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Cosby tv seriesHilton Lucas is a man forced into early (and unwanted) retirement. His wife Ruth is played by Phylicia Rashad. Initially, Telma Hopkins was cast as Ruth Lucas; however, she was recast after she didn't react well to Cosby's tendency to ad lib.

The couple had one daughter, Erica Lucas, portrayed by T'Keyah Crystal Keymah. Doug E. Doug, who played Griffin Vesey, a friend of the Lucas family who tried occasionally to win Erica's affections, but they decided just to remain friends when in the fourth and final season, Darien Sills-Evans portrayed Darien Evans, Erica's fiance/husband. Jurnee Smollett also joined the cast as 11-year-old Jurnee, who Hilton adored.

Cosby - tv series

(1996 - 2000) - Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah

Genre: Comedy


Bill Cosby ... Hilton Lucas
T'Keyah Crystal Keymah ... Erica Lucas
Doug E. Doug ... Griffin Vesey
Phylicia Rashad ... Ruth Lucas
Madeline Kahn ... Pauline Fox
Darien Sills-Evans ... Darien
Jurnee Smollett ... Jurnee
Ranjit Chowdhry ... Singh
Darryl M. Bell ... Julius
Sinbad ... Del
Jade Yorker ... Kevin
Nicole Ari Parker ... Rebecca
Mary Alice ... Loretta
Jose Ramon Rosario ... Manning
Marian Seldes ... Elaine
Robert Stanton ... Mr. Acker
Andre B. Blake ... Brian
Calvin Brown ... Customer
Julius Carry ... Bradshaw
Frankie Faison ... Ron
Anjua Warfield-Maximo ... Lisa
Marc John Jefferies ... Davy
Angelo Massagli ... Angelo
Willie C. Carpenter ... Ed, Darien's Father
Daryl Edwards ... Cop
Kevin Rahsaan Grant ... Jamal
Nicole Prescott ... Miss Williams
Ingrid Rogers ... Stephanie
Lynne Thigpen ... Dr. Holmes
Michael-Leon Wooley ... George
Priya Ayyar ... Kelly
Robin Givens ... Ms. Malone
Tom Poston ... Tim
Wallace Shawn ... Mr. Fleming
Damian Young ... Howard
Sonia Sanchez ... Herself
Charles Kipps ... Well-Dressed Man

Created by:
Bill Cosby

Writing credits:
John Rogers
Adam Belanoff
Tom Straw
Tyrone Finch
Tom Purcell
Tom Reeder
Vanessa Middleton
Nick LeRose
Bernie Orenstein
Saul Turteltaub
Eric Brand
David Landsberg
David Wyatt
Robert Kurtz
Matt Karis
Howard Meyers

Opening theme: Cosby
Written by:

Cinematography by:
Bill Berner
Alan Walker

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Don Scardino
John Whitesell

Produced by:
Tom Straw
Adam Belanoff
John Rogers
J.J. Paulsen
Vanessa Middleton
Nick LeRose
Tyrone Finch
Tom Purcell
Tom Reeder
Kriss Turner
Dennis Klein
Norman Steinberg
Heidi Addison
Marcy Carsey
Bill Cosby
Joanne Curley-Kerner
David Landsberg
Caryn Mandabach
Frank Mula
Pat Nugent
Peter Tortorici
Tom Werner

Number of seasons: 4

Original channel:

Bill Cosby
Carsey-Werner Company

1998 Won BMI TV Music Award
1997 Won BMI TV Music Award
1997 Won Emmy Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Comedy Series
2000 Won Image Award Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress
1999 Won Image Award Outstanding Comedy Series
1997 Won Image Award Outstanding Comedy Series
1997 Won People's Choice Award Favorite Television New Comedy Series

Also Known As:


Madeline Kahn, who played Pauline, died in 1999. A special episode was written devoted to her, where the entire cast looked talked about her and her character. Selected clips of Madeline's character on the show were played, as well, including the famous scene where she talks to Hilton about death.

Originally Telma Hopkins was cast as Ruth, but Bill Cosby gave the role to Phylicia Rashad in hopes of recapturing the magic "The Cosby Show" (1984) had.

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