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Maysa - Quando Fala o Coração

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Maysa Quando Fala o Coração tv series

Maysa - Quando Fala o Coração - tv series (mini)

(2009) - Larissa Maciel, Jayme Matarazzo


Larissa Maciel ... Maysa Matarazzo
Jayme Matarazzo ... Jayme Monjardim
Rogério Falabella ... Andrea Matarazzo
Denise Weinberg ... Amália Matarazzo
Eduardo Semerjian ... André Matarazzo
Mateus Solano ... Ronaldo Bôscoli
Luiz Carlos Ayres ... Cibidinho
Ângela Dip ... Inah Monjardim
Nelson Baskerville ... Alcebíades Monjardim
Priscilla Rozenbaum ... Ana
Pablo Bellini ... Miguel Azana
Melissa Vettore ... Gabriela
Marat Descartes ... Carlos Alberto
Cristiane Carniato ... Marlene
Simone Soares ... Nina
Cristine Perón ... Beta
Caio Sóh ... Guto
Beto Matos ... Régis
Fátima Montenegro ... Yvone
Tainá Elisa Borges ... Maysa
André Matarazzo ... Jayme Monjardim
Michael Nix ... Cibidinho

Writing credits
Manoel Carlos
Ângela Chaves

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Jayme Monjardim

Rede Globo de Televisão


The director of the series Jayme Monjardim is the real son of Maysa Matarazzo

Larissa Maciel was chosen among 200 other candidates

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Lily  - DVD of TV Series - Maysa, quando fala o coracao   |2009-01-11 05:12:23
I am interested in purchasing the DVD or DVDs of the above TV series.

Please let me know by return mail where I can purchase it.

Thank you.
Philip Velez  - Maysa Quando Fala o Coracao   |2010-11-18 06:35:59
I just saw the DVD set being sold by someone in Australia on Ebay. So, it's been made and it must be out there somewhere for purchase. I too am looking for the DVD set, with english subtitles. Good luck.
frank perez  - maysa la serie   |2013-03-30 21:58:45
i would like to buy this tv serie but in SPANISH
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