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Un Año Para Recordar

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Un año para recordar telenovelaWe all know that the past cannot be changed. But the “Un año para recordar” shows us a history of a woman who miraculously was given a chance to change her past. It seems that Ana has everything to be happy. She works at the supermarket and likes her work. Her husband Victor is the son of the proprietor of the supermarket, he is a well-to-do man. But one night Ana’s husband discovers that his wife has a lover. After big quarrel Ana accidentally kills her husband.

When she realizes what has happened she feels shocked and decides to call the police… but then falls asleep.

When Ana wakes up, she finds herself in a day a year before the accident with her husband has happened. At that day, she met Dante (Gastón Pauls), her future lover. Ana feels relieved that her husband Víctor (Rafael Ferro) is still alive.

Ana cannot decide if this time shift is a real blessing or a nightmare, but the only choice for her is to live the last year of her life once again and to make the best of it.

Ana has an advantage now because she knows the future. She realizes that the other people’s fates depend on her actions. She feels a great responsibility, because all her steps are very important now. Ana has to face many problems and answer a lot of questions to make her life and the lives of the others happy. Her feelings for Dante turn out to be a real problem for her because they are impossible to avoid.

“The flap of the wings of a butterfly in Australia … can cause a tsunami in the Caribbean Sea”.



Carla Peterson as Ana Maria Santos

Ana Maria Santos is a woman with a firm stem inside, with the thirst to life, with a good sense of humor. She is in permanent personal improvement and she is really people-oriented. She loves wearing elegant attires of simple but delicate design. She creates her own image while mixing various styles to feel comfortable and unique. She can appear in public wearing dark trousers, flats and a loose blouse or cardigan. She always has her iPod on her where she keeps her personal diary describing all the things that she appreciates, all occasions that affect or touch her anyhow. So, she has a thing to share her feelings with.

Gastón Pauls as Dante Peñalba

Dante Peñalba aka Juan Cruz Indart in reality is the inborn leader governed by the Aries. As any other Aries Zodiac signs, he is impulsive, bossy and confident. He is a policeman of high qualification working for the Special Department of Investigation. As a secret agent he penetrates into gangster bands to compile information on its members, coming up activities and ways of financing. He is more specialized in high risk missions. As a rule, upon completion of any mission he is to leave a city, change atmosphere and habits and live under the fake identity.  After he meets Ana, he intends to change his life regime on the whole.

Rafael Ferro as Victor Grande

Victor Grande is the husband to Ana Maria Santos. He is the one to be involved in official business. He is a well-organized and ambitious and jealous with his wife. He has nothing for his wife, though. He is unpredictable and hasty. Nobody knows how he will do in a minute. He can come as the tender guy to hug and kiss and jump away when somebody enters in fear he will be compromised and his reputation is damaged. He is suspicious about his wife. He is very competitive and is afraid to miss a single customer.

Eleonora Wexler as Micaela Mendez

Micaela Mendez is the best friend to Ana and as two contrasts complement each other, they feel nice doing together. They are both cashiers at the supermarket. They are shopoholiacs and they like taking too much. Whenever in the daytime or at night, they are wiling to offer recommendations and advice to each other whether they are in the bar, in the kitchen or in bed, it does not matter at all. She is never anxious abut the assets to live and uses psychotropic agents for this and that occasion.

Florencia Raggi as Julia

Julia is a rather determined police woman. She is very active and diligent, rational and pragmatic. As a police woman, she is highly qualified. She is also good at logistics and correspondence keeping though she prefers working outside with people without being supervised. She has her education abroad. боссов. She has exclusive capacities to perform her obligations and her inner strength helps her do her work effectively. She is a highly-literate girl who speaks several foreign languages. For a police woman, she is too feminine and beautiful.

Julieta Ortega as Isabel

Isabel is the daughter to the best friend Francisco who is highly oriented to profit and benefits. She is the human resource manager at the supermarket. She dislikes Ana and abuses her rights in every possible way. Isabel is too concentrated, jealous and negative person. She is known to talk pompously. She is attractive and sexual woman, though. She prefers to dominate in relations, both with men and women. She is really crazy about scent and she undyingly does everything to smell nice wherever she goes and she always smells other people. She is addicted to physical activity. Isabel is in love with Victor and she bears her dreams to become his wife in future to own the business.

Un año para recordar - telenovela

(2011) - Carla Peterson, Gastón Pauls


Carla Peterson ... Ana Maria Santos
Gastón Pauls ... Dante Peñalba
Eleonora Wexler ... Micaela
Rafael Ferro ... Victor Grande
Julieta Ortega ... Isabel
Florencia Raggi ... Julia
Osvaldo Santoro ... Francisco Grande
Roly Serrano ... Armando
Gastón Ricaud ... Nacho
María Abadi ... Nina
Juan Manuel Guilera ... Guillermo
Alan Sabbagh ... Ariel
Laura Cymer ... Olga
Martín Campilongo ... Wanda
Valentina Bassi ... Veronica
Gonzalo Valenzuela ... Mariano
Maria Fiorentino ... Olivia Bablavsky

Writing credits
Sebastian Ortega (original idea)
Patricio Vega
Silvina Fredjkes

Written by:

Original music
Elvio Gomez

Cinematography by
Sergio Dotta

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Luis Ortega
Daniel De Filippo
Martin Mariani

Produced by
Pablo Culell
Vanina Martorilli
Leo Blanco
Gustavo Errico



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