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Hasta que la Plata nos Separe

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Hasta que la Plata nos Separe telenovelaHasta que la plata nos separe is a tragicomedy that tells the story of Rafael Méndez, a humid entrepreneur who trades in almost everything, from lingerie to liquors just for the goal to provide his mother and sister to survive. One night he is in a great rush on the way to home and another car, a fashionable automobile of the last mark, is outrunning him. He is not willing to give the way for he is in a hurry himself and when he sees a lorry he changes the line making another car going into the roadside. Then the car goes the hallow steep with the wheel stuck in there. Rafael is driving his old Renault 4 (that he gently calls “Tiger” due to the color). Hesitant whether to help or leave, Rafael decides to help the injured and sees a young beautiful woman, unconscious and raving.

She has composite fractures in the whole body. He takes her to the clinics and since the very day his life takes an incredible twist. He questions himself, whether it deserved to save a woman or leave.He is put to jail by the police for he is taking an injured and bleeding woman in his car. Apart from it, a woman is still unconscious and accuses him of knocking her down. Rafael is mixed up with economic and legal problems that seem to be a hell to him, especially when he is in need of great money. Rafael is about to get married and he is afraid that consequences of his action will spoil his wedding. He loses everything he enjoys. His property is not covered by the insurance policy in sufficient amount. He is announced bankrupt. He needs to pay totally 110 mln pesos for the “crime” but he is not able to pay such money. All his assets are confiscated.
Rafael makes an agreement with his new acquaintance Alejandra. He applies that he is released in exchange for 110 ml pesos. It’s a huge amount of money that he never held in hands, even two of them together. The core of the agreement is simple: Alejandra applies for the bank credit and Rafael agrees to pay up within three years with the monthly payment of 36 average monthly wages. This sounds absurd since he saved only 500 thousand pesos till now.He proceeds to find a job that offers over six mln pesos a year. As he expects, he fails. However, there is another option. This is Alejandra again who uses Rafael at the car showroom where she works.
They started to work together and Rafael works 24 hours a day, seven days a week oppressed by the reproaches in her injury. They both work hard supported by the mutual hatred though they depend on each other. They spend huge time together and they come into situations together to solve. Gradually their relations change the gratitude to become a passionate love.


Victor Hugo Cabrera as Rafael Medez
Rafael is a serious entrepreneur in his early 40s who commits to make life of his family easier. That is why he is ready to do anything to make money. He risks and sometimes he is irresponsible though he is not afraid of the future. He is honest and makes money for what he makes e never tries to make tricks to earn more, even for the sake of his mother and sister whom he loves a lot. Actually, the car accident occurs due to rush and fussy he is overwhelmed on the way home to save TV set and other household appliances of his mother from taking away. His confidence and willing to get successful make him undertake a responsibility to return six million US dollars to get free.

Marcela Carvajal as Alejandra Maldonado
Alejandra Maldonado is a woman looking rather manly than feminine. Her manners and behavior are the same, she tends to be an aggressive, bossy and prudent woman inclined to have analytical mind. She is the Commercial Director at the company. She is too tough about working hours and discipline. She is in scarce of time to devote to her boyfriend. From deeply inside she is tender and sensitive, though, but she is not willing to reveal it to people. She is engaged with Rubén Valenzula, but Méndez ruins her plans. She supposes money solves any problem. The worst thing in her life, in her opinion, is that she is left lame due to Rafael.

Gustavo Angel as Rubén Valenzuela
Rubén Valenzuela is the villain. He is a swindler and a pickpocket. He is about to marry Alejandra but he steals her money and leaves her despite she is putting great efforts to make a surprise for him as a wedding gift.

Liliana Gonzalez as Vicky Parra
Vicky Parra is the girlfriend of Rafael Mendez. She is very jealous, obsessive with Mendez and sometimes she is too intolerable. A beautiful woman with nice shapes but she always threatens to kill him if he does wrong in regards to women.

Hasta que la Plata nos Separe - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Víctor Hugo Cabrera, Marcela Carvajal


Víctor Hugo Cabrera ... Rafael Méndez
Marcela Carvajal ... Alejandra Maldonado
Santiago Alarcón ... Jaime Rincón
Joavany Alvarez ... Carlos Humberto Guarin ' Papeto'
Gustavo Angarita ... Franklin Parra
Gustavo Angarita Jr. ... Franklin Parra
Gustavo Ángel ... Rubén Valenzuela
Ana María Arango ... Leonor Méndez
Carlos Benjumea ... Ismael Dueñas
Ernesto Benjumea ... Edgar Marino
Rosemary Bohórquez ... Rubí
Martha Isabel Bolaños ... Claudia Bermúdez
Patrick Delmas ... Michel
María Elena Döehring ... Rosaura Suárez
Humberto Dorado ... Jorge Maldonado
Oscar Dueñas ... Juanito Flórez
Constanza Duque ... Rosario
Javier Gnecco ... Dr. Francisco Bernal
Liliana Gonzalez ... Vicky Parra
César Mora ... Don Gastón Parra
Lincoln Palomeque ... Nelson Ospina
Katerine Porto ... Susana Rengifo
Álvaro Rodríguez ... Vicente Chávez
Mario Ruíz ... Germán Ramírez
Carlos Serrato ... Ramiro Jiménez
Adriana Silva ... Julieta Méndez
Fernando Solórzano ... Giovanni Parra
Katherine Vélez ... Isabel Duarte
Carolina Trujillo

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán (original story)
Lina María Uribe
Andrés Burgos

Song: Tu cariño es un castigo
Written by:
Singing: Walter Rincón

Cinematography by
Mauricio Cadavid
Diego López

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Sergio Osorio

Produced by
Catalina Bridge
Luis Eduardo Chacón
Yonny Páez

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Further remake of "Hasta que la Plata nos Separe" is mexican telenovela "Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe" (2009) with Itatí Cantoral and Pedro Fernández

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diana  - Es excelente!!!!   |2009-09-09 16:41:33
en el año 2006-2007 esta novela fue mi mayor decestresante al llegar del colegio. gracias a esta novela descubrí para lo que soy apta, gracias a esta novela y sus fabulosos actores conocí a personas de las que nunk me querré olvidar.
y pues los actores ni se diga, completamente profecionales y magníficos..
gracias HQLPNS por ser la mejor..!!!
Anonymous  - re: Es excelente!!!!   |2010-02-04 22:53:23
diana wrote:
en el año 2006-2007 esta novela fue mi mayor decestresante al llegar del colegio. gracias a esta novela descubrí para lo que soy apta, gracias a esta novela y sus fabulosos actores conocí a personas de las que nunk me querré olvidar.
y pues los actores ni se diga, completamente profecionales y magníficos..
gracias HQLPNS por ser la mejor..!!!
jose r garcia  - la mejor novela d todos los tiempos   |2011-02-04 16:20:04
es una novela con calida ojala la vuelban a repetil haqui en venezuela
Anonymous  - Excelente!!   |2012-10-12 22:54:56
Nos gusta, todos nos sentamos a verla. Todos son excelentes actores. Deben seguir haciendo novelas de esta como esta. Felicitaciones!!
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