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A Favorita

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A Favorita telenovela Donatela and Flora, two friends who became rivals. One of them committed a homicide and pretends to be innocent. There are two versions for the same story. Who, after all, is telling the truth? Donatela or Flora?

Donatela and Flora grew up together. Donatela lost her parents in an accident and ended up being adopted by Flora's family. By the time they were children, the two girls were best friends to the point of starting a country band, “Faísca e Espoleta” (Flash and Fusee). The partnership made a reasonable success at the time, but the career was interrupted after they met friends Marcelo and Dodi, to whom they became engaged. Donatela married Marcelo, Gonçalo Fontini's son, heir of a paper and cellulose corporation, while Flora married Dodi, an unscrupulous man who worked for his friend's father.

However, Donatela and Marcelo's happiness didn't last too long. The couple's first son, Matheus, was kidnapped when he was six months old, never to appear again. Since then the couple started to discuss very often. In the meantime, Flora and Dodi splited up and she had an affair with Marcelo. She gave birth to Lara, daughter to Marcelo, harming even more his relationship with Donatela and mostly the relationship between the two friends.

In the worst period of the crisis between Donatela and Flora, Marcelo was murdered. He was shot three times with a gun that, according to witnesses, was in Flora's possession. She was arrested and sent to jail for eighteen years. Donatela, despite of not forgiving Flora for the treason and for killing the love of her life, raised Lara with the love of a true mother.

Eighteen years later, after being released from prison, Flora starts trying to prove her innocence, blaming Donatela for the crime she has already paid for. Donatela fears that Flora may want to take her beloved daughter Lara away. Lara becomes the target of the dispute between the two women, who were once friends. While Flora tries to get her daughter back, Donatela will do everything she can to stop her.


Claudia Raia as Donatela

Donatela was orphaned at the early age and brought-up by Flora’s father. Flora and Donatella were like true sisters. They partnered as the duo “Faísca and Espoleta.” They feel love to one and the same person, Marcelo Fontini, becoming life enemies. Eventually Donatella is happy to end up with Marcelo. Flora was accused of murdering Marcelo and then, they both fought again for the love of another man Zé Bob and Lara, who was like a daughter to Donatella after she is left alone. Flora accuses Donatella of the murder she has not committed and Donatella has to defend herself. Moreover, she insisted that Flora is the one to kill her husband. The two girls who were raised together are the true and bitter enemies for the remaining part of their life.

Patrícia Pillar as Flora

In contrast with Donatella, Flora is cold-hearted, prudent and very ambitious young woman. After murdering Marcelo she pretends to be a victim accusing Donatella of this murder. She was put to jail for 18 years, and after she is released she is willing to take revenge of Donatella for the time spent in vail with the purpose to have Lara’s affection. She is mean and wicked ad no one knows of her actions she plans towards Donatella.

Mariana Ximenes as Lara

Lara was raised by Donatella as Marcelo’s daughter but she Donatella has no idea that Flora and Marcelo were lovers and Lara is Flora’s daughter, indeed. When Flora gets free, she makes all attempts to get closer to Lara but in vain. Lara feels suspicious about Flora who, she knows, accused Donatella of murdering her husband, Lara’s father. Lara dates Cassiano, a young musician but she ends up with Halley. Eventually, it gets out that Lara is the daughter of Dodi, not Marcelo, and Flora’s daughter which causes more problems to her life: she cannot inherit Fontini’s fortune on her own.

Carmo Dalla Vecchia as Zé Bob

Zé Bob is the well-educated and idealistic young journalist. He is sure he can commit to the world though the perfect and mastery journalism. He is romatically involved with Flora and Donatella at the same time, though he more prefers Donatella after revealing some facts about Flora. Despite of his affairs, he feels too lonely.

Murilo Benício as Dodi

Dodi is the next Donatela’s husband. He works at the company belonging to Fontini and he appears to steal from the employees. After revealing the truth Donatella causes him get away of her life and house. Well after that Dodi becomes Flora’s partner in her revenge against Donatella involving Lara, either. They both have no idea that Lara is their daughter.

Cauã Reymond as Halley

Halley is a cunning young man to succeed in life through taking advantage of people around him. He has kind and generous heart, though. He once worked as the bodyguard for Lara and then the couple fall in love. The life intrigues go on in their life and he appears to be Donatela and Marcelo’s son. He was kidnapped as an infant and no one know about that. He is, then, the true heir of Fortini’s fortune.

