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Pasión de Gavilanes

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Pasion de gavilanes telenovelaThis story is centered around the two families, Elizondo and Reyes. Three Reyes brothers, namely Juan, Oscar and Franco with the youngest sister Libia. Libia has the boyfriend named Bernando Elizondo, the one from the other influential family in the region. She gets pregnant with a baby from Bernardo but sooner he dies in a car accident and she is shocked with that news accompanies with a more horrible news that he has a family with three daughters. Libia finds no support from the one she expects since she cannot afford revealing the truth to her brothers. And she commits suicide. The three brothers are full of hatred and feeling to take a revenge for her death but when they meet three beautiful sisters in the family of their enemy, namely Norma, Jimena, and Sarita, their life changes as well as their views.


Mario Cimarro as Juan Reyes

Juan Reyes is the eldest among the brothers, 28. He is strong, athletic and very manly. He tends to protect his siblings. In appearance he is quiet but when in anger or irritated he is rather impulsive and dangerous. He loves his sister and is hurt with her immature death. He plans to play the same game with Norma Elizondo but he falls in love with her, instead.

Michel Brown as Franco Reyes

Franco Reyes looks too naïve and innocent. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and pink complexion. He is easy to be governed and manipulated. As any naïve virgin boy, he is attracted to lecherous girls and he is in love with Rosario Montes, a bar dancer who plays around with him. His heart is broken when Rosario marries to the bar owner. In his turn, he marries a woman older than him just for nothing. She dies on the day of wedding leaving all her fortune to him.

Juan A. Baptista as Oscar Reyes

Oscar Reyes is the third brother. He is well-built, with beautiful smile and very manly, though sometimes he can turn to be rude and greedy. He is too smart and has a good heart. The way he finds to get money are shocking sometimes when he is ready to make money on dating with old rich women. He falls in love with Jimena Elizondo, a beautiful model. Their attitude to each other is visible and obvious though they pretend to hate each other. He finally perceives that love in the heart is far more important than all the world assets.

Ana Lucía Domínguez as Livia Reyes

Livia Reyes is a beautiful young girl, a sister to the Reyes brothers. She is sweet and naïve. Being an innocent girl, she lives a humble life. She stays alone but when she  meets Bernando Elizando, she falls in love with him not knowing all the truth about him. Bernando dies in an accident, leaving her frustrated. She kills herself after she is humiliated by Bernardo’s wife.

Natasha Klauss as Sarah Elizondo

Sarita is 26, the eldest sister Elizondo. She is smart and beautiful, though a little bit reserved and opens her heart to Franco who is able to make her reveal her feelings. She is delicate and tactful. Sarita respects her parents and friends. She is loved by the surrounding people for her smile and delicate mind.

Danna García as Norma Elizondo

Norma is 24 year-old girl. She is very attractive, well-educated, sensitive and decisive. She was once raped by strangers and she keeps her alone and away from males. However, she is romantic girl. She hesitates to marry the person offered by her mother.

Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo

Jimena is the youngest of sisters. She is only 22. She is kind and cheerful, she likes poetry. She is ready to communicate with people in a more smart and ingenious way.

Pasión de gavilanes - telenovela

(2003) - Mario Cimarro, Danna García


Mario Cimarro ... Juan Reyes
Danna García ... Norma Elizondo
Talú Quintero ... Eduvina Trueba
Juan A. Baptista ... Oscar Reyes
Paola Rey ... Jimena Elizondo
Michel Brown ... Franco Reyes
Natasha Klauss ... Sarah Elizondo
Ana Lucía Domínguez ... Livia Reyes
Cristina Lilley ... Gabriela Elizondo
Juan Pablo Shuk ... Fernando Escandón
Jorge Cao ... Martín Acevedo
Zharick León ... Rosario Montes
Gloria Gómez ... Eva Guerrero
Germán Rojas ... Bernardo Elizondo
Pedro Roda ... Olegario
Tatiana Jauregui ... Dominga
Inés Prieto ... Hortencia Garrido de Barragán
Alberto Marulanda ... Miguel Barragán Garrido
Carlos Aberto Sanchez ... Manolo Barragán Garrido
Sigfredo Vega ... Don Filemón Barragán
Juan Sebastián Aragón ... Armando Navarro
Linda Madrigal ... Emilia
Guillermo Villa ... Padre Epifanio
Víctor Rodríguez ... Memo Duque
Lorena Meritano ... Dinora Rosales
Lady Noriega ... Pepita Ronderos
Consuelo Luzardo ... Melissa Santos
María Margarita Giraldo ... Raquel Reyes
Júlio del Mar ... Leonidas Coronado
Sebastian Boscán ... Leandro Santos
Andrés Felipe Martínez ... Malcolm Ríos
Santiago Bejarano ... Bruno Ferraño
Geoffrey Deakin ... Arthur Krauss

Writing credits
Julio Jimenez (original story)
Carlos Fernández de Soto
Ana Fernanda Martínez

Song: Fiera Inquieta
Written by: Nicolás Uribe
Singing: Ángela María Forero

Original music
Héctor Cardona Jr.

