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Teacher De Inglés, La

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La Teacher De Inglés telenovelaKike owns a lingerie manufacturing company, he works hard to keep his business afloat. Mercedes is also the founder of this company. She is the reason Kike is broken-hearted, because once she left him for a rich American citizen.

Time passes and Kike’s spite slowly begins to fade. He decides to start collaborating with some American clients to expand his business. The only problem is that Kike does not speak English at all. That is why he asks his cousin Luis Fernando who lives in Miami to help him. Luis and Kike do not get along very well, but Luis agrees to help his cousin, because he is involved in drug trafficking and has some hanging debts. Helping Kike is the only way for Luis to solve his problems.

For some reasons Kike decides to begin studying English on his own. At this time, he meets a very nice woman Pili who turns out to be a professional English teacher. She has a fiancé in the United States, but she is unable to go there to be with him because her visa has been denied. Kike falls in love with beautiful Pili and hires her in order to give him private English lessons.


Victor Mallarino as Jesus Enrique Peinado, Kike

Kike is a deliberate and painstaking business person. He owns a lingerie factory. He is the person to prove that a great business can be started-up at zero point provided that aspiration, industry and willing present. His task is to compete and win, every time once and again. Kike falls desperately in love with his English teacher and the world of data, figures and curves changes for the love words.

Carolina Gómez as Pili Ortega

Pili Ortega is an English teacher for Kike. She is beautiful, purposeful but still tender. As a results of the road accident she lost her parents and since then she is responsible for the household and two of her brothers and the grandmother Rita who lives in the nursing home. Pili studies modern languages and frequently speaks English. She has so many skills and talents to envy. She has enough experience to work at schools for kids and she is suitable for dating agency where she worked as an interpreter. She has to get engaged in too many activities to avoid depression and the willing to commit a suicide from the household problems that overwhelm her.

Luly Bosa as Mercedes

Mercedes is a goal-seeker. She tends to live a lavish live and when she receives the proposal from American guy to join him in America, she does not hesitate and leave her husband and a little baby to leave for the new future without them but on American territory.

Juan Alfonso Baptista as Luis Fernando Caicedo

Luis Fernando is Kike’s cousin. He is elegant dandy who perfectly masters the skill to conquer a woman. He speaks perfect English since he lives in Miami and is involved in foreign trade. He advises for Kike in the issues of American export transactions.

Isabel Cristina Estrada as Milena Ramírez

Milena is a very attractive and sex-appealing woman. She never hesitates to reveal her shapes to confuse, manipulate or win a male person. She is Luis Fernando’s assistant at Confecciones Merceditas and is his lover.


La Teacher De Inglés - telenovela

(2011) - Carolina Gómez, Víctor Mallarino


Carolina Gómez ... Pili Ortega
Víctor Mallarino ... Jesús Enrique Peinado, Kike
Constanza Hernández ... Lucila Peinado
Adelmar Correa ... Alfredo Peinado
Samara de Cordova ... Doña Eloísa
Santiago Sánchez ... Andresito Peinado
Carolina López ... Catalina Ortega
Angelo Vallota ... Fito Ortega
Dora Cadavid ... La abuela Rita
Kenny Delgado ... José Acosta
Juan Alfonso Baptista ... Luis Fernando Caicedo
Isabel Cristina Estrada ... Milena Ramírez
Luly Bosa ... Mercedes

Writing credits
Dago García (original story)
Ana Fernanda Martínez
Andrea López
Carlos Fernández
Karen Rodríguez

Song: Very very well (Jox)

Original music
Antonio Fuentes

Cinematography by
Rafael Puentes
Carlos Gómez

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by
Andrés Marroquín
Unai Amuchastegui (second unit)
Víctor Cantillo (assistant)

Produced by
Juan Andrés Flores
Asier Aguilar



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gladys  - the best, so far.   |2011-04-10 19:26:26
Muchas gracias.
Finalmente hicieron una tlenovela que no solamente se trata de personas malas. Personas ricas y malas. Vestidos elegantes y joyas. Muertos y drogas. Finalmente intruducen los malos, pero que nos hacen reir. Esta novela si tiene de todo. Mas que todo, nuestra realidad, por la que pasamos muchas personas por el idioma ingles.
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