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Escrava Isaura I

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Escrava Isaura I telenovelaDaughter of a slave and a white man, Isaura lived in a farm, in Campos do Goitacazes, in the state or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, being treated as a daughter by Ester, her owner, but as a slave by Commandeur Almeida, Ester's husband. Isaurбs first love died in a arson, started by Leфncio, Commandeur Almeidбs son and completely obsessed with her. After many misfortunes, Isaura meets Бlvaro, an abolitionist.

Escrava Isaura I - telenovela

(1976 - 1977) - Lucélia Santos, Rubens de Falco


Rubens de Falco ... Leôncio Almeida
Lucélia Santos ... Isaura
Gilberto Martinho ... Comendador Almeida
Norma Blum ... Malvina Fontoura
Mário Cardoso ... Henrique Fontoura
Beatriz Lyra ... Ester Almeida
Léa Garcia ... Rosa
Zeni Pereira ... Januária
Dary Reis ... Conselheiro Fontoura
Neuza Borges ... Rita
Átila Iório ... Miguel
Isaac Bardavid ... Francisco
Haroldo de Oliveira ... André
Maria das Grac,as ... Santa
Nena Ainhoren ... Lucíola
Edwin Luisi ... Alvaro
Henriette Morineau ... Madeleine Besanc,on
Roberto Pirillo ... Tobias Vidal
Elisa Fernandes ... Taís Vidal
Myrian Rios ... Aninha
Ítalo Rossi ... José
Ângela Leal ... Carmen
Lady Francisco ... Juliana
André Valli ... Martinho
Carlos Duval ... Belchior
Clarisse Abujamra ... Lúcia Andrade
Amíris Veronese ... Alba Vidal
Marlene Figueiró ... Leonor
Aguinaldo Rocha ... Alceu
Francisco Dantas ... Mattoso
José Maria Monteiro ... Capitão Andrade
Mário Polimeno ... Palhares
Ary Coslov ... Geraldo
Edyr de Castro ... Ana
Joyce de Oliveira
Ana Maria Grova ... Eneida
Alexandre Lambert ... Geraldo
Almeida Santos ... Jayme
Gilda Sarmento ... Carolina
Ana Lúcia Torre
Lídia Yório

Created by
Bernardo Guimarães

Directed by
Milton Gonc,alves
Herval Rossano

Writing credits
Gilberto Braga
Bernardo Guimarães

Executive producers:
Henrique Daniel

Original channel : Rede Globo

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil


The show was sold to over 80 countries and incredibly successful all over the world. It was the first allowed to air in China with a foreign actress in it

It was based on A Escrava Isaura, a Brazilian romance novel written by Bernardo Guimarães

Isaura was the first telenovela in the communist block

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