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Desperate Housewives

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Desperate Housewives tv seriesMary Alice, who narrates the show from the afterlife, had four friends: Bree Van De Kamp, the seemingly perfect mother of two teenagers struggling to save her marriage; Lynette Scavo, the mother of four whose husband is always away on business; Susan Mayer, the divorced mother in search of love finds love in the form of her new neighbour Mike Delfino, who has a secret of his own; and Gabrielle Solis, the materialistic ex-runway model who cheats on her husband. While trying to be good wives and mothers, the four friends also try to find out why their friend committed suicide. The discovery of a blackmail note among Mary Alice's belongings, a therapy session tape in which she admits her real name was Angela and her widowed husband's strange behaviour really make them wonder the mystery surrounding their deceased friend.

Mary Alice's suicide leaves behind a puzzle involving her husband Paul, son Zach, and a mysterious toy chest. The story begins with the unraveling through her four friends: Lynette, Susan, Gabrielle, Bree and her neighbors.

Gabrielle bribes a little girl to keep quiet after catching her and John in the act. Bree unsuccessfully tries to keep her marriage problems a secret. Susan confronts her ex-husband Karl and is locked out of her house naked. Lynette desperately tries to convince Tom to come to the ladies' dinner party.

Gabrielle decides to hold a fashion show on the street for charity. Susan is less charitable when she realizes Gabrielle was having an affair with John. John's mother thinks he is having an affair with Susan, forcing Gabrielle to come clean. Bree catches Andrew smoking marijuana and reports him to the school. Lynette is overwhelmed with her work and tries to find a nanny. Carlos is arrested, claiming he was set up.

Susan is left heartbroken when Mike is arrested for Mrs. Huber's murder. Lynette ensures Tom doesn't get his next promotion. Justin demands sex from Gabrielle or he will reveal her affair with John. Bree learns that Danielle is planning to lose her virginity to John.

