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Pola, La

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La Pola telenovelaThis year the Columbian Network RCN launches one of the largest projects – the epic telenovel La Pola based on real events of Policarpa Salavarrieta, aka Pola, a spy who struggled as a patriot for the independency of Columbia from Spain. New Grenada, early XIX century. The war for independency of Latin America countries from the Spain Crown is in its peak. This epoch is known to have two kinds of people - realists and patriots. In this view there are various life cases when people live in the way as if it is their last day.

By the 1810 among the thousand of voices who aspire to get free in Columbia the loud howl is heard of a woman who rises against the situation in her place, acts against the injustice and she does not care a bit about the whole Empire. This is a voice of Policarpa Salavarrieta. The story about Pola, a proud beautiful métisse, a fierce revolutionary for her ideals and country, is touching.

She has farseeing willing to struggle for the freedom at the time when women have no voice to announce their wishes. She is young and this is the age when love is deemed as eternity and kisses mean a lot to a girl. She experiences a wild, painful and passionate love to Alejo Sabaraín, an educated young man, a representative of the high society in Spain, an officer. The love between them can be high and true when the difference between the origin, place of birth, race will be overcome.

However, the couple is at two sides of barricade. The story of Pola is divided into two parts: as a child and an adult. The problem of Alejo is also set to the dilemma to choose: love to his country and love to his beloved. Alejo Sabaraín is engaged to María Ignacia Valencia from the childhood, a beautiful girl, a representative to the aristocracy. Yet, he loves Pola but she cannot love a person who is loyal to the enemy country and their relations are deemed as a sin. However, their attraction to each other is too strong that the couple is trying to enjoy their love irrespective of what is waiting for them, whether barriers or death.

La Pola is based upon the real events when love is forbidden, and marriage is an agreement between families not young people, and dignity and honor of the woman is defended with weapon. La Pola tells of people who are full of conflicts, characters opposing parties who struggle for their ideals in process of the war, about the devoted support of Spain in its war against France, declaration of independence and formation of the new nation under leadership of the General Pablo Morillo. In spite of the forbidden love between the couple, Pola paves the crucial way to independence of Columbia which is successfully reached in August 1819.


Carolina Ramírez as Policarpa Salavarrieta "La Pola"

La Pola is a sensitive and beautiful young woman, a real rioter and struggler for the her country. She is very impulsive to act driven by emotions. She is full of love and conflicts; she is a woman who is never quiet. Pola is very passionate about her country unlike other women who are taught to grow wives and obey their husbands.

Pablo Espinosa and Emmanuel Esparza as Alejo Sabarain

Well-educated, well-mannered, noble man with a heart of a real knight. He looks so reliable and strong that women just want to be devoted to him. He dreams of a good wife, marriage and children. He has strong religiouis basic principles of his culture that he cannot and is not willing to violate. He knows he will be cursed by God and nation if he does so. He is engaged with María Ignacia, but he gets so passionate about Pola that it makes him crazy. When he is away of her, he can control himself but when she is around, he is ready to struggle against the whole world.

Matilde Lemaitre and Juliana Galvis as María Ignacia Valencia

María Ignacia is a gentle, sensitive ans sweet young lady. She comes from the rich family with all her traditions and customs of the culture. She is bound by standards and rstrictions. She dreams of getting married and kids. Pola and María Ignacia are so much different and when it comes to her female happiness, she is eager to use her authority and rights to be the wife to Alejo Sabarain.

Telenovela La Pola - Photos

La Pola - telenovela

(2010) - Carolina Ramírez, Emmanuel Esparza


Carolina Ramírez ... Policarpa Salavarrieta "La Pola"
Emmanuel Esparza Bandera de España: Alejo Sabarain.
Ana María Estupiñán ..."La Pola"
Pablo Espinosa Bandera de España: Alejo Sabarain
Juliana Galvis ... María Ignacia Valencia.
Matilde Lemaitre ... María Ignacia Valencia
Manuel Navarro Bandera de España: Juan Sámano y Uribarri
Luis Fernando Hoyos ... Antonio Nariño
Diego Cadavid ... Ambrosio Almeyda.
Andoni Ferreño Bandera de España: Francisco Javier Sabarain
Zharick Leon ... Catarina Salavarrieta
Laura Torres ... Catarina Salavarrieta
José Sospedra Bandera de España: Leandro Sabarain.
Joel Bosqued Bandera de España: Leandro Sabarain
Coraima Torres Bandera de Venezuela: Mariana Ríos Muere de Viruela
Julian Arango ... Joaquín Salavarrieta Muere de Viruela
Diego Trujillo ... Domingo García
Sebastián Martínez ... Jorge Tadeo Lozano
Valentina Rendón ... Magdalena Ortega de Nariño
Maria Helena Doering ... Eusebia de Valencia
Héctor de Malba Bandera de ColombiaBandera de Francia: Gaspar Alonso de Valencia
Marcela Agudelo Bandera de Argentina: Maria Teresa Ramos de Sabarain
Javier Ramírez (Artista) ... Bibiano Salavarrieta
Susana Torres ... Ana Ortega
Carlos Camacho ... Francisco José de Caldas
Carlos Hurtado ... Anselmo Iglesias
Ana Fernández Bandera de España: Virreina Francisca Villanova y Marco
Ana María Arango ... Gertrudis
Gabriel Ochoa ... José María Arcos
Alejandro Martínez ... Camilo Torres
Kike Mendoza ... José María Carbonell
Gustavo Angarita ... Antonio Baraya
Paola Cano ... Clara Salavarrieta Muere de Viruela
Ana Mosquera ... Nicolasa
Mariano Venancio Bandera de España: Virrey Antonio Amar y Borbón
Luis Felipe Cortés ... Juliano
Eduardo Martínez ... Juliano

