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Unicos, Los

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Los únicos tv series “Los Únicos” is an Argentinean action and comedy series that will be released in 2011 produced by Pol-Ka Producciones starring Arnaldo André, Fabián Arenillas and Jimena Barón. The series casts Carlos Belloso, Nicolás Cabré, Claudia Fontán, Mariano Martínez, Griselda Siciliani and many other famous series actors popular in Latin America. “Los Únicos” is a special unit of secret agents (policemen) who make it their mission to set face against the evil for the sake of the peace in the world. Just few people in the world are aware of this unit and its activity.

The special agents are blessed with special talents which make them distinguish against the other people and thus, they are scrupulously selected for the mission to do. Every one of the team has experienced in a Defense Establishment specific sphere for a particular period of time. For this once they have been recruited by the philanthrope Alfredo Monterrey (André), who has devoted his whole life to form this unit performing its activity in various corners of the world and implementing further actions. At present the mission of the unit is to recruit the group in Argentina the place of residence of which is still unknown to others. And the mission is to be implemented by the best agents called together by Soraya (Fontán), the right-hand to Alfredo.

Diego Rouvier (Martínez) is a young man with incredible capacity to work through high deductive approaches to action, showing high intelligence and possessing great managerial skills.

Axel Etcheverry (Cabré) "Unbrittle" – has a bone system highly resistant to any deformation or destruction than whomever else.

Maria Soledad Marini (Siciliani) is a woman of an exclusive physical and mental potential and force.

Ruben Hagi (Vázquez) a woman with the skin hard to injure. The exclusive capacity of her cutaneous epidermis to keep intact and resistant to any trauma and injury makes her unique.

Rosario Ahumada (Tobal) is a Queen of Illusions since she possesses the skill to detect fraud and cheating. Nothing can be hidden from her eye when somebody cheats or frauds. Such a mathematic capacity is not developed or evolved, it is inborn.

Violeta Morano (Gamboa) is a woman with a high threshold of perception and capacity to have a vision that is a great contribution to predict problems coming in future.

Hugo Albarracín (Pepe Monje) is a person with a double personality. Facing problems he turns into a real Rambo, an elite soldier, brave and daring to battle with enemies and cope situations. Uniting their capacities, these unique persons make a special unit to withstand those who tend to undermine the whole system, like the inveterate rogue Livio Muzak (Belloso), the enemy Number 1 in Monterrey and Ronco Milevich (Posca), another criminal, who is known for merciless acts of violence, and also struggle against casual relations, so typical for such a unit, whether they are based on friendship or evolving to be a romantic love affair, knowing for sure that they are not liable to keep any emotional relations according to the advance agreement they signed.

“Los Únicos” is a series of the group of policemen to serve without prejudice

TV series Los únicos - Photos

Los únicos - tv series

(2011) - Arnaldo André, Fabián Arenillas, Mariano Martínez


Arnaldo André ... Alfredo Monterrey
Fabián Arenillas ... Manuel Soria
Jimena Barón ... María Paula Said
Carlos Belloso ... Livio Muzak
Nicolás Cabré ... Axel Etcheverry
Emilio Disi ... Américo
Claudia Fontán ... Soraya Bismarck
Adolfo Fortuna ... Gretel
Pilar Gamboa ... Violeta Morano
Mariano Martínez ... Diego Rouvier
José María Monje ... Hugo Albarracín
Griselda Siciliani ... María Soledad Marini
Eugenia Tobal ... Rosario Ahumada
Nicolás Vázquez ... Ruben Hagi
Julieta Zylberberg ... Helena Epstein
Favio Posca

Writing credits
Gisela Benenzon
Marcelo Cabrera
Marcos Carnevale
Guillermo Hermida
Pablo Junovich
Mariano Vera
Mario Segade
Adrián Suar

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by
Alejo De Falco
Pablo Storino

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Rodolfo Antúnez
Sebastián Pivotto

Produced by
Marcos Carnevale
Adrián González
Adrián Suar

Pol-Ka Producciones


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