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Dama de Troya, La

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La Dama de Troya telenovelaPatricia Cruz and her husband Humberto Muсoz, a young farmer man, several years ago refused to sell their lands to Puerto Doradуs landlord Antonio de la Torre for his new project: a modern meat processing center. Learning that Patricia and Humberto are not selling their lands on good terms, he decides to invade their lands on their very wedding night, threatening them into signing the sale papers. When Humberto refuses to sign anyway, Humberto killed him without any remorse. Antonio using a hood and having Patricia under his control he proceedes to rape her and then to shoot her. Thinking she is dead, Antonio orders her body and her husband's body thrown in the river. Miraculously, Patricia is not dead. Once she was recovered, Patricia decided to investigate who killed his husband and who raped her.

La Dama de Troya - telenovela

(2008) - Cristina Umaña, Andrés Juan Hernández


Cristina Umaña ... Patricia Cruz
Andrés Juan Hernández ... Sebastian de la Torre
Rolando Tarajano ... Antonio de la Torre
Valentina Acosta ... Nena Fontalvo
Marcela Agudelo ... Susana de Fontalvo
Ronald Ayazo ... Gabino Enciso
Mauricio Figueroa ... Fabian Fontalvo
Myriam De Lourdes ... Esther de de la Torre
Adriana Ricardo ... Jacinta Paez
Jorge Cárdenas ... Alcaraván
Angelly Moncayo ... Melinda Contreras
Yuri Vargas ... Silvia
Lina Angarita ... Mariana Rodríguez
Rodolfo Valdez ... Simón Enciso
Roberto Cano ... Martín Acero
Pedro Luis Falla ... Daniel Pardo
Carolina Sabino ... Julieta
María Fernanda Martínez ... Miranda
Stephania Godoy ... Ausencia
Claude Pimont ... Pierre LeBlanc
Gerardo De Francisco ... Ramón Pardo
Jose Narvaez ... Esteban Camargo
Jairo Ordoñez ... Centella
Bárbara Perea ... Soraya Grisales
Daniel Rocha ... Roque Restrepo
Nicole Santamaria ... Betsy Grisales
Martha Silva ... Yolanda de Pardo

Created by
Felipe Forero
Alejandro Torres
Guido Jácome

Directed by
Toni Navia
Lilo Vilaplana

Writing credits
Felipe Forero
Alejandro Torres
Guido Jácome

Executive producers:
María de Jesús Arellano
Amparo López
Kepa Amuchastegui

Original channel : Canal RCN

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia


Novela got low ratings on its first weeks because of the high ratings of Caracol's telenovela "Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre", but after the premiere of RCN's telenovela Los Protegidos, the ratings got higher

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Kathy Stone  - Disappointed in ending....   |2008-10-26 00:51:50
I live in Sebring, Florida, and am lucky enough to receive Ch. 50. I don't speak any Spanish, but after watching this series for so long, I managed to understand the concept of the story. I was very disappointed in the ending of it last night. They had exerpts of the last parts of the story, til the final ending. While watching all that, I felt like I missed so many sequences of the story, and so, it left me empty. I'm thinking that because of the popular soccer games, they had to do this. Fair for the fans of the game, but totally unfair to the non-fans of the game.
And furthermore, they should have written it that Antonio and Gambino shot each other, to really end the story. The woman, Susana, and her conniving daughter, Nina, should have been ordered out of town forever.
Unless the TV writers decide to have a sequel to this story, I am very disappointed with them. And by the way, can't it be arranged to have English captions with these stories?
Nancy   |2008-11-23 04:09:42
I also was very dissapointed in the end they totally cut off so many important parts to the story

el final fue el peor final de una novela osea se noto que cortaron muchas partes super importantes osea todos vimos tantos capitulos para un final asi?
Angela Donoso  - el peor final   |2008-12-10 11:12:36
Que final tan horrible!!! yo tambie senti que me perdi de muchas cosas, no es justo ver una novela por tanto tiempo para que lo dejen a uno asi no es justo!!!
veronica salcido  - la dama de troya   |2013-11-05 14:40:02
does anyone have the dvd series of la dama de troya im wanted to buy it thanks
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