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A Corazón Abierto

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A corazón abierto telenovela

A promising surgeon María Alejandra Rivas Cavalier gets an access to program for the ones hospitalized in Santa-Maria University Hospital. The daughter of the most reputed surgeons of the region gets sick with the Alzheimer's disease and María Alejandra should undertake for her. A group of friends - Jorge Vaina, Cristina Solano, Isabel Henao and Augusto go to the new level of relations.

New friends help María Alejandra in her trouble of loneliness and romantic relations and she opens relations with Andrés Guerra, one of the best surgeons in the clinics.

The history cases are intrinsically interweaved with the life emotions, feelings and events.


Verónica Orozco as María Alejandra Rivas Cavalier

María Alejandra, 29, is a tall and beautiful woman. She is a medical doctor. She changed schools so often and this affected her nature: she is timid and restricted. The family situation impacted, either. She voluntarily helps people for she has open and generous heart. She is about to marry her friend but she reveals a lie between them. But she appears in Santa-Maria where she finds that she faces different things in life.

Rafael Novoa as Andrés Guerra

Andrés Guerra is a perfect surgeon. He is very attractive, athletic and manly to be delighted and envied by colleagues and friends. Andrés is an honest man who believes in love and family. He knows he can make the best impression on women but he never takes advantage of this. He is reliable, serious and responsible. He meets María Alejandra in the hospital, but his ex-wife is the real obstacle to make the relations stronger.

Natalia Durán as Cristina Solano

Cristina Solano is in her late 20s. She is perfectly tanned and very attractive. She lives a little bit lower than the middle class society. She is a medical stuff but she prefers to adhere to conventional treatment policy. She has to compete professionally. When it comes to express emotions, she stays cool-hearted and people around think that she is cold and heartless.

Juan Manuel Mendoza as Jorge Vaina

Jorge Vaina is a loving and caring person, too sensual and handsome. He is his late 20s and is one of the junior medical doctors in the hospital. He is weak emotionally and she cannot share personal and work affairs. His womanly behavior and being too sensitive prevent him from being acknowledged as the serious man.

Sandra Hernández as Isabel Henao, “Isa”

Isa is 25, she is beautiful and impressive to confuse with an actress or a model but not a medical student. She is incredible blonde, so loyal and devoted to medicine. She applies every part of the whole her in what she does, and it especially concerns children.

A corazón abierto - telenovela

(2009) - Verónica Orozco, Rafael Novoa


Verónica Orozco ... Maria Alejandra Rivas
Carolina Gómez ... Alicia Durán
Rafael Novoa ... Andrés Guerra
Jorge Enrique Abello ... Mauricio Hernández
Juan Pablo Espinosa ... Augusto Maza
Juan Manuel Mendoza ... Jorge Maza
Sandra Hernández ... Isabel Henao
Natalia Duran ... Cristina Solano
Jorge Cao ... Dr. Ricardo Cepeda
Santiago Moure ... Germán de la Pava
Aida Morales ... Miranda Carvajal
Rolando Tarajano ... Burke
Aida Morales ... Miranda
Julian Arango

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán (adaptation)

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Sergio Osorio

Produced by
Silvia Durán
Fernando Barbosa
Leonardo Aranguibel
Jaime Sánchez Cristo

Vista Productions
Disney Media Networks Latin America


Remake of tv series "Grey’s Anatomy"

Consists of 80 episodes

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katalina hernandez  - adelan de a corazon abierto   |2010-05-08 21:52:51
alejandra le cuenta todo a alicia sobre su relacion con andres pero ella no le dice el nombre de esa persona pero maria alejandra todavia no savia que alicia es la esposa de andre pero cuando salen del trabajo se va a ver andres y alejandra cuando se estan besando los ve alicia y le dice a maria alejandra ``de este es hombre del que me estabas hablando´´ alejandra le dice que si andres corre hacia un lado a alejandra y trata de esplicarle todo pero alicia le deja todo muy claro y le dice que ella es alicia duran alicia duran de guerra y maria alejandra se va llorando en su carro andres trata de alcansarla pero no puede alicia le dice que no la siga pero el la ignora pero sin embargo no la alcanza andres le dice ``eso era lo que tu querias que se fuera´´...
rodolfo  - pregunta   |2010-12-31 17:28:04
quiero saber que marca de carro es el de mauricio hernandez en la telenovela de a corazon abierto
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