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Ángel de la Guarda Mi Dulce Compañía

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Ángel de la guarda mi dulce compañía telenovela Michelangelo was a Gustavo Almansa’s guardian angel at the day when the latest died accidentally in the result of Michelangelo’s fault and left a lot of unsolved tasks. After this accident Michelangelo was forbidden to be a guardian angel until he finishes all unsolved tasks of Gustavo. In order to do so Michelangelo is turned into an ordinary man and said to finish all Gustavo’s tasks within just 2 years.

So the former angel and acting man named Cruz starts his mortal life without any idea about even his first step on the way of Gustavo’s unfinished tasks solving, leave alone the whole plan of his actions! As a newly appeared human being he is awkward and innocent in most situations. In spite of this he meets all people to help him with his task. But all of them have own problems and desires which he tries to make true. In the result the situation is getting worse and more complicated than it was at the beginning.

In addition he realizes to be unexpectedly fallen in love with Gustavo’s fiancée Carolina Falla. He is in despair, he blames himself in all possible faults, but the love in his hart is stronger than dart of guilt stinging him. After a long hesitations and thoughts he makes a decision to live as a real human (who he indeed is at the current moment) and allow his feeling to grow, although it is forbidden for angel.

But on his way to happiness with Carolina he prevents Fernando (the Carolina’s partner) to marry her and get the whole company under his control. (Fernando & Carolina are the owners of toy-factory Aki Toy.) Michelangelo starts working at this factory. During his work and relations development he stops numerous efforts of Fernando to destroy a company and Michelangelo as a competitor in love although he doesn’t even notice this.

Ángel de la guarda mi dulce compañía - telenovela

(2003 - 2004) - Manuela González, Diego Ramos, Carlos Ponce


Manuela González ... Carolina Falla
Diego Ramos ... Miguel Ángel Cruz
Carlos Ponce ... Gustavo
Orlando Miguel ... Fernando
Marcela Angarita ... Alejandra
Rosemary Bohórquez ... Nora "Norita"
Enrique Carriazo ... Benigno
Natasha Dias ... Yolanda
Mario Duarte ... Rafael
Hugo Gómez ... Antonio Falla
Sebastian Martínez ... Kenny
Ana Bolena Mesa ... Mariela
Jorge Arturo Pérez ... Brocoli
Sandra Pérez ... Luisa Falla
Sebastian Peterson ... Arturo
Eliana Piñeros ... Manuela
Ana María Trujillo ... Diana
Flor Trujillo
Juan Carlos Vargas ... John Jairo

Writing credits
Adriana Barreto
Paola Cazares
Juan Andrés Granados

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Diego Mejia Montes

Produced by
Dago García

Canal Caracol

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fernanda  - necesito que la den en chile de nuevo   |2011-07-18 05:56:05
hola he buscado tantas veces en internet estanovela la logro encontrar saben como puedo conseguirla alguna pagina de internet?plisssssssss
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