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Doña Bella

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Doña BellaBella is a very beautiful woman who lives in a banana village. Her great love is Antonio Segovia, a man from a conservative family. One day Bella is kidnapped by a powerful businessman Roman Montero and taken to live in a mansion to be his concubine.

Bella is waiting to be rescued, but no one believes that Roman has kidnapped her, especially, her fiancé, who being hurt, believes that she has gone with Montero for convenience. As if life had never hit her sufficiently hard, Bella gets another blow when her grandfather dies and leaves her alone in the world.

Being abandoned and shamed, she has no choice but to give herself to Roman, but loses her virginity with someone else in order to not give him that satisfaction. Then, to avenge on him, she decides to satisfy all those men who want her for gold and jewels. So Bella becomes a millionaire and once when Roman is obliged to return to the capital for work, she returns to the village Agua Hermosa with the illusion of meeting again her beloved Antonio.

But Antonio under family and social pressure can not forgive her and marries another woman. Bella, feeling rejected and devastated, decides to revenge: she creates in this conservative village a brothel where she is the only prostitute. There she gives herself to all rich men to torture love with jealousy, that he despised her. All men can enjoy it, except him.

But the great love between Bella and Antonio is too strong to be forgotten by them. Eventually they become lovers, ignoring the fact that he is now married to Evangelina and has several children that will generate more rejection and hatred towards her for the most part of the village. But Bella won’t be disturbed and even she will have a daughter with Antonio. These strained relations between them will mark for many years their lives and the lives of the villagers, especially the life of Andres Mendoza, who will be the eternal umpire and also will have another daughter with Bella.


Zharick León as Bella Cepeda

Bella Cepeda is a pretty and insightful woman of the class who is envied by women and admired by men. She is passionate and proud with the earnest nature. Her only and great love is Antonio Segovia married to Evangelina Rosales. In despair Bella becomes a refined elite prostitute obsessed with the only idea to take revenge of Antonio and she is full of defiance to him. She has a daughter, María Antonia, with Antonio, and Andrea Fernanda with Andrés Mendoza.

Fabián Ríos as Antonio Segovia López

Antonio Segovia is a farmer. He is the member of the family that runs banana plantation to be one of the influential and respected in the place. He shows austerity in actions and he is straight-minded to achieve goals he set. He hates leaving things to chance. He loves Bella but he marries to Evangelina and they have four children in the marriage. It does not prevent him from being seized by Bella again and again.

Stephanie Cayo as Evangelina Rosales

Evangelina Rosales is the beautiful woman as Bella but she demonstrates deep envy and hatred for her stolen love. Evangelina is impressive and sensitive though she yields to Bella in emotional expression.  She is fragile and humble. She builds a strong family with Antonio but her love to him endures emotional and psychological press.

Pedro Rendón as Andrés Mendoza

Andrés is a highly-qualified lawyer. He is good-looking, with good life philosophy. He is the day-dreamer and he charms with his struggle for concepts and beliefs. His girlfriend is Inés though he is in love with Bella whom he never accuses of becoming a prostitute. Bella believes he is the person without any prejudice not the one to judge to criticize her and she becomes to live with him. They have a daughter but Andrés still has to stand up for his love confronting Antonio Segovia.

Marcelo Buquet as Román Montero

Román Montero is the director general at the banana plantation. He is an urban person used to having all wishes satisfied and requirements met whenever he wants for his charming smile. He is convinced everything has its price and even Bella whom he abducts to force to be his lady of love.

Javier Delguidice as Pablo Segovia

Pablo Segovia is the manager at the banana plantation. He is the head of Segovia family. He loves his wife, Cecilia, being a little bit outdated and diligent. He is thoroughgoing when it comes to confusing him and ordinary people. Bella seems to be ideal for Antonio but when she flirts with Montero, he decides she has to make abortion to get rid of a baby for whatever price and cost.

Gloria Zapata as Cecilia López de Segovia

Cecilia López de Segovia is Pablo’s wife. She loves her husband. Her happiness is children. She gets the enemy to Bella and causes everyone to block the way to Bella.

María Luisa Flores as Inés Segovia

Inés is the younger daughter to Segovia and a girlfriend to Andrés. She is in deep love with him though Andrés is passionate about Bella only and that’s why she hates Bella.

