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O Beijo do Vampiro

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O Beijo do Vampiro telenovelaIn the 12th century, the vampire Boris Vladescu fall in love with by the human princess Cécilia, a beautiful lady bethrothed to Count Rogerio, and they both are in love to each other. However, Boris, jealousy with their love , fight with Rogerio in the front of the princess in the castle and defenestrating him, and later kill Cécilia's parents and brothers. In panic for losing her beloved husband and family and to be forced to marry a vampire, Cécilia commits suicide, by throwing herself from the same tower Rogerio died.

Almost 800 years later, Boris has a son with Márie, an English woman who dies in the childbirth. In the Maramures city hospital, Boris to protect his son from the jealousy Mina d' Montmatre, his wife, hide him by switching him with another baby which is son of Lívia and Bobby, the reencarnations of Cécilia and Rogerio, respectivaly. The years pass on and his son, Jackie grow up as one of Livia's children. Her true son, Renat was left in a orphanage and become a homeless, and also a friend of Jackie and his brothers Tetê and Junior. Jackie lives a normal and ordinary boy until his vampiric instincts become more evident at the age of 13. Boris is awakened from his slumber along with Mina, and they need to take Jackie quickly as possible because Boris need an heir, or their family will die and Boris will be considered responsible for that. Also, Bobby dies in airplane crash caused by Boris.

There are other characters which deepen the plot. Augusto, a district attorney who is a feud with Armando, because Augusto wants to preserve a historical monument while Armando wants to demolish it to build a shopping center. Augusto also had feelings for Livia, but he never got along because she always think of him as friend. Galileo is a clumsy but kind-hearted vampire hunter who belongs to a great line of vampire-hunting family, and also is strained with his family tradition and his love for his son, Bart, who is bitten by Mina's servant Amélie and begun dating the vampire. Galileo falls in love with Zoroastra, Livia's mother, who in secret is a witch fighting against the local vampires. There is also, Martha, Augusto's sister-in-law, blinded by a car accident which killed her sister and become an evil stepmother to Augusto's children and after some time she left their family and is bitten by Boris, becoming his vampire bride. The vampiric duo begun terrorizing the city.

Boris come to Maramures, under the name Igor Pivomar (his sunername Pivomar is a anagram to Vampiro, which is Portuguese to Vampire), a businessman who hold a great licensiament of anything supernatural. He possess the body of Rodrigo, a mysterious and lonely man seeking Livia's attention, initiating a complex love battle between Boris, Rodrigo and Augusto for the love of Livia. During his stay in Maramures, he turn a criminal called Godzilla into a vampire and his loyal servant.

In the middle of this conflict, Lara, an sultry and sexy woman who don't accept being left over from Roderick and become Livia's enemy. She is bitten and turned into a vampire by Boris' second in command Victor Victorio, who secretly plots to overthrow his master and take over his position in the vampire society. Boris' son, Jackie become a sort of "good vampire" who never attack people nd he falls in love with Augusto's daughter, Liz, and is tempted in biting and therefore turn her into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Lara meets Count Dracula and become his concubine, enraging her former lover Victor, who turned her. Galileo, who was trying to vanquish Victor, infiltrate his domain and stakes Count Dracula, thinking he has destroyed Victor. Lara seduces and bites Armando, who becomes a vampire.

Rodrigo develop a relationship with Mina, impregnating her with his daughter, who grow up very quickly to adolescence. She is Pandora, a dhampir, half-human, half-vampire and everybody thinks she is Boris' daughter, not Rodrigo's. Near the end of the series, a master vampire called Nosferatu, comes to Maramures to destroy Boris and take over his position in the vampire society. The conflict split the vampire society in half, making everyone choosing a side. Martha and Victor betrays Boris and team-up with Nosferatu, while Godzila, Bart and Rodrigo choose to remain loyal to Boris, while Jackie is the only vampire who choose to protect the humans. In the final battle, Martha and Victor are both destroyed by Boris, but Nosferatu mortally wounds Rodrigo, Godzilla and Boris, but Jackie ultimately destroy Nosferatu with help of Brother Ezequiel.

However, Boris die in Jackie's arms and his death lift the curse on the vampires turned by him and Jackie become human again along with Godzilla, Bart, Lara and Armando. To save, Rodrigo's life, Mina bite and turn him into a vampire, and together they take Pandora, Amélie and Petra Van Petra to "live" in Transylvania. After the end, it is revealed Boris has survived his death.

O Beijo do Vampiro - telenovela

(2002 - 2003) - Tarcísio Meira, Cláudia Raia, Thiago Lacerda, Flávia Alessandra, Flávia Alessandra


Tarcísio Meira ... Bóris Vladescu
Cláudia Raia ... Mina de Montmartre
Thiago Lacerda ... Beto
Flávia Alessandra ... Lívia
Glória Menezes ... Zoroastra
Júlia Lemmertz ... Marta
Deborah Secco ... Lara
Luiz Gustavo ... Galileu Van Burger
Tato Gabus ... Bartolomeu Van Burger
Gabriel Braga Nunes ... Victor
Betty Gofman ... Amélie
Ana Rosa ... Telma
Zezé Motta ... Nadir
Bianca Castanho ... Ciça
Eloísa Mafalda ... Carmen
Tony Tornado ... Godzilla
Bernardo Castro Alves ... Guilherme
Kayky Brito ... Zeca
Guilherme Vieira ... Juninho
Mário Schoemberger ... Professor Antunes
Sérgio Menezes ... Carlos
Guilherme Piva ... Monster of the Mirror
Thiago Farias ... Renato
Maria Gladys ... Gracinha
Cecília Dassi ... Beatriz
Íris Bruzzi ... Mirtes
Maytê Piragibe ... Lucinha
Renata Nascimento ... Tetê
Celso Bernini ... André 'Baratão'
Alexandre Borges ... Rodrigo
Maria Clara ... Isaura
Eduardo Conde
Úrsula Corona
Celso Frateschi ... Ezequiel
Mário Frias ... Roger
Eduardo Galvão ... Armando
Juliana Lohmann ... Pandora de Montmartre
Maria Clara Mattos ... Isaura
Cláudia Mauro ... Matilde
Marco Ricca ... Augusto dos Anjos
Rafael Fracacio ... Ice-Cream Seller

Writing credits
Antônio Calmon
Álvaro Ramos

Song: Planeta Sonho
Singing: Milton Nascimento

Song: Pelos Ares
Singing: Adriana Calcanhoto

Song: Isso
Singing: Titãs

Song: Cada Segundo
Singing: Maurício Manieri

Language : Portuguese
Country: Brazil

Directed by
Roberto Naar
Marcos Paulo

Produced by
Carlos Pinto

Rede Globo de Televisão


Consists of 215 episodes

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pete  - episodes   |2013-12-29 20:05:03
where can i watch episodes 110 to 215 ? can't seem to find them anywhere.
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