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Reyes, Los

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Los Reyes telenovelaLos Reyes is about a working-class family and Edilberto "Beto" Reyes, the head of the family, who suddenly gets hired as president of a multinational company. The subplot to this story is a oversized jolly man who is finally coming out of the closet after two marriages and now working at a roofing company. This happens when he stops the former president of the company, a middle-aged woman with a terminal disease, from committing suicide. Beto shows the woman his daily life and his people, helping her get back on her feet. The president is grateful, and goes to France to get a treatment for her disease. When she leaves, she thanks Beto by giving him the presidency of the company.

The vicepresident, Emilio Iriarte (wrongly called "Urinarte"), who sought the company's presidency after the former president disappeared, and his family swear to take revenge. They focus on making the Reyes family go back "where they belong", but problems arise when Emilio falls in love with Laisa, Beto's 'sister'. Laisa conducts a television show on which famous real-life celebrities appear.

Los Reyes - telenovela

(2005) - Enrique Carriazo, Geraldine Zivic, Diego Trujillo


Catalina Gómez ... Catalina Gómez
Marisela González ... Maria Eugenia
Enrique Carriazo ... Edilberto "Beto" Reyes
Diego Trujillo ... Emilio Iriarte
Géraldine Zivic ... Natalia Bernal
Jacqueline Arenal ... Mayoli "Yoli" Gonzalez
Endry Cardeño ... Raúl "Laisa" Reyes
Julián Román ... Leonardo "Leo" Giovanny Reyes
Janeth Waltman ... Katherine "Kathy" Vanegas de Iriarte
Ricardo Vélez ... Armando Valenzuela
Diego Vélez ... Cheo Perez
Alberto León Jaramillo ... Hernan Cifuentes
Rosita Alonso ... Mercedes Rubio
Carmenza González ... Dulcinea
Orlando Valenzuela ... Martin
Chela Del Rio ... Rosa
Juan Camilo Hernandez ... Mateo Aponte
Daniel Arenas ... Santiago "Santi" Iriarte
Tiberio Cruz ... Edgar Galindo
Margarita Muñoz ... Pilar "Pilarica" Valenzuela
Constanza Camelo ... Hilda Reyes
Jeri Sandoval ... Maria Reyes
Nataly Umaña ... Monica
Catherine Mira ... Maritza Galindo
Katty Rangel ... Lolita
Henry Montealegro ... Andres "Totoy" Reyes
Bianca Arango ... Bianca
Valentina Cabrera ... Annie
Sebastian Caicedo ... Francisco Guerrero
Natalia Duran ... Keiko Miyamoto
Alfonso Ortiz ... Pinzon
Beatriz Roldán ... Maria Fernanda "Mafe"
Vicky Rueda ... Adriana Malaber

Writing credits
Juan Manuel Cáceres
Rosa Guzmán
Omar Terán

Song: Gente Buena
Written by: Palito Ortega

Cinematography by
Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Camilo Yunis

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Marco Antonio Galindo
Mario Ribero Ferreira

Produced by
Guillermo Restrepo
Alejandro Torres Salazar

Canal RCN


There has been controversy about one character, Laisa Reyes, who is in the series and in real-life a transvestite

"Los Reyes" is a remake of:
1 version: argentinian telenovela "Los Roldán" (2004) with Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Claribel Medina
2 version: mexican telenovela "Los Sánchez" (2005) with Luis Felipe Tovar y Martha Mariana Castro
3 version: chilean telenovela "Fortunato" (2007) with Marcial Tagle and Mariana Loyola


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