Luis Fernando Múnera as Fernando Cepeda

Fernando is the Human Resource Manaher. He is Bella’s grandfather. He is intolerant, unruffled, he never expresses what he is overwhelmed with preferring to hide feelings and keep the face. He speaks softly and many people are careful not to facing him in trouble. This strict and disciplined person has a weak point: Bella and he is most hurt when she is stolen by Montero.

Doña Bella - telenovela

(2010) - Zharick León, Fabián Ríos


Zharick León ... Bella Cepeda
Fabián Ríos ... Antonio Segovia
Marcelo Buquet ... Román Montero
Mauro Urquijo
Luis Fernando Salas ... David
Stephanie Cayo ... Evangelina Rosales
Ines Oviedo
Jorge López ... Dr.Alcides Guzmán
Javier Delguidice ... Pablo Segovia
Jovany Alvarez
Pedro Rendón ... Andrés Mendoza
Xilena Aycardi ... Juanita González
Armando Gutierrez ... Moisés Perez
Gloria Zapata ... Cecilia de Segovia
Gloria Montoya ... Silvia Salazar
Alfonso Ortiz ... Padre Miguel Arteaga
Luis Fernando Munera ... Fernando Cepeda
María Luisa Flores ... Inés Segovia
Daniel Arena ... Nicolás Ayala
Edmundo Troya ... Julián Rosales
Sandra Pérez ... Graciela de Rosales
Luis Enrique Roldán ... Claudio Mendoza
Linda Lucía Callejas ... Carolina de Mendoza
Juan Pablo Obregón ... Aurelio Sotomayor
Alejandra Avila ... Consuelo Molina
Margarita Amado ... Delia de Fernández
Ana María Oyola ... Mariana Oyola

Writing credits
Daniela Castagno (original story)

