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Amor Sincero

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Amor sincero telenovelaLizeth "Yamile" Caicedo is assaulted by her husband, Joaquin, tired of her husband's assault, she decides to go with her four children (Freddy, Alex, Marlon and Nancy) to Alcala, where her mother and her brothers live; having found out that Yamile has left, her husband decides to go to look for her to the house of his mother-in-law, Yamile has no choice but to flee from there to Buenaventura and leave her four children to care of her mother.


In Buenaventura Yamile meets Samuel Medina, a boyacense police officer, with whom she goes to live and has a daughter called Maureen, who has a great talent for singing; having discovered this talent, Yamile will do everything what is possible so that her daughter can become a star. After a whileYamile visits her four children and having realized that her grandmother ill-treated them, she takes children to Cali.

Having found out that her husband was unfaithful, Yamile does not allow Samuel to see Maureen while she is staying in Estrellas del Pacifico. After a while Yamile forgives Samuel and they get married. Seven years have passed, Maureen decides to sing a different type of music and moves with her family to Bogota, except her brother Marlon, who decides to stay in Cali. She begins a stage of rebellion and her new name is Marbelle, her sister Nancy leaves the house and at this stage she meets her second love, the first was Caliche. Marbelle performs a simple Collar de Perlas and the years pass as Maureen "Marbelle" is an adult and becomes a famous singer in Colombia.

Amor sincero - telenovela

(2010) - Marbelle, Marcela Benjumea


Marbelle.... Herself
Marcela Benjumea.... Lizeth "Yamile" Caicedo Suarez
Carlos Manuel Vesga.... Samuel Medina Uribe
Yuri Vargas… Nancy Restrepo
Karol Parra.... Nancy Restrepo
Rafaella Chávez.... Maureen "Marbelle"
Laura Rodríguez… Maureen "Marbelle"
Jackeline Arenal....Ana Maria
Mauricio Bastidas…. Freddy
Javier Botero.... Fernando "Freddy" Restrepo Caicedo
Juan Sebastián Calero…. Alex
Martín Escobar…. Alexander "Alex" Restrepo Caicedo
Julián Camilo Vargas… Marlon Restrepo
Jhon Mirque…. es Marlon
Carlos Fernández… Peter Pinilla
Juan Alejandro Gaviria… Pablo Calero
Matilde Lemaitre…. Sandra Abril Rodríguez
Indhira Serrano.... Patricia López
Marcelo Cezán…. Don Bruno del Romero
Álvaro Rodríguez…. Gustavo "Payaso Gustavini"
Ana María Estupiñán…. Omaira Giraldo
Diego Vélez…. Don Adolfo
Ximena Erazo…. Margarita
Christian de Dios…. Simón
Jorge Martinez….Julian
Ana Maria Arango….Rosa Suarez
Ana Cristina Galvez….Carmen Uribe
Magida Issa….Michelle
Julio Correal….Joaquin Restrepo
Jesus David Forero….Carlos "caliche" Giraldo

Writing credits
Mónica Agudelo (original story)
Fabiola Carrillo (adaptation)
Rodrigo Holguín (adaptation)
Andrés Ramírez Lozano

Song: Amor sincero
Written by:
Singing: Marbelle

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Rodrigo Triana

Produced by
Alessandro Basile
Juan Carlos Erazo
Germán Araque

Vista producciones for RCN Televisión


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utopia   |2010-08-26 03:29:45
how can I buy telenovela movies? I love the movies and want it with english subtitles. Please help me.I want the entire movies not just pieces.
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