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Clone, O

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O Clone telenovelaLucas is a happy adolescent, romantic, impressive and full of projects. He is in love with Jade, a young Arabic girl. But the life didn't run well for him: he separates with Jade and within the twenty- year period that have passed since the date they parted, he undertook sea changes: he looks differently, his projects are lost by the way, he has no more the tenderness and the romantic attitude to life, and lyrical nature he had before. He is now emptied from inside. Jade, on the other side, has lived all this time imagining that her life would be much happier if she had married him. Twenty years later they meet again. Jade gets upset, trying to find, in the forty year-old Lucas, what is left from the person she once fell in love with. That's when the clone appears, made by Lucas' godfather without his knowledge, the geneticist Albieri. The clone is not Lucas, but it is the image that Jade loved during her whole life. We have then, an uncommon love triangle when Lucas becomes the rival to himself. The clone changes completely the lives of other characters of this telenovela.



Murilo Benício as Lucas Ferraz/ Diogo Ferraz/ Leandro Edvaldo (Léo)

Lucas is a young daydreamer who has set no clear goals in his life. he is extremely dependant on his twin-brother Diogo who is completely different in nature. Their life turns upside down when they come to Morocco to live and Lucas gets an affair with Jade. They feel no religion can stop them love each other. Lucas then ends in marrying Maysa, Diogo’s ex-fiance with a daughter Mel.

Diogo is the favorite son of Leônidas. He dies in Rio de Janeiro falling down when flying in the helicopter. His Godfather Augusto Albieri chooses to make his clone to honor him and the said is done. The clone is named Léo.

Léo is Lucas’ clone but he is too different in personality. Augusto Albieri guesses Léo has some features of his mother but he gives his obsessiveness to the clone by himself.

Giovanna Antonelli as Jade

Jade lived in Brasil with her mother Salúa until she died. After her death Jade had to move to her uncle’s house. There she meets Lucas, the first and only love in her life. Their relations will experience too many obstacles and barriers to overdo and live a happy life together. Though, Lukas had to marry another woman and Jade is forced to marry Said.

Débora Falabella as Mel Ferraz

Mel is a fragile and vulnerable girl, the daughter of Lucas and Maysa. When she finds out her parents get united when Maysa got pregnant only, she gets furious. As a teenager, she faces many problems to be solved together with loving parents and the worst is drug addiction.

Reginaldo Farias as Leônidas Ferraz

Leônidas is Lucas’s and Diogo’s father. He is close to Diogo since he looks after him more than Lucas. His wife died and he has affair with Yvete, a passionate, charming and elegant woman. His friend and Diogo’s godfather, Augusto Albieri, is the one who makes the clone for his godson.

Daniela Escobar as Maysa Ferraz

Maysa is Lucas’s wife. She is the mother who struggles with drug addiction of her daughter. She is a little bit selfish and prudent. She is mainly cold-hearted and with the time she takes no care of anything and anyone.

Dalton Vigh as Said Rachid

Said Rachid is Jade’s husband. He loves her but he fails to get her heart trembled in love to him. He was about to marry Latiffa but it did not happened and his brother Mohamed married her. Said is impulsive and practical person. He finally gets some response from Jade until she feels stronger feelings towards Lucas to overbalance her attitude to leave him.

