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Niñas Mal

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Niñas mal telenovelaThe story tells about the life of three teenage girls from the high society. Three of them, Adela is accused of the material damage caused and violence of peace, Nina, accused of high speed driving, failure to comply with the road traffic rules and demolition of private property and Greta guilty for executing thefts and failure to comply with the road traffic rules, are sentenced to six month period of stay at the boarding school, a specific social and rehabilitation center. Hilda Macarena "Maca" de la Fuente is the owner of the school who becomes the absolute tutor for the girls. The teen-girls seek for love and friendship but they only cause problems that destroy their relations with their families.


Isabel Burr as Adela Huerta

Adela is a rebellious and argumentative girl who does not accept any restrictions. She has no mother and thus, she experiences wild and tempestuous relationship with her father, Senator Martín Huerta. She meets with him appealing for support and some attention to her as a personality. Her last trick brings her to the boarding school for girls who go astray. She does not even realize that she has nowhere to go and find support apart from this place.

Carmen Aub as Greta Domenechi/Lola

Greta is a modest girl when she follows the rules and instructions. She has been brought-up in the conservative traditions of the family. She is the fiancée to Kike, a son to the powerful businessman. She is good to him but she prefers to be in relations without sex. One day their idyllic relations break up when she discovers that her boyfriend is not faithful to her. A sweet Greta admits that Lolita lives deeply inside her, and that her ego is full of naughty sexual desires. At the boarding school she learns how to live a life considering both personalities of her.

Jessica Sanjuan as Nina Sandoval

Nina Sandoval is a fickle, spoilt and selfish girl. At the age of five she started her first try in show-biz and now she is a queen of music. Her mother makes her do more and more and she lives a life when her every wish comes true. Her life breaks up into pieces one day when she realizes she leads a wrong life that does not belong to her. Completely demolished she escapes and finds herself at the boarding school where she learns what her goals are, what she wants and what to do further.

Niñas mal - telenovela

(2010) - Jéssica Sanjuan


Jéssica Sanjuan
Carmen Aub
Isabel Burr

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by

Produced by

Sony Pictures Television


Consists of 70 episodes

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carla   |2010-08-12 22:41:22
es una novela muy bonita
laura  - wow   |2011-04-22 14:24:15
deverdad es la novela que mas me ha encantado nunca falte a un episodio..
Paola   |2012-12-29 21:42:51
La mejor novela despues de "Rebelde"
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