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Tres Milagros

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Tres Milagros telenovelaThree girls named Milagros are born in one day, too far away from each other but sharing one and the same fate. The person is there to be loved by three of them. Young women grow and get mature in different environment though they have one and the same factor that affects their lives as violation. Violence is interwoven into their lives.  MILAGROS FONTANARROSA lives in the rich conditions in the foreign country to become a beautiful young woman addicted to gambling and adrenalin-evoking stuff. She is too beautiful with the cold beauty and she takes part in every contest held in her region from beauty contests to horse riding where she shows similar skills to win.

Milagros Rendon lives in the happy family with parents swimming in loving and caressing atmosphere with her twin brother, Salvador. Her brother soon gets addicted to drugs and after many abusive events in her life, Milagros decides to become a police woman to take legal steps against crimes and in particular to pursue those who make the life of her brother miserable.

Milagros Cruz was raised in the street school. She was trained to steal to survive and finally she ends making a local band known for dancing and singing. She had to live with Byron, the victim of many addictions. Nikita is involved in many crimes from robbery to rapes. She goes into many things to get rid of the victimizer.

All three girls find the miracle in their lives to experience sea changes.


Farina as Milagros Cruz

Milagros Cruz is a professional killer. She is beautiful, athletic and cold-hearted. On the other hand, she is cheerful and active. She can dance and sing well. She is not afraid of death, devoted to her work.

Alberto Cardeño as Guadalupe Cruz

Guadalupe, 48, is the father of Milagros Cruz. Due to some violation he is moved to Bogota and he has to earn life money in the way he can. He is humble, loves music and tries to get closer to daughters.

Angélica Blandón as Milagros Rendón

Milagros Rendón is a policewoman. She is nice, well-organized, self-motivated and very smart. She keeps to solid life principles. She is intended to change people and their lives and when she fails she becomes the victim of the violence from others.

Andrés Sandoval as Fernando Rendón

A real chameleon. Handsome, charming and intelligent. He is too attractive and attentive towards people with the intention to get to know to them interpreting their weak points for his own sake. He loves money and has opportunity to get it easily.

Julio Sánchez Cóccaro as Tomasito Rendón

Tomasito, 50, is the father to Milagros Rendón. He keeps to stable values in  life to adhere and he is known for honesty and loyalty. He was a techer at the state scjool until he was gone and then he became a taxi driver. He ends in the jail accused of the crime he has not done. His son Salvador gets addicted to drugs. Being the ideal example for other, he oses control over his son.

Johana Bahamón as Milagros Fontanarrosa

Milagros Fontanarrosa lives as a queen. She is beautiful and a little bit suppressive towards people who she thinks do not comply with her standards. She prefers to be in the core of attention. She is strong-minded, beautiful and smart enough to win at various contests, whatever she is involved in.

Juan Carlos Mesier as Ricardo Fontanarrosa

Ricardo Fontanarrosa, 44, is the father of Milagros Fontanarrosa. Influential and wealthy. Deeply disaapointed in his daughter. He lacks the principles of up-bringing and the only way he believes is paying in money.

Juan Diego Sánchez as Marcelo

Marcelo, 24, a young man left by parents as an infant. He is raised by grandparents who also lost control over him. He is in love with Milagros and accompanies her everywhere she is involved in allowing her everything she is keen on. She is courageous for the sake of adrenalin but he is the one to be in charge for consequences.

Tres Milagros - telenovela

(2011) - Angélica Blandón, Johanna Bahamón, Andrés Sandoval, Farina Franco


Angélica Blandón ... Milagros Rendón
Johanna Bahamón ... Milagros Fontanarrosa
Andrés Sandoval ... Fernando Rendón
Farina Franco ... Milagros Cruz
Alberto Cardeño ... Guadalupe Cruz
Julio Sánchez Cóccaro ... Tomasito Rendón
Juan Carlos Mesier ... Ricardo Fontanarrosa
Juan Diego Sánchez ... Marcelo
Biassini Segura ... Salvador Rendón
Mauricio Bastidas ... PVC

Writing credits
Carlos Duplat

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Colombia

Directed by

Produced by
Fernando Gaitán
Frank Scheuermann

Teleset for Canal RCN


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