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Padres e Hijos

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Padres e Hijos tv seriesParents and children face problems at particular period of life. This is reasonable since life goes on and we all get older. The subject of problems differs but every time the issue of family values is concerned or absence of such. The series devotes to various issues considered though the life of two family members is revealed in details.


Ana Victoria Beltran as Daniela Franco de Huartes

Daniela is the younger daughter of Carlos Alberto and Ana María from first marriage. She is spontaneous, impulsive and unstable woman with the life full of friends, events, work and love.

As a 12-year old teenager she meets Marcos, who is her first boyfriend. In three years Mateo appeared while Daniela grew from a young girl to a young woman. Diego is another young man she loves, a high class patient with the cancer who she married secretly.

Haydeé Ramírez as Gabriela Sánchez

Gabriela Sánchez is the example of a mother and a wife. She is married to Carlos Alberto Franco after she divorced with her first husband Guillermo, with three children from the first marriage - Andrea, Esteban and Felipe. Gabriela and "Charlie" have a daughter María in marriage, who is the center of attention and care. Gabriela works and keeps household ideally. She is very attractive, sociable and believes that love can win everything.

Luis Eduardo Motoa as Carlos Alberto Franco

Carlos Alberto Franco has three children from the first marriage with Ana María: Daniela, Natalia and Federico. Federico lives with the wife and daughter in Spain. He is the adoptive father for Pablo and Nicolás, taking them home after the tragic death of their father.

Carlos is centered to family union, creating cultural values and traditions to follow and he appreciates loyalty and faithfulness most of all.

Andrés Fierro as Esteban Cortés

Esteban Cortés is naughty and ill-disciplined. He is the son from the first marriage of Gabriela Sánchez. He is keen on sport, especially football. He decides to leave school for the occupation so unusual for him. In process of personality building Esteban has no idea which profession to choose. He is known to show respect to his family and traditions.

Padres e Hijos - tv series

(1993 - 2009) - Luis Eduardo Motoa, Ana Victoria Beltran, Haydee Ramirez


Luis Eduardo Motoa ... Carlos Alberto Franco
Luz Stella Luengas ... Ana Maria Franco
Haydee Ramírez ... Gabriela Cortez
Naren Daryanani ... Federico Franco
Tania Robledo ... Natalia Franco
Ana Victoria Beltrán ... Daniela Franco de Huertas
Diego Cadavid ... Diego Montoya
Andrés Fierro ... Esteban Cortez
Daniel Abella ... Pablo 'Pablito' Franco
Rafael Londoño ... Felipe 'Pipe' Cortez
Sandra Hernández ... Andrea Cortez
Camila Zuluaga ... Andrea Cortez
Carlos Posada ... Guillermo Cortez
Milena Arango ... Soraya Martínez
Marcela Bejarano ... Alejandra
Maria Valentina Bove ... Andrea
Fabio Camero ... Manuel Sanchez
Isabel Campos ... Mercedes de Sanchez
Manolo Cardona ... Nicolas Franco
Kika Child ... Lina
Raúl Corró ... Camilo Sanchez
Lucero Cortéz ... Lolita de Huertas
Silvia De Dios ... Helena Sanchez
Myriam De Lourdes ... Helena Sanchez
Helga Díaz ... Angela Sanchez
Vanessa Diaz ... Janis
Natalia Duran ... Hari
Sandra Eichler ... Perpetua
Agmeth Escaf ... Eduardo
Margarita Galvis ... Lili Delgado
Alexander Gil ... Victor
Erika Glasser ... Estefanía Gallego Sánchez
Armando Gutierrez ... Adolfo
Andrea Guzmán ... Maria Fernanda de Franco
Ricardo Herrera ... Juan Pablo 'J.P' Mejia'
Catalina Hidalgo ... Liz
Luz Stella Jaramillo ... Beatriz
Freddy Jimenez ... Javier Huertas
Ana María Kámper ... Juanita's Mom
Jennifer Leibovici ... Juana María 'Juanita' Ibañez
Giussepe Lenci ... Paul
Carolina Lizarazo ... Laura
Alejandro López ... Camilo
Kitty Marín ... Carolina
Karoll Márquez ... Beto
Andrés Felipe Martínez ... Emilio
Karen Martínez ... Ximena
Sebastian Martínez ... Santiago Gallego Sánchez
Alberto Marulanda ... Germán 'Germanchis'
Catalina Maya ... Catalina
Quique Mendoza ... Bosinski
Lyda Mezinger ... Roxanna
Angelly Moncayo ... Violeta
Luis Fernando Montoya ... Gilberto
Germán Navarro
Bibiana Navas ... Patricia Urticuechea
Diana Neira ... Yuri Marcela Chitiva
Carlos Nocetti ... Christobal Huertas
Lady Noriega ... Conchita
Juan Pablo Obregon ... Miguel Angel Franco
Jenni Osorio ... Jenni
Lincoln Palomeque ... Javier
Lorna Paz ... Magaly
Amada Rosa Pérez ... Lucía
Juan Sebastian Perez Gaitan ... Profesor de artes
Jorge Arturo Pérez ... Nestor
Billy Pontoni ... Emilio Rivera
Giovan Ramos ... Jose Ernesto
Yolanda Rayo ... Rosario 'Charo'
Elías Rima Nassiff ... Armando Gómez
Fabián Ríos ... Antonio Vaquero
Enrique Rodríguez ... David
Camilo Sáenz ... Alfonso 'Fonzi' Mejia
Luis Fernando Salas ... Antonio
Vanessa Simon ... Maggie

