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Amar y Temer

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Amar y temer (Los tiempos de la violencia) - telenovela The production company Caracol releases the TV series Amar y Temer (To Love and To Fear) along with Portuguese Broadcasting Company SPT. The action of the story occurs in the '50s to tell the story of Alicia Aragon Benitez. She is a young woman who escapes from her abusive and heavy-handed husband Pascual Ordoñez. He is the leader in the town they live to appear the influential person and head of the depraved secret police department.

Alicia moves to Bogota, Columbia, pretending to be a male under the name Alberto Martinez. She is employed at the law school there, back in Bogota, where she finds herself among the feministic women. She participates in the feminist movement along with other women. Alicia is a talented lawyer to succeed at place. She finds herself in love with Simon Oviedo, an ex-boxer who happened to kill his friend and quit boxing for this reason.

Simon makes friends with Alberto and falls in love with Magdalena never suspecting two people are the one person, a woman. Their path to happiness and long love is thorny though the circumstances appear more complicated when the husband to Alicia, Pascual Ordoñez, realizes that his wife is alive and living in the other place. The things get worse since then.


Alicia Aragón Barrantes (Diana Hoyos)

Her father passed away when she was fifteen. The last seven years she has been living with her mother. They depend on each other. Moreover, they depend on her mother’s father, a man with a dominant character who sees in his daughter the solution of the problems of struggling through life that have seized her after her husband’s death.

Alicia is a beautiful woman, sensitive, with some sort of inner excitement that is too advance for her time. With such a character, she can’t stop living the way she feels she must live, which implies challenging the rigid foundations of the epoch.

She danced in a ballet as long as she could, and now she dreams of working as a teacher and of studying law so that she could work as a criminal lawyer. A bit romantic, she’s not afraid to face the real significance of the consequences of her actions and that’s what takes her into troubles. She is self-confident, generous, persistent and understanding.

Almost unaware of it, being pushed by her mother, she ends up in a relationship with a man older than her, and they get married. This marriage is a far cry from what she expected it to be. She can’t stand it; neither can she accept that this is the life that she longed for. She makes up a complicated plan of escape putting at stake everything she has to get back her liberty.

Simón ‘The Destructor’ Oviedo (Salvador del Solar)

He came to Bogotá when he was fifteen after his whole family was murdered by a political leader of the region who could not forgive them for having disobeyed an order to abandon the land they had owned. Now in jungles of a big city, he takes any job he can to get by.

When he turns 18, he joins the army to fulfill the military duty and there he started boxing. Once he finishes the military service, he is taken under the patronage of an old Cuban coach who leads him to a successful career of a boxer on the verge of becoming one of the best fighters in Colombia who has all grounds to hope to win the world title.

Simón is an impulsive, stubborn and persistent young man with a great heart and a strong inherent sense of justice. He stands up for his dignity. He never let anyone to boss him around. He is generous and a bit madcap. Yet, his reserved and it’s hard to win his trust.

Because of his tragic past, he’s nursed a grievance against life, which he fights against day by day. He’s very religious and is fond of politics. He prefers to be well-informed about life, so he reads a newspaper every morning. The paper tells about radical and conservative ideas. As a boxer, he lacks good technique, though he attacks like a ram.

Pascual Ordóñez (Nicolás Montero)

He is a leader of a conservative party of his village, He is gloomy, ambitious and cruel. Moreover, he’s sly, intelligent and unscrupulous. Violent by nature, he fights severely with his enemies. Insidious, he’s chosen savage brutality as a strategy to become a millionaire and a landlord. To reach his goals, he has organized a special regional police and is its sole chief.

He acts a religious man in public but when he’s on his own, he proves libertine with a lax moral. He is a gifted leader and has a special talent for executing power. He likes having everything under control.

Those who are not with him are automatically against him. He prefers to be afraid rather than to be respected and he knows that terror is the best manner to consolidate his small kingdom. Although he is a politician, he prefers to keep out of the picture pulling the strings that come from the stage.

Money is one of his religions. It justifies any way to get it. It is the reason for him to get involved in wagering, horse stealing, a shaming with emeralds, etc.

For Pascual, all women are divided into two large groups: a wife, who must stay at home and take care of the family, and prostitutes, who must stay in bordello fulfilling men’s every whim. Though Alicia doesn’t fit either of the categories, Pascual gets obsessed with her, which turns out a fatal mistake.

