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Correo de Inocentes

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Correo de inocentes telenovelaOn January 7 the shooting of the telenovel Correo de Inocentes «The Traffic of Innocent» was initiated starring Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Salvador del Solar produced by CMO Productions for RCN chanel. The series reveals the trade in drugs from the point of view of people appeared to be victim.

Margarita has arrived to Bogota for shooting. It is the first time when the Columbian TV broadcasts the story of illegal drug traffic and human carriers. Margarita Rosa de Francisco (Pilar Carrasco) features in the telenovel together with Salvador del Solar, Roberto Urbina, Laura García, Cristina Campuzano, Ricardo Leguízamo, Victoria Góngora, Hernán Méndez and the specially invited star, a famous Mexican actress Carmen Madrid. This telenovel is significant for Margarita Rosa de Francisco to return to Chanel RCN after her Hollywood works «Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer» and «La Madre». Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Salvador del Solar make a good couple loved by the Columbians.

In «Correo de Inocentes» Salvador features as a quiet and hard-working lawyer who succeeds in his professional activity. He falls in love with a woman who is involved in drug traffic, as if the fate mocks at him. They love each other though the life parts them. He is faced at the choice and he prefers to choose for his beloved. Cast Margarita Rosa de Francisco Salvador del Solar Laura García Alvaro Rodríguez Cristina Campuzano Roberto Urbina Ricardo Leguízamo Victoria Góngora Hernán Méndez Carmen Madrid Producer Clara Maria Ochoa Director Klych López Scriptwriters Ana María Londoño, Rafael Noguera Executive producer Ana Piñere.

Correo de Inocentes is the series which makes the spectator in tension and expectations, full of nostalgia and dramatic events, telling of a life of Pilar Carrasco, a young woman, who has a love affair with her boss, Sergio Gaviria, and she has a girl, Adelaida, in these relations. Unfortunately, the girl was born with the disease and she is at the threshold of life and death. Pilar, full of love to her daughter, has all resources exhausted to find money for surgery. She has come to the difficult decision to become a drug carrier, a «mule». It is an innocent person whose body is used as a container to transport drugs and who finally pays for this activity with staying in prisons in America and Mexico for a long time. However, she arrives to Mexico at ease but she is put to jail and she is parted with her daughter for long eight years. While being in the prison, Pilar studies law to be in the course of all laws before she returns to Columbia and to have the chance to get free for exemplary behavior.

In the meantime, Sergio Gaviria finds out of his daughter and her health problems and he decides to take all responsibility of her. When she is finally back to her country, everything seems to be more complicated than she expects. Her education is not proved to be authentic and she needs her knowledge to be attested and approved and someone should certify her qualification. And this is how she meets Alex Avendaño, a law student, who promises to help seek and find her daughter and scrutinize all details of supply of drug carriers. He finds out lots of stories about carriers as victims to drug sellers who never suspect to carry drugs.


Roberto Urbina as Alex Avendaño

Comes from the ordinary family. Thanks to his personal qualities as sense of purpose and willing to do things orderly and in the proper consequence, step by step, Alex achieves high levels in his career. Through his activity he meets Pilar and he feels captivated with her beauty. He gets really devoted to her.

Cristina Campuzano as Cristina Cadena

Cristina is the daughter of the famous lawyer Ricardo Cadena. She is attractive smart girl and she keeps avoiding admirers who live a lavish life. When she meets Sergio, she believes she has found the ideal man. She challenged to struggle for her life being isolated and deprived from her mother’s support and help. When she abuses alcohol, her fiancée is there to help her survive.

Margarita Rosa De Francisco as Pilar Carrasco

Pilar is known for her rebellious nature when she strives to achieve some results when everyone loses heart. She is the accountant at Carrasco & Carrasco Co. partnered with her sister Carmela. Sergio Gaviria is among the company clients. She lives a steady life of an average person when her life is shaken and turned from upside down. She experiences a serious twist in her life path which costs her a lot. Pilar is the typical “mule” character.

Héctor García as Ernesto Penzo

Ernesto is involved in drug trafficking network controlled by Don Cosme after being soaked into the criminal life. He is the real chameleon changing personalities and looks to deceive the one he intends to benefit from. Penzo is the family-centered person who cares of his children as any loving parent. His physical qualities make him dangerous for other.


Correo de inocentes - telenovela

(2011) - Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Salvador del Solar


Margarita Rosa de Francisco ... Pilar Carrasco
Salvador del Solar ... Sergio Gaviria
Laura García
Alvaro Rodríguez
Cristina Campuzano
Roberto Urbina
Ricardo Leguízamo
Victoria Góngora
Hernán Méndez
Carmen Madrid

Writing credits
Ana María Londoño
Rafael Noguera

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Klych López

Produced by
Clara María Ochoa
Ana Piñeres

Canal RCN


Consists of 80 episodes

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zeneyda  - correo de inocentes   |2011-09-09 22:33:08
tu hija no puede hablar porque la esposa del padre de tu hija cuando tenia cuatro años le gritaba y la niña se traumo porque cada día le gritaba porque estaba borracha y cuidate porque alguien te ba a matar
betty Manton  - correo de inocentes   |2011-11-05 21:29:48
Por favor deseo saber el nombre de todas las artistas/actores de "correo de inocentes"

Que actriz es Dra Lina?

Gracias por su colaboracion

eva  - Correo de inocentes   |2011-11-22 18:48:45
Protesto por la irresponsabilidad de no tener días fijos para trasmitir los capítulos de una novela extraordinaria tanto por su trama como por los artistas. Junto con la Hija del Mariachi, La Pola y esta son las mejores novelas que se han pasado.
paula gomez  - correo de inocentes   |2011-12-30 17:18:45
Que buen actor el Peruano Salvador del solar al igual que los actores colombianos, produciones como esas deverian pasar mas seguido son muy buenas y es que todas las produciones colombians son fuera de serie muy bien hechas, que pena que hoy acabe. espero ver otra producion parecida muy pronto.
eva  - cuando son los dias en que se publican los capitul   |2011-11-22 18:50:42
Los felicito por la excepcional comedia "Correo de los inocentes" es extraordinaria en su drama y en sus actores.
Podrían decirme cuales son los días en que se trasmite?
miguel forero   |2011-12-15 04:39:19
me gustaria saber como se llama la actris que hase el papel de Lina en correo de inocentes.
leticia hernandez  - letty   |2011-12-27 06:21:20
me gusto mucho la serie , cada capitulo fue siempre de impacto, felicito a cada uno de ellos, todos hicieron un explendido trabajo de actuacion, Marleen me conmovio mucho porque a pesar de ser lo que era tenia un corazon lleno de amor por Julian, perdonandole la vida al papa de julian comprobo que tambien esa gente si tiene en el fondo sentimientos, los felicito nuevamente todos buen trabajo
Anonymous   |2011-12-31 08:05:05
la mejor telenovela definitiva mente lastima que tuvo que llegar a su final me encantaria que pudiera aver una continuacion estupendos todos los actores e actrices
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