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Café, Con Aroma de Mujer

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Cafй, con aroma de mujerThis story is about Gaviota, a woman who works as a harvester on a plantation and Sebastian Vallejo, the grandson of a powerful coffee businessman. When the two meet in a coffee plantation, they begin a passionate affair. They separate and eventually, Sebastian marries another woman. Gaviota decides to enter the mainly male-dominated coffee business empire. She succeeds as the first woman to work in this area. When Gaviota and Sebastian meet again, they find that their passion for each other never died. Their scenes are bittersweet, touching, romantic and humorous.

Café, con aroma de mujer - telenovela

(1994) - Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Guy Ecker


Margarita Rosa de Francisco ... Carolina Olivares
Guy Ecker ... Sebastián Vallejo Cortez
Alejandra Borrero ... Lucía Sandoval de Vallejo
Cristóbal Errazúriz ... Iván Vallejo Sáenz
Silvia De Dios ... Lucrecia de Vallejo
Constanza Duque ... Carmenza Suárez
Silvia Angel ... Buitrago
Juan Carlos Arango ... Aurelio
Santiago Bejarano ... Miguel Alfonso Tejeiros de Caballero
Óscar Borda ... Harold McLein
Alejandro Buenaventura ... Dr. Roberto Avellaneda
Manuel Busquets ... Dr. Jorge Latorre
Dora Cadavid ... Cecilia de Vallejo
Gustavo Corredor ... Rafael Vallejo
Juan Ángel ... Dr. Mauro Salinas
Luz Dary Beltrán ... Josefina
Gloria Amparo Carmona ... Leonor
Gerardo De Francisco ... Francisco Vallejo
Myriam De Lourdes ... Ángela Sáenz de Vallejo
Tania Fálquez ... Martha Benavides
Danna García ... Marcela Vallejo Cortez
Harry Geithner ... Dr. Carmona
Jacqueline Henríquez ... Graciela
Lina María Navia ... Paula Vallejo Cortez
Alberto Pujol
Haydee Ramírez ... Marcia Pontalvo
Iván Rodríguez ... Reinaldo Pérez
Andrei Satora ... Arthur
Rey Vásquez ... El Galtero
Guillermo Vives ... Bernardo Vallejo Sáenz

Created by
Fernando Gaitán

Directed by
Pepe Sánchez

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán

Original Music by
Josefina Severino

Original channel : RCN Televisión

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia


In a short time, Café, con aroma de mujer became popular among audiences of all ages and genders, to the point that anecdotes are popularly told about how the whole country would "come to a standstill" when the show came on the air

The show is especially famed for showing a panoramic and authentic view of the culture of Eje cafetero, the traditional heartland of Colombiás coffee-growing highlands.

Futher remakes of Café, con aroma de mujer are 1. Mexican telenovela Destilando amor (2007) with Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yañez

2. Mexican telenovela Cuando seas mía (2001) with Sergio Basañez and Silvia Navarro

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numa Ponpilio  - Cafe con aroma de mujer.   |2010-09-02 02:42:59
La mejor telenovela colombiana que he visto. Mi padre nunca veia novelas pero esta fue diferente ya que nunca se perdio un capitulo.
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