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Pura Sangre

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Pura Sangre telenovela

Pura Sangre - telenovela

(2007) - Rafael Novoa, Marcela Mar


Rafael Novoa ... Eduardo Montenegro
Marcela Mar ... Florencia Lagos
Kathy Sáenz ... Paulina Riascos
Pepe Sánchez ... Alejandro Lagos / Eusebio Beltrán
Alejandro López ... Renato León
Juan Pablo Gamboa ... Federico Lagos
Edgardo Román ... Atila
Silvia De Dios ... Susana Suescún de Lagos
Manuel José Chávez ... Simón Lagos
Carolina Cuervo ... Azucena Flores de Chaparro
Andrés Juan Hernández ... Camilo Lagos
Juliana Galvis ... Silvia
Carlos Manuel Vesga ... Isidro Chaparro
Marcela Benjumea ... Rosita Flores
Helga Díaz ... Irene Lagos
Jenni Osorio ... Margarita Flores
Alejandra Sandoval ... Lucía Velandia
María Fernanda Yepez
Manuel Sarmiento
Renata González ... Marcela
Claudia Aguirre
Jaime Barbini ... José María Cabal
Alejandra Borrero ... Genoveva de Lagos
Jasón Chad ... Mike Horton
Carmenza Gómez ... María de Montenegro
Carlos Hurtado
Laura Perico ... Irene Lagos - Young
Diego Velez ... Father

Writing credits
Tania Cardenas
Mauricio Navas
Guillermo Restrepo
Conchita Ruiz

Song Pura Sangre
Written by: María Fernanda Yepes

Cinematography by
Andrés Perdigón

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Henry Luna

Produced by
Guillermo Restrepo
Gloria Vega

Canal RCN


Fiming location: Sabana de Bogotá

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Edna   |2009-03-12 01:07:15
I think you guys should put Pura Sangre la novela of 2007 con Eduardo on sale all the DVDs if you did that i would bye all of them thank you
Abel Romo  - is this a copy from mexican telenovela "de pura s   |2009-10-24 01:58:41
I have seen a lot of similar things between these stories:
Title: Pura Sangre
Main actors' names: Florencia y Marcos (false name)
A priest is the only person who knows Marcos' secret (in original story he is killed)
There isn't sexual encounters between Florencia and her husband

Altough the colombian story adds a lot of new details, it seems to me that the original argument was taken from the mexican story, written by Maria Zarattini.
susan   |2010-03-04 03:30:58
Abel, mas bien esta es una novela colombiana, ninguna copia de una mexicana.
Esta novela es excelente, quisiera comprarla.
Romo informate antes de hablar
mimi   |2010-03-28 19:56:54
Novelas colombianas son muy originales y "Pura Sangre" fue una de las mejores novelas hasta ahora vista en U.S....ojala y salga en video pronto .contacte RCN y me dieron su direccion y telefono voy a llamar para ver si ellos la venden.y a los mexicanos que se dejen de estar comprando los las historias y volviendolas a hacer porque arruinaron"hasta que la plata nos separe" y porsupuesto "betty la fea" y "pedro el escamoso" aunque eduardo santamarina esta!!!! unica que le doy credito es "rubi" ...pero esa es solo mi opinion.
Aftab Abro  - Pura Sangre   |2011-09-16 17:04:15
Though spainish is not my language,but knowing little bit the language i really enjoyed the pura sangre telenovela of columbia and i wish i could by in the market so i could watch again and enjoy one more time.
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