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Negócio da China

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Negócio da China telenovela

Negócio da China - telenovela

(2008 - 2009) - Grazielli Massafera, Fábio Assunção


Fábio Assunção ... Heitor
Dalton Vigh
Grazielli Massafera ... Lívia
Herson Capri ... Adriano
Thiago Fragoso ... Diego
Ricardo Pereira ... João
Juliana Didone ... Celeste
Fernanda de Freitas ... Antonella
Luciana Braga ... Denise
Oscar Magrini ... Mauro
Xuxa Lopes ... Abigail
Vera Zimmerman ... Joelma
Jandir Ferrari ... Alaor
Bruna Marquezine ... Flor de Lys
Bia Nunnes ... Matilde
Sandro Christopher ... Odilon
Telma Reston ... Olímpia
Claudia Netto ... Dalva
Frederico Reuter ... Zé Boneco
Eike Duarte ... Theo
Maria Vieira ... Aurora
Joaquim Monchique ... Belarmino
Carla Andrino ... Carminda
Francisco Cuoco ... Evandro
Nathália Timberg ... Augusta
Yoná Magalhães ... Suzete
Eliana Rocha ... Luli Maria
Duse Nacarati ... Tia Saudade
Natália do Vale ... Júlia
Antônio Fagundes ... Ernesto

Writing credits
Miguel Falabella
Flávio Marinho
Antônia Pellegrino

Original music
Ney Matogrosso

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Roberto Talma
Mauro Mendonça Filho
Tande Bressane
Flávia Lacerda

Rede Globo de Televisão


Flávia Alessandra was considered to star

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Leo  - Subtitles   |2009-03-26 17:19:54
Hello! I wanted to know whether it is possible to find English or even Portuguese subtitles of this novela? I perfectly know Russian and English and would like to learn Portuguese, too.
Help me if you can, please.
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