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Hilos De Amor

(98 votes)

Hilos De Amor telenovelaMariana is a fashion designer who lives with her father and her sister Scarlett. Mariana and Scarlett lost their mother in their childhood that is why they have been very close all these years because there was nobody else to rely on. Everything changes when they meet Roberto White, a famous businessman. The two sisters immediately fall in love with Roberto and he also falls in love with both of them.

Ambitious, smart and sexy Scarlett sees in her relationships with Roberto White her opportunity to become a famous model and she doesn’t realize that her sister’s feelings are very serious. The love triangle becomes more and more complicated and one of the reasons is that Roberto already has a wife.

Roberto White is not a typical prince from a fairy-tale, he is a modern man with his strong and weak points. He cannot choose between the two beautiful sisters, but one day he finds out that he should finally make his choice.

Hilos De Amor - telenovela

(2010) - Carolina Acevedo, Carolina Guerra, Patrik Delmas


Carolina Acevedo ... Mariana García
Carolina Guerra ... Scarlett García
Patrik Delmas ... Roberto White
Bianca Arango ... Beatriz Duran
Juliana Galvis ... Lina Duran
Pedro Pallares ... Juan Carlos
Juan Diego Sanchez ... Fernando
Alejando Lopez ... Miguel Angel
Nicoll Santamaria ... Adriana
Andres Parra ... Tony
Carlos Duplat ... Gonzalo White
Sain Castro
Ana Cristaina Botero
luigy aicardi

Writing credits
Anita De Hoyos

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Andrés Marroquín
Unai Amuchastegui

Produced by
Juan Andrés Flórez

Caracol Televisión


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Anonymous   |2012-12-18 15:23:46
I like this soap, its wow!
mercy  - mariana & scarlet   |2013-04-10 07:50:16
Mariana is such an intelligent person and i like this soap
lizandrea  - perfacto   |2013-04-29 14:51:01
i love this this novela.mariana playes a great part with roberto if it was real i would say you belong to each give us young ones the strenth to believe in true love
ojay  - mrs   |2013-11-18 20:06:16
Pls can some1 send me d soundtrack of mariana and scarlett
Nadia  - Miss   |2013-05-17 07:16:27
Its an awesome story,i just love it,roberto and mariana belong together
Anonymous   |2013-05-27 15:16:38
I love this soaps alot, mariana and roberto are meant for each other... Lina will never be blessed
toyin  - i think   |2013-06-11 16:33:26
i think roberto doesnt deserve a woman like mariana .juan carlos deserves mariana
abigael  - so inlove with the tele novela   |2013-06-13 20:27:54
AV been watching soap operas but this one is da bomb. I just Mariana is just a little too patient. She ought to fight for what belongs to her but no she is sacrificing too much for scarlet and punishing Roberto.
Amanda  - miss   |2013-06-26 14:27:37
I've been following this soap opera for a while now,no doubt beauiful storyline;but personally,I think its a bit complicated.
Dniel Eniola  - Mr   |2013-07-17 09:35:44
I can't watch the full episode on television station that show it and can't even get the cd in market
BODISERE HARRISON  - MAIRANA $ SCARLETT   |2013-12-07 16:59:27
This movie is very interesting. Roberto nd Mairana should keep it up. They deserve 2 be happy.
Anonymous   |2014-01-08 13:37:19
where can I get the full episode guide
sanae  - english sub or translation   |2014-01-11 00:35:02
can i have a an official channel's website that broadcast Mariana & scarlet translated into English.
dj selector  - mariana and scarlett   |2014-01-28 07:28:20
lina is such a nuisense
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