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Yago, Pasión Morena

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Yago, Pasión Morena telenovelaTwo very different worlds collide through a chance encounter in the middle of the South American jungle.  There, in the tropics, an unconditional love is born that permanently alters Morena’s destiny and gives Yago the chance to discover his true origins.

Yago Váldez is a primitive and attentive man who was raised by his father Gardel in the middle of the Iguazú jungle.  His life is simple but he has never felt himself anything less than happy.  Morena Gallardo is a Peruvian city girl who was a student in New York before taking over the family business.  After suffering a terrible disappointment in love, she decides to escape the city with her best friend Laura on a vacation near the waterfalls of Iguazú.  Sparks fly with the first encounter between Morena and Yago igniting new feelings in each never before felt and a love of wildness and abandon. 

Morena decides to travel to Buenos Aires in search of her grandfather and there begins to work for Sirenio Enteprises.  Meanwhile Yago, still unable to forget Morena, discovers that his real father is not Gardel but a man with the Sirenio surname.  He too travels to the capital in search of his real family unexpectedly finding Morena in the Sirenio family home.  From that moment on, Yago and Morena give free rein to the deepening love they carry inside them.  But Yago must face new challenges adapting to the routines of the big city while Morena must learn to let go a little and approach life from a simpler place.

Yago, Pasión Morena - telenovela

(2001) - Gianella Neyra, Facundo Arana


Facundo Arana ... Fabio Sirenio Rivas
Gianella Neyra ... Morena Gallardo-Sirenio Chávez de Salaverri-Sirenio Rivas
Romina Gaetani ... Cassandra García alias Melina
Norberto Díaz ... Aldo Sirenio
Cecilia Maresca ... Mercedes Chávez de Gallardo
Juan Carlos Dual ... Franco Sirenio alias Llamita
Mario Alarcón ... Roberto Cárdenas
Lita Soriano ... Josefina Sirenio
Fabio Di Tomaso
Federico Olivera ... Renzo Chamorro (Gallo)
Raúl Lavié ... Ignacio 'Gardel' Valdez
Ximena Fassi ... Laura
Marcelo Cosentino ... Celso
Carlos Nieto ... Daniel López 'El Sordo'
Oscar Alegre ... Rufino
Anita Martínez ... Luisa
Mónica Gazpio ... Elena Sirenio
Gastón Soffriti ... Mateo Sirenio
Daniel Kuzniecka ... Tomás 'Tom' Salaverri
Catalina Artusi ... Claribel
Carlos Bermejo ... Commissioner Roca
César Bernal ... Aníbal Ríos
Rodolfo Brindisi ... Rómulo
Fernando Caride ... Inspector Sarlinga
Roberta Casal ... Griselda Chamorro
Patricia Castell ... Jacinta Rivero
Mariela Castro
Roberto Catarineu ... Commissioner Etelvino Fraga
Eduardo Coacci
Fausto Collado
Ana María Cores ... Cecilia
Martín Coria ... Aguirre
Hugo Cosiansi ... Dr. Vega
Villanueva Cosse ... Dumas Salaverri
Vanina Domínguez
Héctor Fernández Rubio ... Father Atilio
Leandro Gaeta
Melina González ... Rosalía de Ríos
Rubén Green
Luis Luque ... Ramón
Carlos March ... Judge Aldao
Marcelo Melingo ... José Manso
Daniel Miglioranza ... Lucio Sirenio
Esteban Mihalik
Edgardo Moreira ... Reynoso
Pablo Moretti ... Dr. Rodríguez
Adrián Navarro ... Father Emilio
Liliana Ortega ... Lucía 'Jazmín' Pereira
José Palomino ... Adolfo Chávez
Germán Romero ... El Chino
Luchano Ruiz ... Petaca
Germán Silvestrini
Liliana Simoni ... Alejandra Casals
Silvia Trawier ... Matilde
Jorge Velurtas ... Bishop
Tony Vilas ... Caburé
Betty Villar ... Prosecutor

Writing credits
Elena Antonietto
Daniel Delbene
Oscar Ibarra
Claudia Piñeiro
Ricardo Rodríguez
Alejandro Sapognikoff

Song: Yago, pasion morena
Written by: Facundo Arana, Octavio Stampalia
Singing: Facundo Arana

Original music
Facundo Arana
Octavio Stampalio

Cinematography by
Paulino Gómez
Gustavo Imberlina
Marcelo Pagani
Diego Ruiz Díaz

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Miguel Colom
Federico Palazzo

Produced by
Gabriel Fierro
Rita Fusaro
Sergio García
Diego González
Pablo Montero
Eugenia Roulet
Marcela Spinacce



Consists of 165 episodes

Martin Fierro award for Best Telenovela (2002)

Martin Fierro award for Best Actors (2002) - Facundo Arana

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alexandra  - yagho pasion morena   |2009-05-17 12:11:58
me gusto muchisimo Yagho pasion morena.fue y en mi pais pero se jamaba solamente soy de Rumania.!!
Tijana   |2009-05-19 09:12:28
One of the best telenovelas I've ever watched
liliana  - hola   |2012-07-09 11:33:11
I so love the spanish soap keep up the good job.
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