O Clone - telenovela

(2001 - 2002) - Murilo Benício, Giovanna Antonelli


Eduardo Arbex
Walderez de Barros ... Salua
Samara Felippo
Eloísa Mafalda ... Jadés Neighbor
Julia Melim ... Brazilian Salesperson
Danielle Winits ... Shirley
Murilo Benício ... Diogo Ferraz
Giovanna Antonelli ... Jade Rachid
Vera Fischer ... Yvete
Reginaldo Farias ... Leônidas Ferraz
Daniela Escobar ... Maysa Ferraz
Adriana Lessa ... Deusa
Neuza Borges ... Dalva
Jandira Martini ... Zoraide
Marcello Novaes ... Alexander 'Xandé' Cordeiro
Marcos Frota ... Escobar
Beth Goulart ... Lidiane Valverde
Cissa Guimarães ... Clarice Escobar
Victor Fasano ... Otávio 'Tavinhó' Valverde
Débora Falabella ... Mel Ferraz
Luciano Szafir ... Zein
Guilherme Karan ... Raposão
Myrian Rios ... Anita
Nivea Stelmann ... Ranya Rachid
Raul Gazolla ... Miro
Thaís Fersoza ... Telma 'Telminhá' Valverde
Sérgio Marone ... Cecéu Valverde
Juliana Paes ... Karla
Thiago Fragoso ... Fernándo 'Nandó' Escobar
Elizângela ... Noêmia
Carla Diaz ... Kadija Rachid
Carolina Macieira ... Sumaya
Perry Salles ... Mustafá
Solange Couto ... Dona Jurema 'Jurá' Cordeiro
Thalma de Freitas ... Carolina
Mara Manzan ... Odete
Silvio Guindane ... Basílio
Mário Lago ... Dr. Molina
Beatriz Segall ... Miss Brown
Totia Meireles ... Laurinda
Tânia Alves ... Norma
Françoise Forton ... Simone
Murilo Grossi ... Júlio
Dalton Vigh ... Said Rachid
Andressa Katz ... Soninha
Antonio Calloni ... Mohamed Rachid
Osmar Prado ... Lobato
Sebastião Vasconcelos ... Abdul Rachid
Roberto Bonfim ... Edvaldo
Letícia Sabatella ... Latiffa Rachid
Nívea Maria ... Edna
Cristiana Oliveira ... Alicinha
Eliane Giardini ... Nazira Rachid
Juca de Oliveira ... Augusto Albieri
Stênio Garcia ... Ali Rachid
João Carlos Barroso ... Edvaldós Friend
Maria João Bastos ... Amália
Vitor Belfort ... Himself
Paulo Betti ... Armando
Jonas Bloch ... Juiz
Marcelo Brou ... Pitoco
Nana Caymmi ... Herself
Marcos Chiesa ... Himself
Clodovil ... Himself
Pedro Cravo ... Diogo (child)
Victor Cugula ... Leo (child)
Francisco Cuoco ... Father Mattioli
Stephany de Brito ... Samira Rachid
Ruth de Souza ... Dona Mocinha
Marina Elali ... Singer
Joana Fomm
Franciely Freduzeski ... Beta
Léa Garcia ... Lola
Renato Gaúcho ... Himself
Eri Johnson ... Ligeirinho
Fábio Junqueira ... Chuvas
Ingra Liberato ... Amina
Cássia Linhares ... Elba
Nuno Leal Maia ... Jorge Luiz
Sérgio Mamberti
Humberto Martins ... Aurélio
Thiago Oliveira ... Amim Rachid
Henri Pagnoncelli ... Dr. José Vitor
Zeca Pagodinho ... Himself
Pelé ... Himself
Jayme Periard ... Roger
Sílvia Pfeifer ... Cinira
Antonio Pitanga ... Tião
Tony Ramos
Carla Regina ... Dora
Tácito Rocha ... Juiz
Alessandro Safina ... Himself
Oswaldo Sargentelli ... Himself
Oscar Schmidt ... Himself
Emílio Surita ... Himself
Narcisa Tamborindeguy ... Herself
Carlos Vereza ... Himself
Viviane Victorette ... Regininha
Yuri Xavier ... Zé Roberto

Created by
Glória Perez

Directed by
Mário Márcio Bandarra
Teresa Lampréia
Jayme Monjardim
Marcos Schechtman
Marcelo Travesso

Writing credits
Glória Perez

Executive producers:
Luiz Augusto
Guilherme Bokel
Claudia Braga
Eduardo Figueira
Marília Fonseca
Sérgio Madureira
Jayme Monjardim
Mario Lucio Vaz

Original Music:
Pedro Lopes
Marcus Viana

Opening theme: Sob o Sol

Original channel: Rede Globo

Jayme Monjardim
Mário Márcio Bandarra
Marcos Schechtmann
Adriano Calheiro Valentim

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil


O Clone was a big hit, being aired in several countries all around the world

While the program's attention to issues of drug addiction won its creator an award, the portrayal of Arab-Muslim cultures within the program has brought a critical response from different Arab-Muslim sources

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Sitora  - Please I need this movie on DVD   |2008-10-22 11:22:07
is it possible to get this movie on DVD with English subtitle?
humberto  - How can I buy the whole series?   |2009-03-15 18:23:16
Hi I want to buy the whole series without subtitles.I understand portuguese.How much it cost? How how long dos it take to get here? I live in US. How good is the quality? Is dvd?

Thank you.
elisa  - o clone   |2009-04-28 20:33:51
does anyone know where can i buy the all series of clone? i would like with english subtitles but not really fuss!!!
Anamaria  - Wonderful story   |2009-05-31 21:11:03
One of the best novelas ever. Jade and Lucas are one of the most romantic couples ever seen but the best character in O clone is Maysa(Daniela Escobar), Lucas`s wife. She has so powerful and beautiful story with Diogo(love of her life who is also brother-twin of Lucas), with Said(Jade`s husband) and Mel(Lucas`s and her daughter) who was abusing the droges. O CLONE FOREVER!!!!
Branka   |2009-06-13 11:17:50
For sure one of the best telenovelas ever made. Also I like the cast it was so original.
Anonymous   |2010-03-20 04:44:19
Es la novela brasilera mas linda que yo he visto.
gogo   |2011-01-10 13:53:09
please i want to buy this novela, with spanish subtitle.
anita  - hola   |2011-01-30 16:31:51
quien quiere la novela casi completa que me deje un mensaje en my email y les voy a decir de donde pueden bajarla
nandoserafim  - novela o clone   |2012-12-10 16:34:56
eu quero bajar la novela
Diane  - O Clone   |2011-04-12 19:59:35
Has anyone been able to get this novela in DVD? I've been looking for it for a long time.
ana melo  - purchase   |2014-10-08 12:19:17
Does anyone know where I could purchase this series
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