Cinematography by
Eduardo Carreño

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Ricardo Suárez Rodrigo Triana

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

Telemundo Studios
RTI Colombia
Caracol TV


The serial was so popular that it had two runs (one in primetime and one in daytime) in the United States on NBC-owned Telemundo

Number of episodes: 188

"Pasion de gavilanes" is a remake of:
1 version: colombian telenovela "Las aguas mansas" (1994) with Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Sebastián Aragón, Luigi Aycardi and Patricia Maldonado, Margarita Ortega, Fabiana Medina
2 version: mexican telenovela "Fuego en la sangre" (2008) with Eduardo Yáñez, Jorge Salinas, Pablo Montero and Adela Noriega, Elizabeth Álvarez, Nora Salinas

Forum Telenovela World - Pasión de Gavilanes

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llanos   |2010-01-13 17:38:58
top 10 in the very best "remakes" categori ( I made up that one).
aaron2010  - My first Colombian telenovela!   |2010-02-01 05:26:14
Pasion de Gavilanes was the first telenovela that I saw from Colombia. I saw bits and pieces of the novela when it was first aired on Telemundo in 2004. I seriously started watching it when Telemundo reaired it in 2005. I became such a big fan of "PDG" that I bought the soundtrack to the novela and I eventually bought the DVD version when it was released in 2006. Although "Fuego en la Sangre" was a good remake, I would still like to see "Las Aguas Mansas" which was the original version to both "Pasion de Gavilanes" and "Fuego en la Sangre".

Saludos, Aaron A.
Alejandro  - a "novela" to not forget   |2010-02-13 07:28:26
PDG has been the only soap opera I´ve watched three times. As Aaron A., I bought the soundtrack too (2 CD´s) because I love the songs of PDG and it really was a novela to remember.
Thalia   |2013-01-26 22:10:26
Did you watch it with english audio or with english subs? If so, please tell me where I can find them cause I' ve looked everywhere and they are impossible to find. Thanks! :)
misshie  - luv this drama very much   |2010-04-09 11:22:34

this telen0vela makes my family gather and watch it with eager ..
Kiggundu Cotty Dorine  - Pasion de Gavilanes is Wonderful.   |2010-12-06 13:03:39
I am watching Pasion de Gavilanes here in Uganda on NTV! The Soap is wonderful. Please, thanks so much. May God bless. We hope to get more beautiful Soaps from you.
Tebenkana Eryeza  - hidden passion.   |2011-01-11 11:38:09
quite a great movie
Pedro Jose Donoso  - Hidden Passion   |2011-01-20 14:26:37
Nice soap movie and wishing then all the best
niringiye sergius  - awesome   |2011-01-20 21:40:54
Passion de gavilanes is actually among the top 5 i know.thanks to the director(s) together with the actors and actresses that made it seem real.congrats u're absolutely the best.
Boniface  - Exceptional   |2011-01-26 08:25:16
hidden Passions is the best and will remain the best i have ever seen coz it is exceptionally exceptional.Thanx guys for the masterpiece,it really kills me
esther  - miss   |2011-02-07 12:21:18
hidden passion is one of the latest interesting soaps here in uganda,kampala
we watch it 4 tymes a amazing
and absolutely wonderful.
mercy  - thanks   |2011-02-08 13:40:40
Alot of thanks goes to yuo for the wondrful work. i can not miss atleast i can miss super but not hidden passion.
Let the mother suffer because that is what is expected of such mothers who always want their daughter to get married to rich people
Anonymous  - re: thanks   |2011-02-09 12:08:42
mercy wrote:
Alot of thanks goes to yuo for the wondrful work. i can not miss atleast i can miss super but not hidden passion.
Let the mother suffer because that is what is expected of such mothers who always want their daughter to get married to rich people
Nsubuga Budrah   |2011-02-21 11:14:05
Am in love all actresses in this soap.
Fantastic job.
nannmadrine   |2011-03-08 08:52:13
hi guys your soap realy rock i lyk it so wishes you the best for you all especially the elizandos,thanx bt awaiting for another one.
mjb kalu   |2011-03-09 12:21:53
im watching hidden passion here in Zambia , its so passionate, the luv, the hurt and everything just brings them brothers and the three sister together!!! wow
Andylisa  - The story of hidden passion   |2011-04-11 11:22:50
We started watching the soap recently on one our tv station after the la tormenta(the storm) finished.u're doing a very good work but pliz i want the whole story of hidden seems its a nice soap
Isaac  - Whew   |2011-04-28 09:59:48
I love the way u guys act ur wives or husbands would be jelous careful they dont u after all that kissing i love`the passion
Camil Saade  - Mr.   |2011-05-14 07:04:12
I wonder if we can buy the unedited entire series with english subtitles.
if any body knows please e-mail me
danime2003   |2011-08-09 19:57:39
He visto las 2 ultimas versiones y en mi punto de vista Pasion de Gavilanes es mucho mejor que Fuego en la Sangre.
SWEETBERTHA PASCHAL  - BETHY   |2011-11-26 06:55:02
Its the best of them ol,its a very very nice muv and a lav every part of it.GOOD JOB GUYZ
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