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Cartel de los Sapos, El

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El Cartel tv seriesTen friends get in the illegal drugs business, thinking it is the fastest way to become rich, but it is not going to have a happy ending because in this business, everything vanishes in the end.

The illegal drugs traffic world seems to be really attractive for fifteen years-old Martín Gonzales, an ambitious and bold young man, coming from a middle-class Colombian family. Martín asks his friend, Pepe Cadena played by Diego Cadavid, to talk to his brother to get him a job in the dangerous business.

Ignoring this choosing is just the beginning of a turbulent and troubled life that is going to change his fate forever, Martín alias "Fresita" gets a job in a drugs lab sponsored by the big boss Óscar Cadena. Martín learns really fast and he starts to send illegal drugs to the United States, while his boss makes an alliance with the Villegas Brothers, from the West Cartel, to take down the biggest drug dealer ever: Pablo Escobar.

With Escobar down, a new cartel is up: The Pacific Cartel, the most dangerous in Colombia, led by Óscar Cadena, so Óscar (the teacher) and Martín (the student) make a pact of friendship and business.

Martín becomes a rich man and he falls for Sofía, a beautiful woman, but he gets her heart by lying to her. But Sofía discovers the origin of Martín's wealth and he has to choose: Sofía or the business.

Óscar helps the police to finish the West Cartel. The snitches (sapos) make the war between these criminal machineries to reach a point of breaking.

Martín refuses to take part in this war and decides to go to Miami with Sofía and his children, but what he does not know is that it is not a safe place anymore, and he must keep going with the old illegal activities, watching his old friends die by the enemy.

Business partners and brothers dead or caught, forces Martín to run to Mexico looking for protection. He realizes too late that in this business; you can never win...


Manolo Cardona as Martín González

Martín González is a young man from the middle class society. He lives with his grandmother and sister since his mother left for America for the better fate to earn money. This family is sick and tired from financial problems and Martin asks his best friend to get access to drug trafficking business to earn money just to survive at least. He intends to get money and go out of business, though everything goes the other way and very soon Martin becomes a big fish in a drug trafficking business.

Karen Martínez as Sofía

Sofía is a beautiful and attractive woman who steals Martin’s heart. Later on, he finds out that her boyfriend relates to the illegal drug business and that she is in desperate love with him. But eventually she accepts the way he earns money. Sofia dreams of living as a queen and she makes all attempts to achieve this.

Róbinson Díaz as El Cabo

El Cabo is teh chief of Cartel of the Pacific Ocean area. He is the expert in modeling and arrangement of attacks. He is loyal to his boss Óscar Cadena and he is ready to kill anyone who prevents them in any way. His enemies try to kill him but incidentally the situation turns in the way that he leads the cartel himself and sets his rules to follow.

Diego Cadavid as Pepe Cadena

Pepe Cadena is the younger son to Cadena and he is sure to have everything he mentions and dreams. He does not afraid of anything for he is raised in atmosphere where power and violence dominate. His elder brother Oscar is the example for him to follow.

Juliana Galvis as Eliana

Eliana is a high-class girl. She is Pepe’s girlfriend but she is afraid to go deeper into relations since illegal business is something threatening to death to her. The fate plays a trick to her and she goes to marry for a baby.

El cartel de los sapos - tv series

(2008 - 2009) - Manolo Cardona, Karen Martínez


Manolo Cardona ... Martín Gonzales
Karen Martínez ... Sofía
Diego Cadavid ... Pepe Cadena
Róbinson Díaz ... El Cabo
Joavany Alvarez ... Silvio Mendez
Daniel McEvoy ... FBI Agent #2
James McEvoy ... U.S. Federal Judge
Gabriel Morales ... Tony
Juan Carlos Arango ... Buñuelo
Julián Arango ... Gaudaña
Fernando Arevalo ... Julio Trujillo
Natalia Betancurt ... Juliana
Juliana Galvis ... Eliana
John Gertz ... Sam Mattews
Armando Gutierrez ... David Paz
Santiago Moure ... Don Mario
Andrés Parra ... Anestesia
Juan Pablo Raba ... Pirulito
Sandra Reyes ... Amparo Cadena
Fernando Solórzano ... Oscar Cadena
Nataly Umaña ... Juanita
Jimmy Vasquez ... Revólver
Luis Velasco ... Samuel Morales

Writing credits
Juan Camilo Ferrand
Andrés Lopez (original idea)

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes
Edgar Gil
Germán Plata

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Luis Alberto Restrepo

Produced by
Cristina Palacio
Amparo Gutiérrez

Canal Caracol
Telemundo Studios


Based on the book of Andrés López, alias Florecita (a former drug dealer), who wrote the book during his years in prison

As of July 2008, El Cartel was the highest rated show on Colombian television

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