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Simuladores, Los

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Los Simuladores tv seriesLos Simuladores (The Pretenders) was a very popular TV series about a team of con artists solving common people's problems in Argentina. The show ran for two seasons, from 2002 to 2003. The series was produced and aired by the Argentine network Telefé, and ran for two 13-episode seasons in 2002 and 2003. The series is occasionally shown on reruns in Telefé. A remake version of the show is currently going on in Chile and another remake is also going on in Spain produced by Cuatro.

The premise of the series was a team of four associates who ran a "simulation" business, solving the problems and needs of their clients by staging simulacros (simulations) aimed at confusing whoever is giving their clients a problem (bosses, criminals, husbands, wives, unscrupulous businessmen, etc), thus helping the client come on top of the situation. The price the team charged for its services was exactly two times the cost of the simulation, as well as the client's compromise to participate in future simulations (this led to characters who appeared in previous episodes re-appearing in later episodes as secondary actors and helpers for the team, giving the show a sense of continuity). The underlying philosophy used by the team was that sometimes what's legal is not fair, and sometimes what's fair is not legal.

In the second season of the show, a second Simuladores team was introduced. This group, known as the "B-Team" and composed of former clients of the original team (who had appeared on Season 1), had been created to take over "smaller" cases and free the original team for larger and more demanding assignments. This show was heavily inspired (if not directly a rip-off) by american 80s series The A-Team.

Los Simuladores - tv series

(2002 - 2004) - Federico D'Elía, Alejandro Fiore, Diego Peretti, Martín Seefeld


Federico D'Elía ... Mario Santos
Alejandro Fiore ... Pablo Lamponne
Diego Peretti ... Emilio Ravenna
Martín Seefeld ... Gabriel Medina
Jorge D'Elía ... Feller
Carola Reyna
Boy Olmi ... Sr. Sarasola
César Vianco ... Franco Milazzo
Beatriz Thibaudin ... Mamá de Ravenna
Gimena Accardi ... Melina
Margara Alonso
Gabriel De Lourdes
Mario Galvano
Jorge García Marino
Jimena La Torre
Camila MacLennan
Héctor Malamud
Gustavo Moro
Jean Pierre Noher
Osvaldo Peluffo
Erica Rivas
Gerardo Romano
Jorge Sabate
Osvaldo Sanders
Carlos Santamaría
Humberto Serrano
Paula Siero
Cristina Tejedor
Jorge Varas

Writing credits
Gustavo Malajovich
Diego Peretti
Damián Szifron
Patricio Vega

Original music
Guillermo Guareschi

Cinematography by
Alejandro Silva Corbalán

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Damián Szifron

Produced by
Juan Carlos Cabral



Martín Fierro award (2003)

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