Song: Bella
Written by:
Singing: Carlos Aguera and Mariatta

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Toni Navia

Produced by
Armando Barbosa
Federico Castillo

Canal RCN for Telefutura


Remake of brazilian telenovella "Doña Beija" with Maite Proenca

Number of episodes - 120

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guigui  - o amor   |2009-02-15 08:34:29
gosto de ver esta novela porque é tam boa
Andrea Oyarce  - Genial Telenovela Doña Bella   |2009-11-10 13:47:01
No em la perderé. Cuándo estrena?
Liliana  - DONA BEIJA   |2009-12-06 00:20:01
DONA BEIJA es una novela del ANO 1986
lA TELENOVELA un canal del cable.....Ha tenido un gran exito.....Ojala cuando la hagan en Colombia sea con tan buenos actores y actrices como la original y sobre todo bien dirigida......Por supuesto que la vere....
ROSA M RIVERA  - re: DONA BEIJA   |2010-06-09 02:48:56
Liliana wrote:
DONA BEIJA es una novela del ANO 1986
lA TELENOVELA un canal del cable.....Ha tenido un gran exito.....Ojala cuando la hagan en Colombia sea con tan buenos actores y actrices como la original y sobre todo bien dirigida......Por supuesto que la vere....
ochin  - Doña beija   |2009-12-18 21:42:14
Vi Doña Bella hace muchos años y nos impactó a todos.Ahora en un canal de novelas la pusieron y maravillosamente se conserva como el primer día. Considero es un clásico de la novelistica, muy bien trabajada en interiores y exteriores, fotografía, doblaje exacto,interpretación, elegancia, representación de la época, educativa. En fin, es maravillosa la interpretación de Maité y el resto de los personajes muy bien logrados
Sinceramente deseamos verla nuevamente pues no nos cansamos de estudiarla. Felicitamos a los directores, productores, personajes,técnicos por haber logrado una novela que es para siempre. Triste final, desgarrador , pero real. Asi es como se debe presentar las novelas, con contenido, educativas, históricas y reales porque pueden servir de vehículo educativo a la juventud y recordatorio para los mayores y siempre acapararan la teleaudiencia.
Gracias a la television brasileña por ese maravilloso regalo.
Matrix   |2010-02-25 23:50:52
Zharick León es una de las mujeres más bellas de la televisión latina.
bianca   |2010-04-19 20:06:35
me a dolido mucho que me cambiaran la novela doña bella de hora porque ahora no puedo verla por el trabajo
pacheco  - Doña Bella   |2010-03-20 23:15:32
No saben si la telenovela la version nueva de rcn y televisa esta online
Jaquelin López García   |2010-03-24 01:30:15
Hola a todos no pareciera que el mundo de las novelas es como si fuera la vida real por que sin pensar todalas cosas pasan aunque uno no se imajina Felicidades
Anonymous   |2010-04-21 16:30:38
quiero saber el final de doña bella
ALONDRA   |2010-05-12 08:10:42
Quisiera saber si on line puedo ver la telenovela Doña bella
Lulu   |2010-05-14 06:12:45
La novela de dona bella que estoy viendo en univision desde Puerto Rico esta brutall!! Es una novela tambien educativa y dice mucho. En esa novela la gente viven con el qe diran y metida en la vida de todo el mundo, algo muy paarecido a lo real ya que todos viven con el qu diran.Solo espero que el final no sea igual que la novela de dona bella de la epoca de los 80 ya que ella a deramado tantas lagrimas y a sufrido tanto. Espero que el final sea diferente.
Lulu  - Desde Puerto Rico   |2010-05-14 06:17:02
FELICITACIONES por la novela. Muy buenos actores. Me encanta la novela y a la vez para mi es educativa. Tiene cosas q dejan mucho de que pensar. Ambicion, egoismo, el que diran, y la felicidad. Bueno solo espero que el final no sea diferente a la novela de los 80. Porfa!!!
yesenia  - Doña Bella   |2010-05-19 09:42:46
esta novela esta super brutal me intereza mucho por q se puede ver q hace una mujer cuando ama y siente q perdio todo bella ama a anthonio paro lo quiere hacer sufrir es algo interezante deveras q es una una novela buenisima
Anonymous  - re: Doña Bella   |2011-02-07 19:00:34
yesenia wrote:
esta novela esta super brutal me intereza mucho por q se puede ver q hace una mujer cuando ama y siente q perdio todo bella ama a anthonio paro lo quiere hacer sufrir es algo interezante deveras q es una una novela buenisima
alisandra-Dona Bella  - Dona Bella   |2010-05-20 18:55:11
esa novela es mi favorita mientras estoy trabajando no pierdo ni un capitulo de ella ella es mi idola..
Anonymous   |2010-08-14 19:28:15
esa noveala es la mejor doña bella esres la mejor lo que daria ya por estar un segundo esn tu lugar
maribel colon  - dona bella   |2010-05-20 21:18:21
felicito a esa chica trabaja muy bien y quisiera saber que linea de ropa interior usa pq estan bellas y la ropa ni se diga felicidades amiga no me pierdo la novela ni mi marido tampoco que DIOS te bendiga y exitos.
mayra garces galvez  - doña bella   |2010-05-21 00:17:39
bueno desde el primer dia que vi doña bella me encanto eso relata la historia de una chica que le arrebataron la felicidad y el deseo de casrse con el hombre que ama y que ella se aprovecha de los hombres que tienen mucho dinero para asi conseguir muchos objetivos y apoderarse de todo el dinero y ser muy rica y apoderada
mariana  - cuales son las canciones   |2010-05-27 04:03:15
quisiera saber cuales son las canciones que utilizan como fondo en la novela doña bella
Anonymous  - re: cuales son las canciones   |2011-06-07 17:07:11
mariana wrote:
quisiera saber cuales son las canciones que utilizan como fondo en la novela doña bella
Hilda anonimo- doña bella   |2010-05-27 04:04:27
pienso que en esta vida hay muchas personas como las de agua hermosa, crueles y con muy poco corazon. por esa rason bella tiene que darles un escarmiento y enseñarles que la gente del pueblo es peor que ella.
Ligie  - Doña Bella-Zharick León   |2010-06-06 04:03:05
Esta novela no tiene ni pie ni protagonista es hermosa pero es una pésima actriz, no tiene fuerza, es gris...El papel debieron dárselo a una actriz de carácter. La palabra actriz está degenerando...ahora los "actores" son modelitos sin ningún talento...
annie  - re: Doña Bella-Zharick León   |2010-08-13 06:39:33
Ligie wrote:
La protagonista es hermosa pero no es una buena actriz, no tiene gris...todo lo dice igual.
lo mismo pienso yo. vi la original doña beija y era una mujer firme y no se dejaba humillar facilmente. ella se hizo respetar con el pasar d los años al contrario d la nueva version aun continuan las ofensas despues d años no entiendooo
Ligie  - Doña Bella-Zharick León   |2010-06-06 04:06:12
La protagonista es hermosa pero no es una buena actriz, no tiene gris...todo lo dice igual.
Ligie   |2010-06-06 04:08:50
Qué comentarios hay que escribir...los que ustedes quieran?
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