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Sos mi vida

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Sos mi vida telenovelaHe is Martin Quesada, ex-F1 driver, now successfully managing the family business. he is a very kind person but since the death of his parents and his wife he is feeling an emptiness which cannot be filled neither by his girlfriend Constanza or his remaining relatives, cousins Miguel and Debi. after longer time abroad he comes back and in the hall of his firm he meets a girl who rocks his world completely. she is Esperanza Muoz, la Monita, boxer who due to a hand injury is looking for a job. she lives with her long time boyfriend Quique and his mother Nieves in pension and dreams of a big boxing career. and the encounter with Martin rocks her world as well. Martin offers her a job and with this the problems start. because while Monita is trying to keep secret her boxing and her boyfriend from Martin, he is trying to convince his girlfriend that there is nothing going on between him and Monita. but what they cannot keep secret is their growing affection for each other.

Sos mi vida - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Facundo Arana, Natalia Oreiro


Facundo Arana ... Martín Quesada
Natalia Oreiro ... Esperanza Muñoz - La Monita
Elías Vinoles ... José Fernández
Carlos Belloso ... Quique / ...
Carla Peterson ... Constanza Insúa
Griselda Siciliani ... Deborah "Debi" Quesada
Pablo Cedrón ... Félix Perez Garmendia 'Faluchó
Ornella Fazio ... Coki Fernández
Mónica Ayos ... Nilda Yadhur 'La Turcá
Claudia Fontán ... Mercedes
Favio Posca ... Lalo
Alejandro Awada ... Alfredo Uribe
Fabiana García Lago ... Kimberly
Marcelo Mazzarello ... Miguel Quesada
Thelma Fardín ... Laura Fernández
Dalma Milevos ... Nieves
Michel Noher ... Jerónimo
Adela Gleijer ... Rosa
Marcelo Savignone ... El Tano
Patricia Castell ... Carmen
Hernan Perez ... Iriarte
Rodrigo Rodríguez ... Eduardo
Nicolás D'Agostino ... Tony
Gustavo Bermúdez ... Victor Lobo
Brenda Gandini ... María Azucena
Patricia Palmer ... Isabel Muñoz
Reina Reech ... Jacqueline Insúa
Patricia Echegoyen ... Dr. Eva Hidalgo
Nicolás Pauls ... Eric
Mike Amigorena ... Rolando Martínez
Gipsy Bonafina ... Teresa
Gonzalo Urtizberéa ... Gustavo Cristian Bermudez
Ana Acosta ... Beatriz Simpson de Uribe
Edgardo Moreira ... Cacho
Emilio Bardi ... Rubén Fernandez
Diego Peretti ... Aldo Peludi 'El Enmascaradó
Jorge Sassi ... Dr. Julio Dufre
Manuela Pal ... Fabiana
Inés Palombo ... Victoria Insúa 'Vicky'

Created by
Ernesto Korovsky
Sebastian Parrotta

Directed by
Rodolfo Antunez
Jorge Bechara

Writing credits
Gisela Benenzon
Sebastián Rodríguez Lozano
Adrián Suar
Camilo Torres
Ernesto Korovsky
Sebastián Parrotta

Executive producers:
Adrián González
Julieta Martinelli
Alejandro Parvis
Mariana Petraglia
Ivana Polonsky
Adrián Suar

Cinematography by
Jorge Fernández
Pablo Storino

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Canal 13


Natalia Oreiro trained daily for three months prior the starting of the filming with boxer Marcela "La Tigresa" Acuña and her husband/trainer. Since the filming has started she is still training three times a week

Facundo Arana is doing all of his stunts. In March 2006 he broke 2 thumbs during the filming of a race.

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yury  - sos mi vida   |2008-12-03 09:29:52
como puedo comprar la telenovela Sos mi vida
donjeta   |2008-12-05 20:40:33
you are the best
toet  - sos mi vida   |2012-10-02 08:21:44
i like this telenovelas, would u like to help me, something like information where i get by the i'm living in banjarmasin , south borneo indonesia
good job sos mi vida
aura  - sos mi vida   |2013-11-22 18:05:56
Donde puedo comprar la novela completa en dvds sos mi vida. es unica me gusta como actuan todos,me rio tanto con cada capitulo,tambiem quisiera conseguir todos los temas musicales de la novela sos mi vida.(Facundo Arana es adorable):)
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