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Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan tv seriesGenghis Khan is a military talent. To revenge his father, he joins the army and becomes a leader of the army who leads his troops to conquer the five independent tribes and is respected as the khan of all the tribes. After the unification of the country, he starts his startling ambitions of conquering the world by leading his troops to conquer Mongolia and sweep Eurasia, Moscow, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. The vast territory of Pacific Ocean in the east and Black Sea in the west is once under his regime.

Genghis Khan -

(2002) - Ba Sen, Saren Gaowa

Genre: Drama / History / Military / War


Ba Sen
Saren Gaowa


Directed by
Wang Wen Jie

Original channel : China Central Television
Language : Mandarin
Country: China


The series was shot by Shiqi Group based in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2001 at a cost of 80 million yuan (about $9.6 million)

The actor who plays Genghis Khan in this later plays Yesuge, Genghis Khan's father in the 2007 "Mongol"

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