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Shivshakti Sachdev

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Shivshakti Sachdev


Name: Shivshakti Sachdev
Nickname: Shiv
Date of Birth: 21 May 1993
City: Delhi
Country: India
Marital status: single
Height: 5'0
Occupation: actress
Languages: hindi, english


Balika Vadhu (2009) ... Champa
Sabki Laadli Bebo (2009) ... Bebo

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Inderpreet Singh  - My thoughts about Shiv beauty.   |2010-03-01 17:02:18
hi Shivshakti, how is ur life. How is ur health now. I don't know what to say about ur beauty. U r so sweet, gorgeous & beautiful girl that i can't explain in words. I never seen the beauty & simplicity like urs in my whole life even when u r behind cameras or in ur original life. U r an angel. U r the one in the world. I like ur simplicity & honesty. Ur parents are very lucky because god gifted a very special cute & beautiful doll to them. Especially when u smile it brings life into everything. It Could bring corpse back to life. U r doing a very great job in the serial "Sabki Ladli Bebo". I have a little suggestion for u. Don't neglect ur studies because studies are most important in our life than any other. I will pray to God for ur success in any field of ur life. With Love. Inder
kedar  - my life   |2010-10-23 20:14:37
shivshakti your most beutfull girl in world. My desktop wallpaper your my iphone wallpaper yours my computers icon your you comeing my dream all nigth shivshakti you all again in my life .& my english not well
Ankita singh  - shivshakti angel   |2010-11-03 13:09:15
I love you SHIVSHAKTI you'r my life baby take care of your health .u r the angel of this universe. u r my favourite actress. I like the serial SABKI LAADLI BEBO .As you r a helping girl. as u living your life for others.I like this thing.
Anonymous   |2011-01-13 10:49:34
My most/only favorite is ur serial "sabki laadli bebo" that's amazing na. But, its true.ur very nice. I feel like i am only a (what they say)...a...a big fan of yours. also amrit (slb must get good trp's) plz! ...abhis
dr   |2011-01-19 16:50:48
i am getting sick and tired of this drama as it is very tedious. it is very good but the director needs to find other employment becausethe drama keeps on dragging
Abhishek  - Laadli   |2011-10-17 17:32:29
We want a bring back of sabki laadli bebo.
mr lonley   |2012-11-27 13:01:35
hi Shivshakti,I never seen the beauty & simplicity like urs i can't explain in words.I like ur simplicity & honesty so naturel ur i love your smile eyes you know when u smile ifeel may hart becomes a flover red rose . my dream is to meet u once in life and i will pery for it . plz met me once then my life will be life .
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