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Beleza Pura

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Beleza Pura telenovela Guilherme is a womanizer and atrapalhado aeronautics engineer, who is currently in love with his neighbour, the aesthetic Sonia, but live to enjoy their lives and women with money earned by helicopters that designs. His new release is called Carcará. One of the buyers of the machine is the eccentric entrepreneur Olavo Pederneiras, that the board it, vai a team record with a programme of aesthetics in the Amazon. But in a frame to destroy Guilherme, Standard Gusmao, friend and companion of work, passionate and neglected by him, sabota the helicopter, which falls killing Olavo, Sonia, Márcia journalist, writer and former doctor Alex chemical and Matthew.

Joana is a dermatologist who was abandoned baby's mother in an orphanage, and now, with the money earned as an official of the clinical plastic surgeon Renato Reis, can find it through a detective. But Sonia has just died.

The lives of Guilherme and Joana cross each other when she knocks the door of her mother's house and the engineer is taking care of the two younger siblings. Ruined and feeling guilty because of the deaths, Guilherme decides to adopt Klaus and Dominique, and moves on the project of clinical aesthetics of Pure Beauty, which Sonia was about to inaugurate. Since Guilherme is an enginner and doesn't know anything about cosmetics and beauty products, he gets into a lot of trouble. He and Jeanne are now in love and they both start to live a beautiful relationship until the standard once again atrapalha his life.

And now has the support of Renato, in love with Jane. Separated, Guilherme and Jane end up turning rivals when it becomes member of the fun hairdresser Ivete - owner of the salon Belezoca agitated - and together open the clinic Love Skin just in front of the Guilherme, Pure Beauty. Among professionals confusion and love, the passion between the couple only increases.

Parallel to this emerging coincidentally in the life of Guilherme relatives of the crew: Eduardo, widow of Márcia, who has just been apaixonando by Deborah, the widow of Alex. Fernanda, the daughter of Alex and Deborah, and Luisa, daughter of Eduardo and Márcia, disputarão the love of Klaus, son of Sonia now created by Guilherme. Helena, the widow of Matthew, who decides whether dressed as the late to get a good job in order to cover the treatment of the sick child, Hugo. And Robson, a bricklayer - passionate about their espevitada Rakelli, daughter of Ivete - distant cousin and one of Olavo, who inherits the entire fortune, but is passed back by inescrupuloso lawyer Jose Henrique trambiquira and his girlfriend, Sheila, sister of poor Suzy, the best friend of Standard that namora and at the same time is ashamed to Raul, best friend of Guilherme.

Only a turnaround that happens on the day of marriage, Guilherme and Joana: Sonia reappears. She and the other four crew members survived the fall and were lost in an island. Now tumultuar return to their families. And Sonia, chantageada by Standard makes everything to take the children, Jane and clinical, Guilherme.

Sonia has just been apaixonando by Guilherme, that namora in a tenativa of esquerce Joana and every day starts to enchant more per sônia, Joana which in turn agrees to marry with Renato to forget Guilherme. Matthew returns that sought by the police because of his hair lotions containing an illegal substance, which is obliged to fantasize, Wanda, assistant Helena / Matthew. Alex and Márcia wanting to return their lives back, but are Deborah and Edu, now married and has been obraigados to divide the same Olavo casa.E back without knowing that it is due to a loss of memory, thinking that your name Copacabana is and what is Indian.

All, except for Olavo, who do not remember, want to find the diamonds, real reason for travel to Amazon, but only that there is only Olavo has the map to the location of diamonds, but he does not remember.