A Favorita - telenovela

(2008 - 2009) - Patrícia Pillar, Cláudia Raia


Patrícia Pillar ... Flora
Mariana Ximenes ... Lara
Mauro Mendonça ... Gonçalo Fontini
Glória Menezes ... Irene Fontini
Cláudia Raia ... Donatella Fontini
Thiago Rodrigues ... Cassiano
Carmo Dalla Vecchia ... Zé Bob
Murilo Benício ... Dodi Fontana
Gisele Fróes ... Lorena
Ary Fontoura ... Silveirinha
Lília Cabral ... Catarina
Taís Araújo ... Alicinha Rosa
Cauã Reymond ... Halley
Juliana Paes ... Maíra
Milton Gonçalves ... Romildo Rosa
Fabricio Boliveira ... Diduzinho Rosa
Tarcísio Meira ... Copola
Christine Fernandes ... Rita
Mário Gomes ... Gurgel
Iran Malfitano ... Orlandinho Queiroz
Jackson Antunes ... Leonardo
José Mayer ... Augusto César
Deborah Secco ... Maria do Céu
Suzana Faíni ... Iolanda
Miguel Rômulo ... Shiva Lênin
Leonardo Medeiros ... Elias
Chico Díaz ... Atila
Elizângela ... Cilene
Emanuelle Araújo ... Manu
Alexandre Schumacher ... Norton
Bel Kutner ... Amelinha
Eduardo Mello ... Domenico
Ana Roberta Gualda ... Greice
Nelson Xavier ... Edivaldo
Aramis Trindade ... Clemente
Clarice Falcão ... Mariana
Thiare Maia ... Luma
Helena Ranaldi ... Dedina
Claudia Ohana ... Cida Copola
Malvino Salvador ... Damião
Giovanna Ewbank ... Sharon
Raquel Galvão ... Melissa
Ângela Vieira ... Arlete
Hanna Romanazzi ... Camila
Selma Egrei ... Dulce
Alexandre Nero ... Vanderlei
Rosi Campos ... Tuca
Genésio de Barros ... Pedro
Graziella Schimitt ... Tina
Giulia Gam ... Diva
Bertrand Duarte ... Nestor
Paulo Ivo ... Sinval
Chico Diaz ... Atila
Giácomo Pinotti ... Mário
Mariah da Penha ... Jurema
Jean Pierre Noher ... Pepe Molinos
Renan Mayer ... Tiago
Sofia Terra ... Carolina
Theodoro Cochrane ... Bruninho Aguiar
Rui Resende ... Pereira
Walmor Chagas ... Dr. Salvatore
Aury Porto ... Marconi

Writing credits
Denise Bandeira
João Emanuel Carneiro
Fausto Galvão
Márcia Prates
Vincent Villari

Opening theme: Pa' Bailar

Original music
Alberto Rosenblit

Cinematography by
Rico Rondelli

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Gustavo Fernández
Marco Rodrigo
Isabela Secchim
Paulo Silvestrini
Pedro Vasconcelos
Roberto Vaz
Ricardo Waddington

Produced by
Ricardo Waddington

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Forum Telenovela World - A Favorita

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cesinha  - amigo   |2009-01-11 18:45:35
hanna é vc mesma se for por favor me add no orkut se vc tiver.............por favor eu sou seu fã
Akafia Rosemond   |2012-08-24 12:58:15
i really like the part flora places. He is very canning and wicked.Sorry for Donatella Fontini.

I like Lora.
Adekunle Tobiloba  - i like donatella   |2012-12-10 11:13:39
flora is very cunny
william  - in luv wit favorita   |2012-12-16 17:26:57
favorita is currently been shown on Ghana most entertained tv station,tv 3. i luv it so much. flora deceive all of us,we all fall in love with her from the begining and hate dalotela. when we saw her killing the doctor in cold blooded we thought it was dream. now we are in luv with dalotela. may God be with her.(16-12-2012)
gfa  - i love flora   |2013-02-27 19:22:55
Flora is very smart and intelligent .favorite is the best telenovel I've ever watched
samnel  - i love donatella   |2013-04-05 18:40:45
she is not only pretty but very talented n is a real actress
minko  - i love the series   |2013-04-08 17:26:11
it is currently going on in cameroon. flora and augusto caesar are my best actors.they play thier parts so well.
evel  - intriguing   |2013-04-17 19:52:38
flora is so convincing she knows how 2 play her cards
Linda  - I love flora   |2013-05-04 14:21:05
Flora is so smart, intelligent, pretty, and looks inocent.
Marve  - I love tha actors   |2013-05-07 19:20:47
They play thier parts well i also love dodi he plays his part so well
Benjamin bediako  - i really love flora she's good in arting ...   |2013-05-14 13:31:47
flora is crazy in dis movie ...i really love them al
l ....
Benjamin bediako  - hey.   |2013-05-14 14:20:15
I love them...all very nice movie .....
Denise Frimpong-Manso  - donatella is my favorite...she really suffured in   |2013-05-29 17:48:31
The favorite is the best telenovela I've ever watched.
tomla ivoline   |2013-06-12 11:35:48
i like Donatella, and appreciates Ze bob's courage
Dorothy Thomas  - I so in to their Telenovela   |2013-06-22 08:11:21
I like the Telenovela ...
but it existed me i wonder why all those suffers...
Audrey Volcere  - 1st telenovela 2 leave me in that much suspicion   |2013-07-26 05:51:24
It's a really interesting n exciting story. I love it. Not missing 1 episode
steven  - Favorite   |2013-12-30 12:05:51
This Telenovela is very exciting full of suspense, but I cannot bare that flora role make me sick, I love Donatella she is very beautiful, Lara and Halley I love them.
sourisshereen  - favorite   |2014-01-19 14:24:04
this film is very exciting . most of all i like Lara and Halley.I wonder how this film will end???... can you give me a hint please?
irra  - hate flora   |2014-01-30 18:47:51
i hate flora because shes so top that she owned first i dd lyk her but then her ways chnge
shree muleta  - afovarita   |2014-09-09 20:17:40
i like flora very much
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