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Sheik telenovelaThis is a story that begins in 1966 in the Arab Emirates. The powerful Emir Ali causes his son Gamal marry the Princess Nadia coming from Afghanistan for the sake to have the heir of the family. The intrigue is that Gamal is not Ali’s blood son. His son Abdul died during war actions. However, Ali presses Gamal to marry and plans to arrange a majestic ceremony for his wedding event. Eventually Gamal marries Nadia but he loves another girl and everyone knows about it. Gamal once loved an Argentinean girl named Virginia but the Arab traditions forbid to love non-Muslim girl and they had to part. However, Gamal still loves Virginia though they cannot live together.

After getting married, Gamal becomes the Sheik and his wife Nadia envies her husband to every woman. In the meantime Ali gets sick and intends to make Gamal Emir for his place. Gamal’s brother Mokhammed and his wife are against this decision for they are eager to reign by themselves. Due to their plotting and evil plans Ali dies; they also kill Gamal and imprison his wife Nadia. Gamal’s son Ismael is under the threat to be killed until he is saved by their faithful servant Rashid who escapes with Ismael to Argentine with different traditions and culture. There, Rashid pretends to be Miguel Arias Maldonado while Ismael turns into his son Gabriel. With the lapse of time Ismael grows to become the famous lawyer in Argentine though he is not aware that his father is not his blood father actually and that his name is Rashid not Miguel. Ismael is sure he is Gabriel for he cannot remember anything from childhood. Gabriel soon meets Ana who comes from San-Martin and they fall in love. Gabriel has no idea that Ana is Virginia’s daughter.


Gustavo Bermúdez as Gamal / Gabriel Arias Maldonado (Ismael)

Gamal is a slim and very attractive young man. He is upset for his fate to adhere to the culture and his heart is broken. He looks very influential and solid as Gamal but when he appears as Gabrial, he is different since different culture and traditions have a print on humans and their appearance. He looks elegant and behaves as a person well-bread and intelligent. No ill manners. No scheming and playing around. His looks are quite appealing to women, especially the way he talks to them. He is generous and very responsive, in spite of dealing with criminals due to his specialty.

Araceli Gonzalez as Virginia/Ana

Virginia is a very nice-looking girl with delicate features is strong-hearted and determined. Unfortunately, Virginia and Gamal cannot reach happiness and part. Ana is a very beautiful and intelligent young woman to get concerned in what attracts people around. She is a reporter and she is responsive, inquisitive, well-mannered and delicate to win respect and love to herself.

Raul Rizzo as Rashid

Rashid is a faithful servant to Gamal and his family to survive in Argentine with Ismael. He is sure to care for Ismael but he believes they have to change their life and names to survive. He is intelligent enough to live a good life in a foreign country and provide his son, Ismael, with a good educational background. He is not willing to reveal the truth of Ismael’s origin for some reasons but the time is coming to do that.

Sheik - telenovela

(1995) - Gustavo Bermúdez, Araceli González


Gustavo Bermúdez ... Gamal / Gabriel Arias Maldonado (Ismael)
Araceli González ... Virginia / Ana
Raúl Rizzo ... Rachid
Diego Varzi ... Francisco Murray
Esther Goris ... Zelmira
Nora Zinsky ... Nadia
Norberto Díaz ... Mohamed
Cristina Allende ... Ofelia
Noemí Morelli ... Griselda
Miguel Habud ... Marcelo
César Vianco ... Omar
Silvia Baylé ... Laura
Katja Alemán ... Sofía
Gregory Dayton ... Jan Mateens
Roberto Antier ... Juan
Humberto Serrano ... Beltrán
Cecilia Milone ... Marina
Mariano Argento
Diego Bozzolo
Patricia Rozas ... Fada

Writing credits
Elena Antonietto
Ivonne Fournery
Alejandro Frascara
Juan Marín
Marily Pugno
M. Sala

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
M.A. Larrarte
Eduardo Mazitelli


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Beatriz  - Tema musical   |2011-04-02 16:06:10
Buenos días, me encantaria saber como se llama y quien toca la música que pasan de fondo en la novela Sheik, no la música de presentación, sino la que pasan durante las escenas.
Muchisimas gracias !!!

PD: cada vez que la pasan por volver la miro, me encanta y me encanta ese tema.
Bogdan  - Tema musical   |2014-05-09 10:29:04
Lito Vitale en album Pantallas y la música que pasan de fondo en la novela es Desde Siempre.
Liliana  - ultimo capitulo   |2011-06-08 23:58:41
Hola, pueden decirme como encontrar los dos ultimos capitulos de esta novela. La vi en el 95 pero no pude ver el final (nacio mi hija y me cambie de casa) y otra vez me paso lo mismo!! estaba trabajando
SILVIA   |2012-01-13 16:52:42
me podrían decir donde puedo ver los capítulos de la telenovela Sheik de el capitulo 90 al 120
Anonymous   |2013-06-24 22:33:07
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