Writing credits
Juan Carlos Pérez Flórez (original story)
Aura Niño

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by
Jovanny Puertas

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Sergio Cabrera
Olga Lucia Rodríguez

Produced by
Nelly Ordóñez
Fernando Gaitán



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nina soto minelli  - a new fan of writer, juan carlos perez fiorez   |2011-06-05 02:13:08
I don't watch mexican novellas because the plot is always the same and very predictable and they make women look like helpless idiots that fall in love with married men and men that marry the wrong women, or she's poor than finds out she is rich, doesn't know her mom and than finds out she has been her servent all these years...another thing they treat their help like animals calling them, muerta de hombre...what kind of story is that to show over and over. I cannot understand the ignorence in these novellas, one time an actor called another actor by his real name. dont they have editors? god we laughed. but I am writing to congratulate you on this story, la pola. these actors are very good and the story is not predictable to me because I dont know the story of spain except that most are racist but won't admit it. I was there in 1995. very unfriendly folks. I was there for seven days but left in six. couldn't wait to get back to NY, In those six days I met two friendly people or was it because we were spending a lot of american money in their place of business, I don't know. I love this story...I can see how bad people of color had it even there, we are guilty of slaves too but today we have a black president...I am very happy to come across la pola, it was so well written and directed....thank you for a breath of fresh air surrounded by such awful written novelas example, betty la fea, stupid novela, it should of been a cartoon. I am sorry but I believe if you don't have anything interesting or educational to show or say on tv stay off of it. thank you for your time if you read this.....sincerely, nina minelli
Jason Rojas   |2012-04-12 17:41:46
First of all, this isn't a Mexican novela, this is a Colombian one. Secondly, you talk about ignorance and then you say you enjoyed the story because you don't know the story of Spain? Again, this is more the HISTORY of Colombia that's being portrayed in this novela, the Spanish play an important role but as I said, it's more about Colombia.
The fact that you went to Spain in 1995 and came across some racist folks, it does't mean that most of them are.
When I was 7 (living in Colombia) I remember that "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" was the only one that made men actually run home just to watch it, because it was fun. In fact it was good. It was so good that about 20 countries made their own adaptation of it, including America which seems to be where you're from.
Lastly, everyone is entitled to do or say what they want, to express what they feel through novelas, documentaries etc. If you don't find anything that tickles your fancy, change channel or if you want something more educational, take up a course or something. Regards.
Gina Espana  - La Pola   |2011-09-23 01:43:03
Best film ever made, the acting, the customs, the scenery. La Pola is well written and directed, even better than the films that won the "Oscars". La Pola deserves more that just an "Oscar". La Pola is based on HISTORY, not the cheap, fake crap they show on television TODAY.
I do not watch much television, because is mostly poor entertainment, all of the t.v. media is crap. This society should contribute to teaching our people by filming historical (TRUE) stories about people who fought for freedom of religion, color, beliefs etc... they are our real HEROES that fought and died for their beliefs and should be remembered like La Pola. I hope the television Industry or net work will show LA POLA in all COUNTRIES and in all LANGUAGES. I WILL LOVE TO WATCH IT AGAIN & AGAIN AFTER ALL IS BETTER THAN THE POLITICAL CRAP AND CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT THAT IS OUT TODAY. LA POLA IS A WINNER.
Angela  - La Pola   |2011-10-06 05:27:14
I completely agree with you. It is incredible how goof this "novela" was! Like you said, it deserves an "Oscar". This is the stories we should have on TV. To teach our children to value freedom and fight for what is right.

Yes, I also agree that the TV industry should show it in all the countries and in all languages!!!
Suzy L Natay  - La Pola   |2011-10-08 18:00:58
I wish this novela would be on in English for the non-Spanish speakers. This was perfect down to the smallest detail. I was looking for cheesy blunders but there were none....from the bowls they drank from to the horse tack..just unbelievably good. And a history lesson too. Way to go producers and directors of this great story!!!
TJ Montes  - Mr.   |2012-01-17 19:35:29
Is La Pola novela available in English? Will it ever be??
victoria  - ojala pronto volvamos a ver a carolina ramirez   |2012-08-28 23:53:17
hola soy de chile y la verdad ,de a encantado ,esto si hermoso. policarpa deveria ser recordada en el mundo por su azana ,y representar acada mujer que lucho y hoy en dia sige en la lucha de superarse saludos..
Ines Good   |2012-10-30 04:45:58
La Pola is the best Novela I have seen.Excellent production,direction,actors,places.I do hope they translate it to many languages. Colombia has excellent novelas, and I think this one is the best. Gracias
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