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Chepe Fortuna

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Chepe Fortuna telenovelaChepe Fortuna is a Columbian telenovel produced by RCN starring a model and an actress Taliana Vargas and a model and actor Javier Jattin. Both actors were born in Columbia and they enjoyed support of reputed famous actors in this country in their career. This is a love story about Chepe Fortuna, a young fisher and a leader in the place he lives named El Tiburón. He dreams of becoming a mayor to help his nation be more well-to-do and allow a better future for the younger generation.

Niña Cabrales, the other main character, was born to the family of the wealthy person and she lives in the stunning village of her parents, one of influential families in Santa-Marta. She returns from Spain with the intention to hold ecological projects and render assistance to fisher families in El Tiburón. The have not known each other, though their dreams have lots in common. Moreover, Chepe has the gift to interpret dreams of people, but he cannot say anything particular about his dreams.

In spite of it, they are involved in activities to run across in the capital. A flash of attraction and love appears between them and their love story develops on the background of dirty political battle, proud dreams, economical interest and crazy situations they are involved in and which unite the powerful family of Cabrales and poor people from El Tiburon. Aníbal Conrado, a candidate to mayor’s post in the city, is the major obstacle for the lead character. He puts barriers to Chepe Fortuna competing in the willing to hold the post of the mayor and marry the same girl. Aníbal wants to marry Niña Cabrales for the fortune she inherits from her parents. As a mayor, he plans to extend the company where the Cabrales family has shipping shares. The plans that Aníbal bears are aimed at the place where Chepe Fortuna lives and residents are against of any innovations that threaten the welfare of the population.


Javier Jattin as Jose "Chepe" Fortuna

Chepe dreams of becoming a city mayor to set up the just and peace in the city. He is a day-dreamer. He is a strong, masculine, and strong-minded young man in his late 20s. He comes from the family of middle social group with the bachelor degree. He progressed in his study and everything he has achieved is his only merit. He has bee involved in fishing business since childhood. He has a gift to interpret dreams which makes him upset sometimes.

Chepe is smart, romantic and tactful gentlemen. He is full of enthusiasm to change the life of his natives and he only struggles to win the unfair governance. he is the leaderin the area he lives respected for his life views and attitude to people. He loves his grandmother as if she is his mother, and he has no idea of his father.

Taliana Vargas as Niña Cabrales

Niña is 23. She was born to the Cabrales family, one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the area. She is young, cheerful and plain girl, always smiling. She has always perceived the social stigma and she is eager to struggle against injustice, either. She acts as Juana de Arco fighting for the rights of the poor and vulnerable but she does wrong for the girl from her society class. Her father dies incidentally when she was a little girl and her grandfather Jeremías has come to be her father and the best friend. She has no idea of friendship and love between the couple until she meets Chepe Fortuna.

Pedro Palacios as Aníbal Conrado

He dreams of becoming a billionaire, a city mayor and the owner of the Cabrales shipping company. He is a good politician and the typical rich boy from the wealthy family with ambitions and high hopes for future. He has everything he wants to own and he affords doing everything regardless of people or circumstances. He is even able to commit a murder.

He plans to become a city mayor in the nearest future. The motto of his political campaign is “Aníbal Conrado – an Honest Person” though actually he has no conscience at all.

He bears the idea to marry a young girl from the rich Cabrales family to hog her fortune, though he has long secret affair with doña Malvina.

Susana Rojas as Yadira Cienfuegos

Yadira is a young 20 year-old girl. Her features and beauty are typical to Wayú culture. After the death of her mother, she lives with her father-in-law who causes her to become a prostitute in exchange for protection and care. She is quiet and tends to hide all her emotions. From her early childhood she dreams of Chepe. She believes they are created for each other and she takes all endevours to get him from Niña Cabrales. She looks mystic in appearance and in the way she dresses and she is the one who admires all the stuff about future prediction.

Kristina Lilley as Malvina Samper

Malvina is the widow of Cabrales. She is a quiet, obsessed woman in her early 40s. she was born in Bogota and she hates ships and sea. But she loves her family and tries to keep love and peace in there. After the death of her abusive husband, she lives to wait until Jeremías dies to possess all the stakes of the company. She favors for Aníbal Conrado, her future son-in-law who keeps the same goals.


Chepe Fortuna - telenovela

(2010) - Taliana Vargas, Javier Jattin


Javier Jattin ... Jose "Chepe" Fortuna
Taliana Vargas ... Niña Cabrales
Pedro Palacio ... Anibal Conrado
Susana Rojas ... Yadira Cienfuegos
Carlos Muñoz ... Jeremias Cabrales
Margalida Castro ... Ursula Eloisa Lacoutere Infante De Cabrales
Judy Henríquez ... Josefa "Doña Jose" Fortuna
Consuelo Luzardo ... Alfonsina Pumarejo
Kristina Lilley ... Malvina Samper Viuda de Cabrales
Lorna Cepeda ... Petra Meza "La Celosa"
Camila Zárate ... Herlinda Fortuna / Pamela / Herlinda Conrado
Mabel Moreno/Catalina Londoño ... Reina Carolina Araujo Cabrales
Vetto Gálvez ... Aquilino Meza "El Beyaco"
Gerardo Calero ... Bruno Conrado
Florina Lemaitre ... Perfecta De Conrado
Rodrigo Candamil ... Lucas De La Rosa
Adriana Ricardo ... Asuncion Cabrales
Mauricio Mejia ... Pipe Daza
Julio Meza ... Julio Bolivar "Chipi Chipi"
Kathy Rangel ... Cindy Meza / Loli
Paula Castaño ... Milagros Ovalle Cabrales
Mile Vergara ... Rosalia Cabrales
Bruno Díaz ... El Padre Tito
Rosalba Goenaga ... Colombia Castillo
Omeris Arrieta ... Venezuela Castillo
Mónica Layton ... Leyla
Luigi Aycardi ... Francisco Londoño "El Paisa"
Luis Tamayo ... Abdulio
Victoria Hernandez ... Doña Concha
Rafael Leal ... Carlos Mario
Rafael Cardozo ... Moises Ovalle "Honey"
Alexandra Serrano ... Ximena "Xime"
Jorge Monterrosa ... Kike Renteria "Pastelito"
Juan Mao ... Monocuco
Myriam De Lourdes ... Josefina "Pepa"
Maria Irene Toro ... Cuca Barraza
Jenny Osorio ... Alcida Estrada "La Caleña"
Yaneth Waldman ... Matilde Vda De la Rosa
Pedro Pallares ... Boby

Writing credits
Miguel Ángel Vaquero (original story)
Eloisa Infante (original story)

Written by:

Original music
Juan Pulido
Pablo Tedeshi

Art direction by
Julián Ortiz

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Mario Ribero

Produced by
Miguel Ángel Vaquero
Eloisa Infante



Filmed in Bogotá, Santa Marta and Honda

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Katherine   |2010-12-22 23:03:31
exelente novela es muy divertida.
francisco alvarez  - dona bella y chepe fortuna   |2011-07-22 23:18:53
Excellentes novelas....actores muy buenos...mas que todo la actriz principa.. la esto viendo ........
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