Beleza Pura - telenovela

(2008) - Edson Celulari, Regiane Alves, Carolina Ferraz


Edson Celulari ... Guilherme
Regiane Alves ... Joana
Carolina Ferraz ... Norma
Isis Valverde ... Rakelli
Antonio Calloni ... Eduardo
Rodrigo Lopez ... Betão
Humberto Martins ... Renato
Zezé Polessa ... Ivete
Leopoldo Pacheco ... Raul
Soraya Ravenle ... Débora
Marcelo Faria ... Robson
Bianca Comparato ... Luiza
Mônica Martelli ... Helena
Maria Clara Gueiros ... Suzy
Bruno Mazzeo ... José Henrique
Rafael Cardoso ... Klaus
Carol Castro ... Sheila
Paulo Vilela ... Anderson
Monique Alfradique ... Fernanda
Elias Andreato ... Adamastor
Pollyana Aleixo ... Dominique
Kadu Moliterno ... Gaspar
Gustavo Leão ... Felipe
Letícia Isnard ... Meu Bem
David Lucas ... Hugo
Bia Montez ... Assumpção
Marcella Valente ... Bia
Pedro Brício ... Erik
Christiane Torloni ... Sônia
Guilherme Fontes ... Alex
Helena Fernandes ... Márcia
Reginaldo Farias ... Olavo
André Abujamra ... Tiago
Fabiana Valor ... Iris
Luciana Fregolente ... Vilma
Eduardo Succini ... Sérgio
Ernani Moraes ... Milton
Rodrigo Veronese ... Mateus
Aline Borges ... Luana
Lucianna Martins ... Camila
Ernesto Piccolo ... Eugenio
Jessica Mancini ... Cris
Michel Bercovitch ... Celso
Vanessa Lóes ... Eleonora
Cláudio Galvan ... Jurandir
Maurício Marques ... Sanguessuga
Maria Gladys ... Romena
Ricardo Kosovski ... Paulo Abreu
Hélio Ribeiro ... Ciro
Elizabeth Gasper ... Florinda
Paulo Giardini ... Delegado Gomes
Jaime Leibovitch ... Castro
Bruna Pietronave ... Ipanema
Simone Pontes ... Juracy
Vinícius Soares ... Zé
William Vita ... Cicatriz
Elaine Mickelly ... Míriam
Cláudia Borioni ... Madame Katrina
Rita Cadillac ... Herself
Luciano Huck ... Himself
Daniel Lobo ... Miguel
Emilio Pitta ... Antunes Guerra
Adriana Quadros ... Diretora
Lúcia Apache ... Herself
Marcelo Assumpção ... Ricardo
Edilma Campos ... Herself
Henrique César ... Amaury
Cleopatra ... Herself
Christiano Cochrane ... Rodrigo Cascudo
Carla Faour ... Professora
Créo Kellab ... M.C.Baratão
Marlene Morbeck ... Herself
Ed Oliveira ... Augusto
Regina Polivalente ... Herself
Ellen Rocche ... Gleice
Cris Saint Tropez ... Herself
Cleo Toda Pura ... Herself
Sandra Toda Pura ... Herself

Writing credits
João Brandão
Daise Chaves
Silvio de Abreu
Ricardo Hofstetter
Emanuel Jacobina
Andréa Maltarolli


Dois Lados - Frejat (Norma's theme)
Beleza Pura - Skank (opening sequence theme)
Independente (Ladies Night) - Wanessa Camargo (location theme)
Vem pra Ficar - Monica Besser (young cast theme)
Madrugada - João Estrella (location theme)
Veja Bem, Meu Bem - Ney Matogrosso (Helena's theme)
Me Deixa em Paz - Seu Jorge & Teresa Cristina (Ivete and Gaspar's theme)
Tu Sais Je Vais T´aimer (Eu Sei que Vou Te Amar) - Marcio Faraco & Nana Caymmi (Joana and Guilherme's theme)
Coisas do Coração - José Augusto (Eduardo and Débora's theme)
Acontece - Jane Duboc (Robson's theme)
Coração Vagabundo - Ana Cañas (Renato's theme)
Malemolência - Céu (Felipe's theme)
Pé de Nabo - Sandra Peres (Joana's theme)
Argumento - Paulinho da Viola (location theme)
Esnoba - Banda Moinho (Rakelli and Robson's theme ; Rakelli's theme)

Cinematography by
Sérgio Tortori

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
André Felipe Binder
Rogério Gomes
Luciana Oliveira
Marcelo Travesso

Rede Globo de Televisão


Cláudia Abreu, Giovanna Antonelli and Carolina Dieckmann were considered to star

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