Writing credits
Malcolm Aponte
Adelaida Otalora
Arleth Castillo
Jaime Calero
Rubén Darío Neira
Luisa Ortiz

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes

Language : Castellano
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Luizi Agudelo
Roberto Reyes
Noé Salazar

Produced by
Claudia Rojas

Colombiana de Televisión


The longest telenovela in the history of colombian television

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maría fernanda gálvez fadul  - 097033538   |2009-01-04 23:22:46
Nathaly Pizarro Fuertes  - Me encantas Carlos Nocetti   |2009-07-08 23:21:17
hola! Alguien me podría dar mas información de Carlos Nocetti? ya tengo un buen tiempo sin saber de él. Ese hombre es verdaderamente Atractivo y me gusta mucho! =D. Espero que alguien pueda colaborarme. Gracias
wilmar bustos  - quisiera saber el otro apellido del actor freddy   |2009-12-30 14:55:40
porfa quiero saber el otro apellido del actor freddy jimenez espero que me puedan colavorar gracias
Santiago Hernandez  - PREGUNTA...?   |2010-01-09 16:39:28
Hola quiero saber si fue verdad que el actor de la serie de padre e hijos, Daniel Abella ... Pablo 'Pablito' Franco
se mato en la ciudad de Riohacha en el muelle, al momento de tirarce al mar, y se mato al caer en una varilla...

por favor quiero respuesta, ya varias personas de Riohacha me han dicho lo mismo y quiero confirmar la noticias ...

grax...respuesta por favor
ADT  - que??   |2012-07-30 23:00:49
a quien le importa la vida de ese pobre desgraciado tan mal actor
milena andrea maldonado aldana  - busqueda   |2010-03-22 03:06:18
deceo buscar el capitulo de la novela de padres e hijos del año 2006 de mes de mayo entre los dias de 29 y 31.....

gracias por se colaboracion anhelo ena pronta respuesta ya que en uno de esos capitulos sale ni hijo......
LEIDA   |2011-06-09 02:19:37
necesito saber donde puedo ver la serie padres e hijos desde el principio
leida  - quiero ver la serie padres e hijos desde el princ   |2011-10-08 06:56:27
como hago para ver la serie padres e hijos desde el princio
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