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Carolina Barrantes

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Carolina Barrantes telenovela Don Alfredo Barrantes – the despotic and bloated landowner. The village La Magdalena is situated on his land and he exploits the inhabitants of this village cruelly and enslaves them. Full of hatred La Magdalena inhabitants rise in rebellion against the landlord and kill him at one night. They damn him and all his successors. They don’t know Dolores to have been raped by Barrantes and be pregnant from him. Dolores is managed to escape from the estate and and bears a baby (a girl) far from home.

After some years when Dolores dies her little daughter Carolina comes back to Estate Los Cristales. She doesn’t know whose daughter she is, she has no idea the damned blood is running in her veins. She comes back as the daughter of Dolores. And she lives in the estate having no rights. She is just a daughter of housemaid, and she is a housemaid. The Alfredo Barrantes estate is now in the hands of former manager Don Joaquín and his wife Dona Leonor, grandparents of Luis. They know who Carolina is in real, but they don’t tell this. They are going to keep it in secret for their own interests. Meanwhile the inhabitants of La Magdalena have seized the power over the village and are waiting for Barrantes legal successors to come for their property.

But since Carolina entered this house for the first time when she was 8, she has a love, even when she doesn’t know about it. David falls in love with Carolina from his very time he sees the girl of 8. Carolina is very lonely in this house, so she can’t lose the only friend she has here- David. Years has passed, she becomes a young girl and she answers the Davids feeling. But Dona Leonor is against this feeling. She doesn’t want the Barrantes blood to be replicated again. IN spite of all Dona Leonor's efforts to prevent this love, two young people find the way to see each other.

IN order to stop these relations Dona Leonor sends Carolina to Bogota to study. Carolina lives there in the house of Dona Leonor’s grandson Luis and his wife Virginia. Virginia is a daughter of a wealthy businessman connected to mafia Mario del Castillo, so Luis can allow to leave Carolina in his big house. But the problems are waiting for Carolina here. Virginia is sterile. She can’t bear a baby for her husband while she desires to do. And Virginia invents a cruel way how to have a baby. She plans to impregnate young girl without her knowledge. And when Carolina bears a baby she can adopt him and name her own son from Luis. And she does this.

When Carolina realizes she is pregnant she is in despair. How that could be done? She had now close relations to any man, she is still a virgin. But it happened that the husband of Virginia – Luis also falls in love with Carolina. When he knows the truth about a trap his wife to make for Carolina, he turns into a guardian of a young girl.

At the same time the inhabitant of La Magdalena find out who is Carolina and they plan to kill her in order not to lose all the illegally seized property they have. They hatch a plot for killing some persons. What will happen to Carolina then? We will see…

Carolina Barrantes - telenovela

(1998) - Susana Torres, Manolo Cardona, Rafael Novoa


Susana Torres .... Carolina Barrantes
Rafael Novoa .... Luis Rivas
Manolo Cardona .... David
Adriana Ricardo .... Virginia Del Castillo
Gustavo Angarita .... Don Joaquín Rivas
Teresa Gutiérrez .... Rita
Jorge Cárdenas .... Gregorio
Gerardo de Francisco .... Mario Del Castillo
Adriana Vera .... Myriam
Alvaro Ruiz
Egardo Román
Ana María Kamper
Leonor Arango
Humberto Arango
Jennifer Steffens
Nórida Rodríguez
Rodrigo Obregón
Alma Cruz
Alicia De Rojas
María Fernanda Martínez
Santiago Bejarano

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán

Original music
Germán Arrieta

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Miguel Varoni

Produced by
Consuelo Santamaría

Canal RCN


Manolo Cardona landed his first lead in the telenovela "Carolina Barrantes"

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