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Caminho das Índias

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Caminho das Índias telenovelaLove, reason, sanity and insanity. With beliefs and values that separate the West and the East, the soap brings to the screen a story full of contrast. On the central plot, a forbidden passion between two Indians from very different origins. Maya is clever, cheerful, an employee in a company in Rajasthan and part of a traditional family of the caste of the tradesmen. Bahuan is finishing his studies in America, where he works, but could never forget the humiliation he had to go through as a child for being a dalit (untouchable) - part of the human division to which the sacred books refer as "the dirt beneath the feet of the God Brahma", those considered impure and doomed even not to touch a member of the higher castes with their shadows. This system has already been banned by the law, but is still a habit.

Caminho das Índias - telenovela

(2009) - Juliana Paes, Márcio Garcia, Rodrigo Lombardi


Juliana Paes ... Maya Meetha
Márcio Garcia ... Bahuan
Rodrigo Lombardi ... Raj Ananda
Letícia Sabatella ... Yvone
Marjorie Estiano ... Tônia
Humberto Martins ... Ramiro Cadore
Christiane Torloni ... Melissa
Tony Ramos ... Opash Ananda
Bruno Gagliasso ... Tarso Cadore
Cléo Pires ... Sura Ananda
Vera Fischer ... Chiara
Lima Duarte ... Shankar
Caco Ciocler ... Murilo
Tânia Khallil ... Duda
Débora Bloch ... Sílvia Cadore
Alexandre Borges ... Raul Cadore
Danton Mello ... Amitab Ananda
Isis Valverde ... Camila Ananda
Caio Blat ... Ravi Ananda
Osmar Prado ... Manu Meetha
Nívea Maria ... Kochi Meetha
Antônio Calloni ... César Gallo
Ana Beatriz Nogueira ... Ilana Gallo
Eliane Giardini ... Indira Ananda
Laura Cardoso ... Laksmi Ananda
Flávio Migliaccio ... Karan Ananda
Stênio Garcia ... Dr. Castanho
José de Abreu ... Pandit
Totia Meirelles ... Drª. Aida Motta
Eva Todor ... Cidinha
Ana Furtado ... Drª. Gabi (Gabriela)
Mara Manzan ... Dona Ashima
Ricardo Tozzi ... Komal Meetha
Brenda Haddad ... Rami Meetha
Rosane Gofman ... Wal (Walkíria)
Victor Fasano ... Dário
Dira Paes ... Norminha (Norma)
Anderson Müller ... Abel
Betty Gofman ... Dayse
Duda Nagle ... Zeca (José Carlos Gallo)
Vitória Frate ... Júlia Cadore
Juliana Alves ... Suellen
Elias Gleizer ... Sr. Cadore
André Gonçalves ... Gopal
Paula Pereira ... Durga
Paulo José ... Profeta Gentileza
Sílvia Buarque ... Berê
Júlia Almeida ... Leinha (Léa Motta Gallo)
Sidney Santiago ... Ademir
Neuza Borges ... Cema
Ana Lima ... Drª. Ciça
Cacau Mello ... Deva
André Arteche ... Indra
Jandira Martini ... Puja
Marcius Melhem ... Radesh
Cláudia Lira ... Nayana
Nahuana Costa ... Malika
Márcio Vito ... Ramu
Carolina Oliveira ... Chanti
Karina Ferrari ... Anusha
Mussunzinho ... Maico
Cadu Paschoal ... Hari
Milena Toscano ... Gilda
Bruna Abdalah ... Goa
Thiago Soares
Renata Beciane

Writing credits
Glória Perez

Song: Beedi Jalaile
Written by: Sukhwinder Singh

Original music
Alexandre De Faria

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Roberto Carminati
Frederico Mayrink
Leonardo Nogueira
Luciano Sabino
Marcos Schechtman

Rede Globo


The telenovela is originally screened as six one-hour chapters per week, from Monday to Saturday

Setting in Rajasthan, India; in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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beatriz  - oi indra sou sua fã   |2009-04-05 20:02:42
tudo bem indra queria te ver na minha frente sou sua fã numero 01 ta eu ti amo muito,e a norma beijou voce né se o marido dela saber voce ta ferrado.bjs ttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooo
Awa Jammeh  - INDIA LOVE STORY   |2011-03-31 13:21:52
I really love this film this the most and interesting Brazilian movie i have ever watched.

I hope you can come to The Gambia to act your film there.

What a wonderful and loving story.
priscuss james  - miss norminha   |2012-02-06 13:59:07
she is among the cast in the soap opera whom i will never forget in my life.her accent,body movements jokes and every thing about her she deserves are welcome to MOSHI-TANZANIA miss norminha
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