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Chocolate com Pimenta

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Chocolate com Pimenta telenovelaThe story of Ana Francisca, who begins the soap opera as a young and poor teenager. She is loving know by those close to her as Aninha. Her father is killed and she must flee to the city of Ventura. There she lives with her uncle Margarido, grand aunt Carmem, and cousin Márcia, along with two more adopted family members, Timóteo and Dália in their small farm. She is instantly unpopular at school because she is poor and is hated by Olga.

She begins to have a connection with Danilo but is kept from him by Olga who also loves him. She begins to work at the City's chocolate factory. The factory is a very important part of the city because is raises the price of land, brings in money, and give the city social status. Later, she gets married with the owner of the city's chocolate factory (the major company in the city) and turns herself into a very rich woman, and she also is a very good person, later, her husband dies. The rest of the story happens between the population of the city of Ventura, where a group of 4 people try to take Ana Francisca out of the factory command and try to make all kinds of plans to take it off from her, with no success. Ana Francisca also has passion for one person, Danilo, who also loves her, but their love is repressed in sad feelings about each other's past.

Chocolate com Pimenta - telenovela

(2003 - 2004) - Mariana Ximenes, Murilo Benício


Mariana Ximenes ... Ana Francisca
Murilo Benício ... Danilo
Drica Moraes ... Márcia
Priscila Fantin ... Olga
Elizabeth Savalla ... Jezebel
Fúlvio Stefanini ... Vivaldo
Rodrigo Faro ... Guilherme
Tarcísio Filho ... Sebastian
Cláudio Corrêa e Castro ... Klauss
Samara Felippo ... Celina
Marcello Novaes ... Timóteo
Nivea Stelmann ... Graça
Denise Del Vecchio ... Mocinha
Kayky Brito ... Bernardete
Ernani Moraes ... Terêncio
Lília Cabral ... Bárbara
Osmar Prado ... Margarido
Laura Cardoso ... Carmem
Caco Ciocler ... Miguel
Rosamaria Murtinho ... Margot
Guilherme Vieira ... Tonico
Ângelo Paes Leme ... Peixoto
Carla Daniel ... Dália
Tânia Bondezan ... Marieta
Antônio Grassi ... Reginaldo
Alexandre Barilari ... Beto
Luíza Curvo ... Cássia
Guilherme Piva ... Paulo
Rosane Gofman ... Roseli
Juliana Alves ... Selma
Victor Pecoraro ... Maurício
Marcela Barroso ... Estelinha
Maria Maya ... Lili
Renato Rabello ... Padre Eurico
Andréa Avancini ... Yvete
Ary França ... Epaminondas
Patrícia França ... Sofia Mendonça
Ary Fontoura ... Ludovico
Gabriel Azevedo ... Fabrício
Mônica Carvalho ... Gigi
Sabrina de Souza ... Darlene
Hilda Rebello ... Matilde
Cacá Bueno ... Elias
Viviane Porto ... Inácia
Bruno Pereira ... Thiago
Malu Valle ... Ismênia
Sabrina Rosa ... Vera
Luiz Antônio do Nascimento ... Jóia
Samuel Melo ... Beleza
Ricardo Martins ... Quincas
Roberto Bomtempo ... Juvenal
Renato Chocair ... Eugênio
Yeda Dantas ... Cândida
Marcelo Barros ... Araújo
Jorge Fernando ... Crispim
Sérgio Fonta ... Lael
Lucinha Lins ... Elvira
Paulo de Almeida
Antonio Grassi ... Reginaldo
Lauro Góes ... Leonardo
Lucy Mafra ... Venúsia
Marcos Frota ... Morcego Voador
Francisco Fortes ... Astolfo
Carlos Alberto ... Juiz
Luciana Barbosa ... Pureza
Daniel Barcelos ... Pai de Fabrício
Francisco Carvalho ... Horácio
Cássia Linhares ... Nádia
Jardel Mello ... Romão
Luciano Camargo ... Cascudo
Zezé di Camargo ... Cascão
Roberto Frota ... Eusébio
Élida L'Astorina ... Mãe de Fabrício
Míriam Pires ... Parteira
Thiago Farias ... Quincas

Writing credits
Walcyr Carrasco
Thelma Guedes

Cinematography by
Sérgio Tortori

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Jorge Fernando
Fabrício Mamberti
Frederico Mayrink

Produced by
Aluízio Augusto .... executive producer
Jorge Fernando

Rede Globo de Televisão


Consists of 209 episodes

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James Goodin   |2009-06-15 21:00:09
I want buy this telenovela "Chocolate Com Pimenta" with subtitles in ENglish or Romanian. Can any one help?
Martha Barrett  - Chocolate con pimienta   |2009-10-02 23:00:50
Me encanto, me fascinan las telenovelas Brasileras
Andreia  - chocolate com pimenta   |2010-02-01 21:40:26
did anyone find it online..or is it available for purchase?

Alguem encontro a novela na internet..e possivel comprar em canada?
Grace Bosse  - Chocolate com pimenta   |2011-08-30 01:37:17
I am trying to find this on DVD for my mother. Can anyone help?
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