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Roldán, Los

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Los Roldán telenovela"Tito Roldán" was a humble local supermarket driver in Argentinás rural area, when, one day, an elderly woman showed up where he was fishing, apparently trying to commit suicide. She had been diagnosed with a deadly disease. The woman was named "Mercedes Lozada", who owned a large company and a mansion. "Tito Roldán" saved her life, gave her a moment to talk, rest and regain her inner peace, and she rewarded him by giving him her former job as president of her company, and also, her mansion.

Los Roldán - telenovela

(2004 - 2005) - Miguel Ángel Rodríguez


Marcelo Aguilar ... Mancinís Doctor
Gastón Pauls ... Himself
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez ... Adalberto 'Titó Roldán
Claribel Medina ... Yoli Roldán
Tomás Fonzi ... Facundo Uriarte Banegas
Andrea Bonelli ... Chichita Banegas de Uriarte
Gabriel Goity ... Emilio Uriarte
Andrea Frigerio ... Cecilia Bernardi
Jimena Barón ... María Roldán González
Facundo Espinosa ... Leonardo 'Leó Roldán González
Florencia De la Vega ... Laisa Roldán
Martín Campilongo ... Jorge
Iván González ... Paco
Bárbara Lombardo ... Pilar Mancini
Gastón Ricaud ... Guido
Coco Sily ... Cacho Peletti
Facundo Aguilar ... Máximo 'Maxí Roldán González
Sofía Gala ... Sofía Estévez
Luciana Salazar ... Flavia
Luciano Castro ... Omar Estévez
Lola Berthet ... Hilda Roldán González
Ingrid Grudke ... Tamara
China Zorrilla ... Mercedes Lozada
Jean Pierre Noher ... Paul Mancini
Mariana Prommel ... Dulciena
Juan Palomino ... Alfredo
Araceli González ... Florencia
Arturo Bonín ... Patricio Arizmendi
Leo Bosio
Christian Bravo
Michel Brown ... Himself
Horacio Cabak ... Mike
Luciana Cardoso ... Losada`s corporation employer
Moria Casán
Cacho Castaña
Ezequiel Castaño
Leandro Castello ... Santiago
Gustavo Conti
Jorge Estigarribia ... Losada`s corporation employer
Claudia Fontán
María Rosa Fugazot ... Rosa
Maximiliano Ghione
Luis Gianneo
Monica Gonzaga
Julio Iglesias ... Himself
Cintia Larumbe ... Losada`s corporation employer
Enrique Liporace ... Varela
Dalma Maradona ... Laurita
Mariano Martínez ... Himself
Emanuel Ortega ... Diego
Julieta Ortega ... Luciana
Carolina Papaleo ... Gabriela Cribeli
Gustavo Pastorini ... Losada corporation`s employer
Ana María Picchio
María Rito ... Yanina
Carlos Roffé
Cecilia Rossetto ... María Esther
Paulina Rubio ... Herself
Sandra Smith ... Carmen
Raúl Taibo ... Himself
Marcelo Tinelli ... Himself
Juanita Viale del Carril

Directed by
Jorge Montero
Eduardo Ripari
Diego Suárez
Marcelo Tinelli

Writing credits
Adriana Lorenzón
Bruno Luciani
Marcelo Nacci
Mario Schajris
Javier van de Couter
Belén Wedeltoft

Original music
Palito Ortega

Executive producers:
Mónica Faccennini
Sebastián Ortega

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Suárez

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Telefe

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Lilia  - veer capitulos de los Roldan!   |2012-06-22 08:02:54
Por favor podrian decirme como veer los capitulos de la serie los Roldan con Miguel Angel Rodriguez.. ya van dos veces que nos cortan el cable y nos quedamos sin el final se lo agradeceriamos de todo corazon ... gracias Lilia Y Tito Infante , Sydney Australia
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