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Gabriela, Giros del Destino

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Gabriela, Giros del Destino telenovelaGabriela Rueda is fighting against time! On the contrary Pablo Cordoba lives a simple and fun life without any obligations. But their lives are crossing on the ways of destiny and change each other forever. Her working day lasts 24 hours. She is active from early morning till night but it doesn’t bother her. Gabriela is used to hurry on her life way, and nobody understands her not to be broken with this active life. In spite of her hectic life she is the most smiling and joyful lady.

The other mysterious fact is that beautiful and smart Gabriela has no a bachelor or a suitor at least. There are enough of challengers around her but she finds defects in every man…

Pablo Corboda appears in her life in the worst possible way – he knocks her down with his car, and Gabriela’s life is ruined after this traffic accident. She has been a candidate member of national team in skating before, but that very accident put the kibosh on her athletic career.

The girl has to start from the very beginning.

At the same time Pablo Cordoba is a the light-headed lady-killer and the son of Efraín Córdoba, the owner of Columbia Juice Enterprise.

He left the country after the accident. After a reasonable period he made a decision to return home. He has changed being abroad. He admits his fault in traffic accident with Gabriela and he is ready to be a manager of the family business.

But the father doesn’t believe Pablo has changed. He prepared a test for him. Pablo should work for family Enterprise as an ordinary worker for one year to prove he is grown up enough for business. Pablo has got a forged passport to live during a year and begins his working career.  

In the middle of this “working year” Pablo meets Gabriela again and falls in love with her. Gabriela doesn’t believe him as he is the man who ruined her life, but the Love never asks a permission to enter our lives. It comes and changes you and your life forever…


Carolina Gaitán as Gabriela Rueda
Gabriela is the only child in the family. She is raised as generous and people-oriented child. She is not afraid to yield some of her needs for the sake of others. She works 18 hours per day and she manages to achieve a lot. All of a sudden, a car accident happens and her dreams get ruined. However, she has to help her mother keep the household and as a restricted woman, Gabriela goes to the plant to work and earn fr life.

Andrés Toro as Pablo Córdoba
Pablo is the son of Mercedes and Efraín, the owners of the prestigious factory Malterías Tropical. At the age of 28 Pablo finds the ore of the life in some joyful things as mad parties, good wine, beautiful women around him, golden watch - all the attributes of the lavish life. He keeps on doing and thinking in this way until he meets Gabriela. She definitely changes his life and his position towards people and work.

Carolina Sepúlveda as Verónica Maldonado
Verónica is an attractive, smart, striving and cunning woman. Verónica is the partner to the Malterías Tropical and she desperately looks after Pablo as the heir of the huge asset to merge and solely dispose.

Jennifer Leibovici as Yurani
Yurani is the lover of ecstatic life with its intrigues and gossips. He strongly believes that life is the thing to live once and he must take advantage of everything this day, this minute and second. He decides to invest into the beauty products and fashion wear sine he thinks these aspects of industry are always ahead of time and beneficial.

Gabriela, Giros del Destino - telenovela

(2009) - Carolina Gaitán, Andrés Toro


Carolina Gaitán ... Gabriela Rueda
Andrés Toro ... Pablo Rodríguez
John Alex Toro ... Ernesto Zárate
Adriana Bottina ... Adriana Villanueva
Carolina Sepúlveda ... Verónica
Alfredo Cuéllar ... Johny
Fiona Horsey ... Martina
Fredy Ordoñez ... Gerardo
Guillermo Olarte ... Plutarco
Jennifer Leivobici ... Yurani Cotes
Jorge Herrera ... Abelardo
Juan Pablo Franco ... Julio
Luces Velásquez ... Carmenza
Luis Fernando Múnera ... Efraín Córdoba
Luz Estela Luengas ... Olga de Rueda
Santiago Moure ... Héctor
Waldo Urrego ... Guillermo Rueda
Constanza Duque ... Mercedes de Córdoba
Luz Estela Luengas ... Olga

Writing credits
Héctor Rodríguez
Adriana Barreto
Jhonny Ortiz

Song: Gabriela, giros del destino
Singing: Carolina Gaitán

Original music
Irene Salamanca
Alejandro Escallón
Carlos Agüera

Cinematography by
Germán Plata
Juan Pablo Ramírez

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Daniel Bautista
Juan Carlos Delgado
César Pardo
Tatela González Soto

Produced by
Juan Carlos Villamizar
Mauricio Ruiz
Giancarlo Restrepo
Claudia Zambrano


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bertha   |2012-09-24 10:24:00
i love gabriela and pablo
Vicky  - Episodes   |2012-09-27 21:07:32
Hi. I love this soapie, it is the best ever. how can I get the full episode for this. If you have any idea, please email me.
stephan abrahams  - loving gabriela rueda   |2012-10-01 13:25:54
wow jst wana say gabriela yu're cute..
indiano gaseb  - cmmnt   |2012-10-03 00:11:38
i lve ths soapy its my favourite i watch it evry weekdays,u guys rock
Anonymous   |2012-10-04 10:04:08
How wil gabriela end?
Lizanne  - Pablito   |2012-10-07 13:44:41
Hi i'm from guys rock..pablo i'm dying to see you in real life..your the most handsome..ernesto don't stand a chance
frieda kapiye  - comment   |2012-10-10 13:20:46
eish, u guys are the best Gabriela and Pablo. thats true love for sure any one can tell. i jus hope that in ur real life there are no ups and downs.
omagano  - gabriela   |2012-10-17 11:50:17
your soapy is good and nice i cant evenn take a risk of missing any of its part
walu  - assistant receptionist   |2012-10-26 20:03:21
pablo so cute i wish i kud see u in person
walu  - interesting serie with actors ell placed   |2012-10-26 20:07:23
i wonder how martinna was caught i never watched that episode
Maria Fransiskus  - Ms   |2012-11-03 01:39:43
I love watching this soap,the characters are so good and i would like to see the end. keep it up Pablo and Gabriela, u r d best.
Munyana mary patricia   |2012-11-12 09:02:17
I love u gabriela and pablo u so cool i really like the way u act and will u guys end up 2gether
J M, Moyo  - Gabriela and Pablo. I love this soapy its interest   |2012-11-14 13:48:40
I love this soapy Gabriela and Pablo you are the best guys
Joseph kinyua   |2012-11-19 17:25:02
Watching it in kenya. wat a couple? they realy like simple life especially pablo
Joynelly  - Just new but am predicting(nyc 1)   |2012-11-21 14:48:52
Just began to watch and am glad am enjoying every single bit of it.Real talented guys.Cograts!!
Anonymous   |2012-12-10 15:39:32
This soap is wow bt hw wil it end.
agnes selma  - fabulous telenovela   |2012-12-13 12:18:34
woou, this is the best soapie on ths universe. But Martine & Ernesto go to hell. By the way we gain something from it. Hope we download it soon.
Gloria Charles   |2012-12-14 10:31:09
You guys are awesome...i mean this is so the next one this cast is going to play,i wish to be part of it:-):-):-)seriously!
bertha  - Gabriela   |2012-12-14 15:11:44
i iove this soup its only Anesto that bores me
josephine kakoto  - martina   |2012-12-20 11:25:35
martina u are evil, coniving and devius just to mension a few the whole audience hates u including me f i were u i'd give up the hope of having coz i knw i already lost the batle!
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