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Alma Gêmea

(28 votes)

Alma Gêmea telenovelaThe plot of the story is divided into two big periods. First lies on 1928 and then the story goes on since 1948. It happenes in a wonderful and lovely place called Roseiral near Can-Paulo where happy and ambitious people live. And each of them has his/her own mysterious secret, such as kind and pleasant Olivia who is sure to have the best and most friendly family and doesn’t believe that her husband Raul can be a double-faced villain and have an adulterous intercourse with beautiful Dalila. But as in every city, town and borough there are also some funny odd fellows like naïve Mirna with his desire to marry under protest of his brother Crispin.

Among the Roseiral citizen there are also a pensioners Osvaldo, Divina and Ofelia – a fickle Divina’s mother who uses every possibility to kick Osvaldo. But in spite of numerous different relatives the marriage of Osvaldo and Divina is full of love and children. Theу have four children: Vitoria, Dalila, Helio and Nina.

But the main heroes of this story are botanist Rafael and ballet dancer Luna, the daughter of millionaire Agnes, who are fallen in deep love with each other. These relations are beautiful what provokes envy and hatred of Cristina and her mother Debora – an author of evil plan to destroy this love. The marriage of Rafael and Luna is ruined when Cristina makes her plan to catch the family jewels Agnes has got from her Granny in reality. Cristina sends her admirer Guto to rob the loving couple and take the Agnes’ jewels, but Guto kills the ballet dancer instead. Rafael is in deep despair after he has lost his dear wife.

In the meanwhile a little half-breed girl named Serena was born in one of wild tribes at the moment Luna was killed. She is growing somewhere there with a slight feeling at the back of her mind that her soul mate is deep far from her place.

During twenty years she is living among her people and doesn’t know there is Rafael somewhere in Roseiral her Destiny who has spent all these years in deep despair of her beloved wife death. But his life will change for better as soon as Serena appears in his life.

Alma Gêmea - telenovela - telenovela

(2005 - 2006) - Eduardo Moscovis, Priscila Fantin


Eduardo Moscovis ... Rafael
Priscila Fantin ... Serena
Flávia Alessandra ... Cristina
Luigi Baricelli ... Raul
Drica Moraes ... Olivia
Emílio Orciollo Neto ... Crispim
Fernanda Machado ... Dalila
Fernanda Souza ... Mirna
Ana Lúcia Torre ... Débora
Rita Guedes ... Kátia
Sidney Sampaio ... Felipe
Erik Marmo ... Hélio
Alexandre Barilari ... Guto
Umberto Magnani ... Elias
Walderez de Barros ... Adelaide
Ângelo Antônio ... Eduardo
Cecília Dassi ... Mirella
Malvino Salvador ... Vitório
Elizabeth Savalla ... Agnes
Liliana Castro ... Luna
Carla Daniel ... Zulmira
David Lucas ... Terê
Bia Seidl ... Vera
Ronnie Marruda ... Abílio
Kayky Brito ... Gumercindo
Bruna Di Tullio ... Madalena
Fúlvio Stefanini ... Osvaldo
Emiliano Queiroz ... Bernardo
Neusa Maria Faro ... Divina
Thiago Luciano ... Ivan
Marcelo Barros ... Alaor
Francisco Carvalho ... Pajé
Lady Francisco ... Generosa
Marcos Suchara ... Josias
Andréa Avancini ... Terezinha
Tammy Di Calafiori ... Nina
Adilson Girardi ... Arthur
Ilva Niño ... Almerinda
Rodrigo Phavanello ... Roberval
Renan Ribeiro ... Carlito
Thaissa Ribeiro ... Índia
Luciana Rigueira ... Jacira
Maria Sílvia ... Índia Velha
Luciano Vianna ... Xavier
Alexandre Zacchia ... Capataz
Othon Bastos ... Padre
Nicete Bruno ... Ofélia
André Gonçalves ... José Aristides
Júlia Lemmertz ... Cleyde
Hilda Rebello ... Dona Filó
Caroline Smith ... Rita
Ankito ... Falecido
Victor Cugula ... José Aristides
Lucas Domso ... Amarildo
Marcelo Faria ... Jorge
Francisco Fortes ... Pedro Charreteiro
Rosane Gofman ... Nair
Castro Gonzaga ... Marcelino
Augusto Madeira ... Lawyer
Nina de Pádua ... Eliete
Rodrigo Pavanello ... Roberval
Pâmela Pereira Rodrigues ... Paulina
Leila Pinheiro ... Crooner
Pamella Rodrigues ... Paulinha
Nivea Stelmann ... Alexandra

Writing credits
Walcyr Carrasco
Thelma Guedes

Original music
Mu Carvalho

Cinematography by
Daniel José dos Santos

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Jorge Fernando
Frederico Mayrink
Pedro Vasconcelos

Produced by
Aluízio Augusto .... producer
Jorge Fernando

Rede Globo de Televisão


Consists of 227 episodes

Audience records: the Chapter that Mirna (Fernanda Souza) throw the villain Cristina (Flávia Alessandra) in a pigsty and she rubs her face in mud, it had 48 points of audience and 70% of share. Another big audience happens, the telenovela is going to end, when devil Debora (Ana Lúcia Torre) tries to murder Rafael (Eduardo Moscovis), putting poison in his juice, but who takes it and die is herself. But the most watched chapter was the last, going to 56 points

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izolda  - Ms.   |2009-06-07 20:10:49
Hi, please tell me where can i buy the all dvd's of this telenovella in engligh or russian language. I started to watch this movie on russian language, but there is only 12 episodes. I will be waiting for your reply. thanks in advance.
bruna  - alma gemea   |2011-01-24 16:48:49
eu sou uma fa da novela alma gemea adoroa
salvador  - alma gemia   |2013-10-07 18:50:24
i need this series coz i love it so much how can i get it
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