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Pecados Capitales

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Pecados Capitales telenovelaPecados Capitales is a story of struggle between Goodness shown via symbols of Graces & Evil shown in seven deadline sins. These two forces meet under one roof reflected in three young people who have to live about one year together and to make all their efforts in order to win a heritage. Both these force act within its own limits, different for Goodness and Evil. But together with this it is a story of two women and their great love.

Fabiana is a strong young lady, who is used to get what she wants and to win it by all means in spite of all sorrow she can give to surrounders. On the other side there is Esperanza – a girl of firm principles, calm and kind. She is ready for fair struggle in order to win her love!

And between these two sides there is the only young man – Philip. Philip was born and grown up for success. He is passionate and ready to love, full of tenderness and wishes. At the same time he gets all his targets like Fabiana is, he can even use violence for this. But on the contrary to Fabiana he has some principles he will never break, he tries to do right. He is the man with a great purpose of life since his childhood. But he loses his way for a moment when he meets tough and hard Fabiana.

Due to his Love Philip discovers there are a lot of things that can’t be measured in figures, money or success, but in nobleness and generosity. He realizes a great force of love when he loses Esperanza – a mother of her child. He discovers Esperanza’s love is different from Fabiana’s one. Her love is generous and trustful. Esperanza is ready to love and to give all her heart to a man without any response from his side. She forgives everything!!!

And these three persons inside the eternal triangular situation demonstrate different kinds of love: selfish, hesitating and generous.

Philip is balancing between selfish and strong Fabiana’s love and calm and tender love of Esperanza. Both of the teach Philip the life principles, both of them fight for Philip, both of them leave Philip after all. And only being left by both girls Philip discovers the REAL SENSE OF LOVE!

Pecados Capitales - telenovela

(2003) - Robinson Díaz, Teresa Gutierrez


Teresa Gutierrez.... Doris
Robinson Díaz.... Gilberto "Mago Kandú"
Frank Ramírez.... Evaristo / Candido
Patricia Castañeda.... Caridad
Chela del Río.... Felicia
Patrick Delmas.... Philippe
María José Martinez.... Esperanza
Juan Ángel.... José Alberto
Guillermo Olarte.... Amadeo
Constanza Duque.... Hortensia
Marcela Carvajal.... Fabiana
Fernando Arévalo.... Aníbal
Sandra Beltrán.... Enfermera Eloísa
Marcelo Dos Santos.... Adán
Pedro Luís Falla.... Manuel
Mónica Gómez.... Milena
Claudia Liliana González.... Teresa
Martha Lucía Leal.... Libia
Evelyn Santos.... Eva
Catherine Vélez.... Silvana
Germán Quintero.... Ricardo Salinas
Juan David Sánchez.... Simón

Writing credits
Dago García
Luis Felipe Salamanca

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Vásquez

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Juan Camilo Pinzon

Produced by
Nelly Bernal

Canal Caracol


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maria jose  - PECADOS CAPITALES   |2011-03-07 19:33:54
Es la segunda vez que la veo,me encanta por que es:
llena de humor
sin la violencia q caracteriza a las tv novelas ultimamente
actuacion inmejorable de parte de los actores, se ve que Colombia tiene muy buena escuela de arte dramatico.
Y nos presenta a los integrantes de la familia Salinas: solidarios,carinosos,envidiosos,haraganes etc. cualidades y defectos de una familia: La reduzco a la expresion: " La familia no se escoge se sufre"

Mis felicitaciones para TODOS
Maria Jose
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