Juana (Adriana Arango)

She used to be Alicia’s dance teacher when she was at school. She used to be a ballerina as well when she was young, but her rebellious and competitive character didn’t let her to move further. So she dedicated herself to teaching.

She is an educated and smart woman. Arts for her is more than just an entertainment. It’s a posture of ethics and politics. All those years didn’t calm down her rebellious spirit, but the price was too high: she never got married. However, she doesn’t feel any sorry for it: the last thing she needs is a man by her side who would try to control her life and rob her of her liberty and independence.

When the feminist movement starts to form to fight for women’s civil rights, Juana feels that time has come to move from theory to real actions and turns into an aggressive activist. Later on she will become Alicia’s friend and support and it will be her who will involve Alicia into the struggle for women’s rights.

Teófilo Garcés (Félix Antequera)

He is Simón Oviedo’s coach. He came from Cuba in the thirties with a group of boxers who came to take part in a championship. There he met a Colombian woman and fell in love with her. They got married and lived together for more than twenty years. Then she died. He stayed for good in Colombia and became a coach and a hunter for talents.

Simón “The Destructor” Oviedo is his best work. A coach of the martial arts, it was him who convinced Simón and who prepared him to become a champion.

Teo is patient, persistent and well-balanced. The maturity has made him a wise, generous and unselfish person. He loves Simón more than as a pupil but as a son whom he has never had. This care goes beyond the borders of the gym and the rings. He is a faithful friend indeed.

Román Ortiz (Andrés Parra)

He is Román’s contact person in Bogotá. He is in charge of the business in the city as a kind of mixture of an administrator, a plenipotentiary and a guard. If Pascual has all the traits and features of a Mafioso of his epoch, Román is something like a ‘sophisticated devoted dog’.

Coming from a high class family that fell into decay, he has manners and elegancy of the class. However, he is cruel and violent. He likes an easy life gained with almost no efforts. He is a man of action and effect. He never hesitates before doing something and he is well aware that his life depends on the affectivity of his work.

Absolutely indifferent to politics, he doesn’t get involved into the fights of the parties so common there. He is seen as a businessman in the first place, but he is not of those who would plan something out or who has a plan for the future. He enjoys living now. He’s lustful, sybarite and handsome. He’s ready to take chances. He loves women but doesn’t have stable relationships.

Padre Argüello (Edgardo Román)

He’s a vicar of Párroco, a Boyacá village where live Alicia and Pascual. He is a fanatic priest and an ambitious manipulator. He is aware of the power that church has at these times and uses ‘fear of God’ to conduct hi policy from the pulpit. He doesn’t hesitate to use his rousing sermon to support the conservative party and attack the ‘liberals, masons and atheists’ on head.

He puts himself in the same row with the political leaders of the region with ease and opportunism, but gets money for that. He is a chameleon that basks under the warmer sun.

He knows that his influence is great and that his dictates can justify even the most horrible acts and everyone who can take any advantage of the situation pays for it. However, he is coward and unable to show any resistance to those in power since he adjusts his speech and his morality to any possible change of the troubled and violent epoch he has to live in.

Amar y temer (Los tiempos de la violencia) - telenovela

(2011) - Diana Hoyos, Nicolás Montero, Salvador del Solar


Diana Hoyos ... Alicia Aragón Barrantes
Nicolás Montero ... Pascual Ordóñez
Salvador del Solar ... Simón 'El destructor' Oviedo
Adriana Arango ... Juana
Andrés Parra ... Román Ortiz
Diana Ángel
Jimmy Vásquez
Katherine Porto
Edgardo Román ... Padre Argüello
Talú quintero
Félix Antequera ... Teófilo Garcés
Andreína Caro
Alfredo Cuellar
Linda Lucía Callejas
Daniel Rocha
Patricia Polanco
Estefanía Godoy
Nikolás Rincón

Writing credits
Germán Porras
Dago García

Song: Amar y Temer
Written by: César Escola, Ricardo Prado
Singing: Andrés Cepeda

Original music

Cinematography by
Ricardo Torres
Germán Plata

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Andrés Bierman
Germán Porras

Produced by
Juana Uribe
Mauricio Ruiz Bejarano

Canal Caracol


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