Toledo
María Rosa Gallo ... Rosalía Pacheco-Güergo
Henry Zakka ... Dante Andrade-Zamora
Norberto Díaz ... Fernando Álvarez-Toledo Jr.
Gino Renni ... Laureano Baggio Pacheco-Güergo
María Pía ... Lucila Álvarez-Toledo de Baggio
Eduardo Sapac ... Agustín Larreta
Millie Stegmann ... Malvina Baggio
Jorge D'Elía ... Fernando Álvarez-Toledo
Cecilia Maresca ... Renata Álvarez-Toledo
Facundo Arana ... Leonardo Bastidas
Raquel Casal ... Ibotí
Patricia Castell ... Blanca Pacheco-Güergo viuda de Baggio
Marcelo Cosentino ... Elías Baggio
Marcela Guerty ... Eva Pacheco-Güergo
Gustavo Guillén ... Matías Wolfenson
Regina Lamm ... Miss Helen Márquez-Montifiori
José María López ... Zacarías Gómez
Guadalupe Martínez Uría ... Ariana
Carlos Rivkin ... León Wanstein
Marcela Ruiz ... Bruna
Viviana Sáez ... Ana María Rodríguez
Humberto Serrano ... Horacio De La Canale
Rita Terranova ... María
Osvaldo Tesser ... Alan
Alfredo Zemma ... Benjamín Wanstein
Mara Linares
Silvina Segundo
Sandra Villaruel

Writing credits
Eduardo Goldman
Enrique Torres

Song: El Amor
Written by: Rafael Ferro, Roberto Livi
Singing: Andrea Del Boca

Cinematography by
Gerardo Soldatos

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Gaita Aragona
Nicolás Del Boca

Produced by
Yair Dori
Raúl Lecouna
Ornella Zampicinini



The further remake of "Perla Negra" is the mexican telenovela "Perla" with Leonardo García and Silvia Navarro

The sequel of "Perla Negra" is the telenovela "Perla Negra II" with Andrea del Boca and Saúl Lisazo

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Janixa  - important question   |2009-11-29 19:21:10
Hello My name is Janixa and I was just wondering desperately where can I go to purchase this spanish soap opera perla negra for a reasonable price im tryin to find it for my mother its her favorite soap opera of all time. If you could help me with that I would highly appreciate it thanks
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