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Oye Bonita

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Oye Bonita telenovelaRamon Maestre, most known as "Monchi" comes from a poor family. He is a real dreamer and he dreams of becoming a famous singer. The place where he lives is called La Villa and the residents convince him that he has no talent and is not aware of how to sing. Ramon is willing to become wealthy to help his family, anyway.

He has friends to support him who believe in his talent and forces. Ramon does not give up and he forms a musical group together with his friends. “Monchi” believes he can achieve his goals in musical career by playing in this group.

One day the strangers move to La Villa. The Payon Murgas family with their daughter Diana stirs the city and residents and particularly Ramon who falls in love with Diana. Diana serves as Muse for Ramon to go forward in achieving his goals. Ramon goes to overdo all obstacles to reach the peak of his dream and win the heart of his beloved.


Karoll Márquez as Segundo Maestre Urbina, “Monchi”

Monchi is a hopeless dreamer. He is immature, passionate and too attractive for women. Heis able to love with ingenuousness and sweetness. He is a rebel to rise against the reality, poverty in his family and lack of challenges and he finds will in himself to go to confront the fate. Diana Payón is his biggest love and he does not give up winning her heart. He singsabout his wishes, love and dreams for better life. Their musical group consisted of young men are to conquer La Villa for the beginning and go forward.

Diana Hoyos as Diana “Bonita” Lacoutire Murgas

Diana is a young princess in her family. She is like Lady Di who always helps those in need and protects the poor. This is a young girl with the big love in her heart, dreamy, tender and impulsive. Diana is nice-looking and romantic girl with a generous heart. She dreams of love that can overdo all vital obstacles. She knows how to pave her way and she does not give up when something fails. So, she relates with Ramon, though it cause problems in her family. Her family refuses to adopt him because of different social classes but the couple is orientedto achieve their goals.

Nicolás Nocceti as Adolfo Fito Pérez, El Argentino

Fito Pérez is the friend to Diana Lacoutire. He charms all the ones he gets to know though Diana is lost for him. His real love is Alexandra, a gaucho woman, who escaped from country being deceived by the company where they worked. She comes to Barranquilla to hide and start the new business to live a good life she is used to lead. Fito Pérez has a style of high class about him but most people do not believe him and his intentions.

Alejandro Palacio as Manuel “el duro” Isaza Murgas

Manuel is the son to Josefa Murgas and de Gustavo Isaza. He says everything has its price. He is going to be a successor to his father one day putting high hopes on the power and authority he will possess. Manuel once dreamed of becoming a famous singer. He is handsome and has natural capacities to achieve his objectives. He has a style and being wealthy he is a very attractive person for all women. Women fly around him seeking for hisattention. From the early age Manuel gets everything he wishes until he meets Monchi tobecome the main obstacle in his love with Diana.

Tahimi Albariño as Concepción “la Conchi” Murgas

Conchi is an elegant woman. She is well-cared and in spite of her ages she looks splendid. She returns to the village in 18 years to unite with her sister Josefa who is hesitant to keep the competition with Conchi.

Oye Bonita - telenovela

(2008 - 2009) - Karoll Márquez, Diana Hoyos


Karoll Márquez... Monchi
Diana Hoyos... Bonita
Nicolás Nocceti... Adolfo Fito Pérez, El argentino
Margoth Velásquez ... Petra Urbina
Patricia Ércole ... Elvia Urbina
Maribel Abello ... Josefa Murgas de Isaza
Félix Antequera ... Ramón “Moncho” Maestre
José Rojas ... Antoine Payón Rojas
Alejandro Palacio ... Manuel “el duro” Isaza Murgas
Tahimi Albariño... “la Conchi” Murgas
Alberto Palacio ... Gustavo Isaza Jaramillo
Carlos Andrés Villa ... Pipayo
Alberto Mario Villa ... Elías Urbina
José Luis García ... Cabo Ariza

Original music
Diomedes Diaz

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
William González
Arleth Castillo

Canal Caracol


Consists of 80 episodes

The story inspired by the song of Diomedes Díaz

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aixamar  - son los mejor   |2009-09-27 18:28:32
todos ustedes son oye bonita, son una familia mas,una telenovela mas de radio caracas;ustedes se han ganado el cariño mio y de toda mi familia, esta nonela llena un poco nuestros corazones.....! "felicitaciones" han hecho un buen trabajo de verdad...!
se les quiere la familia fernandez
Anonymous   |2011-04-04 19:57:27
esta serie es muy bonita... se refleja el verdadero amor q puede sentir una persona por otra...!!!!!!!
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