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Muñecas de la Mafia, Las

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Las muñecas de la mafia telenovelaDreams, ambitions, love and hatred, beauty and aspiration for power- all the features are typical to some of the telenovela characters. The story tells about five young women named Brenda, Pamela, Violeta, Olivia and Renata. Life of beautiful young women is interwoven with the activity of the drug traffic and mafia life but they are involved there incidentally coming to sad ends. Braulio Bermúdez, the Mafioso, is the boss of the criminal mafia band. He is a very passionate and infatuated person who disposes his power and assets to acquire love of the most beautiful women. Lucrecia is always next to him but he wants younger and more attractive women by him having tired of being devoted to a single woman. He makes the five friends involved in the criminal activity to some extent, leaving each one with the scars in the soul from being affected by dirty money and wrong attitude.


Amparo Grisales as Lucrecia

Lucrecia is Braulio’s wife and mother to Guadalupe. She is very ambitious and cool-hearted woman with perfect figure to exert attention of men. She lives a lavish luxurous life being a wife of the drug dealer and she is does not feel like losing everything she has after her husband once applied for divorce.

Fernando Solórzano as Braulio Bermúdez

Braulio Bermúdez is the most influential and wealthiest drug trafficker in El Carmen. He is intending to leave Lucrecia for the best and most beautiful girls around. He believes he should devote his life to video games, entertainment activities and other fun measures. He can easily make easy money for no efforts.

Angélica Blandón as Brenda

Brenda is the daughter of Flor and Jacinto. She is the true fighter for her life. She earns money selling telephone cards at the traffic light spot. She is not interested in easy money earned through drug dealing since she can have some amount earned honestly. She is frank enough to voice her opinion about the stuff happening around her. She is aimed at success in spite of all obstacles she faces. Brenda gets pregnant by Braulio, but she has chance to see him any longer since he is taken to America for the trial to escape from jail.

Katherine Escobar as Olivia

Olivia is the friend to Violet, Brenda and Renata. She is very beautiful and confident in her powers. She is sure to dispose huge amount of assets should she go to marry any drug trafficker. She takes all advantages and challenges to make her dream true and she can really succeed for she has all that men appreciate in women. Olivia is put to jail for the fake affair ad marriage with a mafia man to dispose his assets.

Yuly Ferreira as Renata

Renata is the daughter of Eucides and Aurora, who always sacrifices herself for the sake of the family. She is modest and timid to try to take advantage of situation or people, even if she has to waive her rights. She is naïve and tender and she believes she has to give a hand to her parents solving an endless problem of financial lack. Renata ends up the story very sadly. She dies carrying the drugs in her stomach to America since she is forced to do so, and no one learned she is dead since she has no identification papers on her.

Alejandra Sandoval as Violeta

Violeta is Gregorio’s daughter, a drug trafficker of a lower level than Braulio. She is aware of her father’s business and people involved in this activity. She is confident, beautiful and very businesslike. Unfortunatey, Violeta is killed in the process of war winding up between them.

Andrea Gómez as Pamela

Pamela is the daughter of captain Horacio. She has no idea that her father is also the member of mafia business believing he is the pilot of the commercial Air Line. She has studied at the most prestigious schools in love and care. Upon revealing the truth, she is confused in what to do further. Pamela immigrates to America escaping from problems to be by her faher who’s finally got in the jail for drug trafficking dealing. She works as a maid there.

Las muñecas de la mafia - telenovela

(2009) - Amparo Grisales, Fernando Solórzano


Amparo Grisales
Fernando Solórzano
Andrés Sandoval
Angélica Blandón
Julián Román
Patricia Grisales
Katherine Escobar
Alejandra Ávila
Alejandra Sandoval
Yuly Ferreira
Andrea Gómez
Lincoln Palomeque
Julián Arango
Mauricio Vélez

Writing credits
Juan Camilo Ferrand
Andrés López

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Luis Alberto Restrepo

Produced by
Cristina Palacio



Consists of 40 episodes

Initially telenovela was entitled "Las fantásticas"

Based on the Andrés López' book "Las fantásticas"

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Rocio H  - LAs munecas de la Mafia   |2010-07-03 03:48:02
Jamas he visto una gran novela como esta diria yo como Mexicana que ninguna en mexico ha sido tan buena como lo es esta historia. Y los actores todas unas estrellas cada quien supo darle vida a su personaje y lo hicieron brillar a lo grande. Felicidades Colombianos.
Juany   |2011-05-11 22:45:06
Me encanta la novela, las muñecas de la Mafia. Hasta mi marido quien no le gusta las novelas, le encanta.
Noemi Hernandez  - Munecas de la Mafia   |2011-06-07 20:14:16
EStabamos viendo Munecas de la Mafia en PR y de momento la quitaron y pusieron "Confidencial" que paso??? Nos quedamos con la ganas de ver el final.
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