Desperate Housewives - tv series

(2004 - till now) - Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker

Genre: Drama / Comedy / Soap Opera


Teri Hatcher ... Susan Mayer
Felicity Huffman ... Lynette Scavo
Marcia Cross ... Bree Hodge
Eva Longoria Parker ... Gabrielle Solis
Ricardo Chavira ... Carlos Solis
Nicollette Sheridan ... Edie Britt
Brenda Strong ... Mary Alice Young
Doug Savant ... Tom Scavo
James Denton ... Mike Delfino
Shawn Pyfrom ... Andrew Van De Kamp
Andrea Bowen ... Julie Mayer
Brent Kinsman ... Preston Scavo
Shane Kinsman ... Porter Scavo
Zane Huett ... Parker Scavo
Joy Lauren ... Danielle Van De Kamp
Kyle MacLachlan ... Orson Hodge
Kathryn Joosten ... Karen McCluskey
Mark Moses ... Paul Young
Cody Kasch ... Zach Young
Dana Delany ... Katherine Mayfair
Richard Burgi ... Karl Mayer
Rachel G. Fox ... Kayla Huntington
Steven Culp ... Rex Van De Kamp
Pat Crawford Brown ... Ida Greenberg
Mehcad Brooks ... Matthew Applewhite
Jesse Metcalfe ... John Rowland
Alfre Woodard ... Betty Applewhite
Dougray Scott ... Ian Hainsworth
Harriet Sansom Harris ... Felicia Tilman
Josh Henderson ... Austin McCann
Lyndsy Fonseca ... Dylan Mayfair
Neal McDonough ... Dave Williams
Charles Carver ... Porter Scavo
Max Carver ... Preston Scavo
Joshua Logan Moore ... Parker Scavo
Kendall Applegate ... Penny Scavo
Roger Bart ... George Williams
Kevin Rahm ... Lee McDermott
John Slattery ... Victor Lang
Tuc Watkins ... Bob Hunter
Nashawn Kearse ... Caleb Applewhite
Nathan Fillion ... Dr. Adam Mayfair
Gale Harold ... Jackson Braddock
Ryan Carnes ... Justin
Bob Gunton ... Noah Taylor
Christine Estabrook ... Martha Huber
Currie Graham ... Ed Ferrara
Gwendoline Yeo ... Xiao-Mei
Kiersten Warren ... Nora Huntington
Polly Bergen ... Stella Wingfield
Lucille Soong ... Yao Lin
Valerie Mahaffey ... Alma Hodge
Daniella Baltodano ... Celia Solis
Sam Lloyd ... Dr. Albert Goldfine
Ernie Hudson ... Detective Ridley
Jay Harrington ... Dr. Ron McCreadie
Jeff Doucette ... Father Crowley
Dixie Carter ... Gloria Hodge
Madison De La Garza ... Juanita Solis
Charlie Babcock ... Stu
Lupe Ontiveros ... Juanita Solis
Terry Bozeman ... Dr. Craig
Jason Gedrick ... Rick Coletti
Lesley Ann Warren ... Sophie Bremmer
Gary Cole ... Wayne Davis
Richard Roundtree ... Mr. Shaw
Page Kennedy ... Caleb Applewhite
Jake Cherry ... Travers McLain
Nick Chinlund ... Detective Sullivan
Joely Fisher ... Nina Fletcher
Lee Tergesen ... Peter McMillan
Alec Mapa ... Vern
Shirley Knight ... Phyllis Van De Kamp
Kurt Fuller ... Detective Barton
Betty Murphy ... Alberta Fromme
Alejandro Patino ... Ralph
Todd Grinnell ... Dr. Alex Cominis
Mason Vale Cotton ... Maynard 'MJ' Delfino
Maria Cominis ... Mona Clark
Dale Waddington Horowitz ... Night Nurse
Lulu ... Wisteria Lane Neighborhood Collie
Lily Tomlin ... Roberta
Laurie Metcalf ... Carolyn Bigsby
Matt Roth ... Art Shepherd
Dakin Matthews ... Reverend Sikes
Gail O'Grady ... Anne Schilling
John Kapelos ... Eugene Beale
Bruce Jarchow ... Samuel Bormanis
Christine Clayburg ... Newscaster
Carol Mansell ... Pat Ziegler
Scott Atkinson ... Officer
Dagney Kerr ... Nurse Ruth Ann Heisel
Richard Jenik ... Policeman
Wayne Lopez ... Clyde
Tanner Maguire ... Young Zach
Sharon Lawrence ... Maisy Gibbons
Marla Sokoloff ... Claire
Melinda McGraw ... Annabel Foster
Kathryn Harrold ... Helen Rowland
Stacey Travis ... Jordana Geist
Conor O'Farrell ... Detective Copeland
Harry S. Murphy ... Headmaster Lentz
Ellen Geer ... Lillian Sims
Paul Dooley ... Addison Prudy
Kathleen York ... Monique Pollier
Adrian Pasdar ... David Bradley
Bob Newhart ... Morty Flickman
Mike Farrell ... Milton Lang
David Fabrizio ... Detective Collins
Melinda Page Hamilton ... Sister Mary Bernard
Eddie McClintock ... Frank Helm
James Luca McBride ... Al Kaminsky
Michael Durrell ... Mr. Katzburg
Nichole Hiltz ... Libby Collins
James Shanklin ... Detective Fallon
Kylie Sparks ... Kim
Frances Conroy ... Virginia Hildebrand
Jill Brennan ... Tish Atherton
Soledad St. Hilaire ... Helena
Cheyenne Wilbur ... Bob Fisk
Dougald Park ... The Doctor
Mitch Silpa ... Jerry
Mark Brady ... Jail Cell Officer
Steve Tyler ... Minister
Jolie Jenkins ... Deirdre
Stephen Spinella ... Dr. Samuel Heller
Emily Christine ... Ashley Bukowski
Paul Keeley ... Dr. McLean
Wendy Worthington ... Nurse Parker
Hailee Denham ... Young Dylan Mayfair
Leslie Karpman ... Debbie
Jordan Timsit ... Lori Jean's Son
Thomas James Kepner ... Attorney
Cecily Gambrell ... Jane Hainsworth
Brett Cullen ... Detective Burnett
Gregg Daniel ... Dr. Sicher
Mary Pat Gleason ... Ms. Elenora Butters
Shawn Doyle ... Mr. Hartley
Mark L. Taylor ... Mr. Steinberg
John Newton ... Jonathan Lithgow - The Cable Guy
Michael Ironside ... Curt Monroe
Anthony Azizi ... Mr. Falati
Heather Stephens ... Kendra Taylor
Miriam Flynn ... Dr. Berman
William Atherton ... Dr. Barr
Jennifer Dundas ... Rebecca Shepard
Melora Walters ... Sylvia Greene
David Starzyk ... Bradley Scott
Michelle Pierce ... Tammy Rowland
Edward Edwards ... Jim Peterson
Shannon O'Hurley ... Mrs. Truesdale
Nigel Gibbs ... FBI Agent
Brian Kerwin ... Harvey Bigsby
Ion Overman ... Maria Scott
Nike Doukas ... Natalie Klein
Mark Deklin ... Bill Pearce
Julie White ... Amanda
Billy Mayo ... Detective Lyons
Peter Birkenhead ... Dr. Dolan
Jodi Carlisle ... Michelle Downing
Carlease Burke ... Nurse #2
Andy Umberger ... Detective Romslow
Peter Jason ... Jeff
Rick Otto ... Det. Paul Bullock
Roz Witt ... Nurse #1
Michael Bofshever ... Mr. Stevens
John Bobek ... Tucker
Elizabeth Storm ... Janie Peterson
Mary Margaret Lewis ... Renee
Rick Fitts ... Jerry the Coroner
John Lacy ... Detective Beckerman
Ridge Canipe ... Danny Farrell
Juliette Goglia ... Amy Pearce
Jeffrey Stubblefield ... Jerome
Joyce Van Patten ... Carol Prudy
John Mariano ... Oliver Weston
David Pevsner ... Waiter
Scott Allan Campbell ... Detective Sloan
Lynette DuPree ... Nurse
Billy Unger ... Chad
Julie Pop ... Nurse
Albert Garcia ... Luis
Tim Monsion ... Dr. Cunningham
Darien Pinkerton ... Penny
Felice Heather Monteith ... Mike's Nurse
Chloe Moretz ... Sherri Maltby
John Callahan ... Stan
Jennifer Lyons ... Cecile the Stripper
Stephen O'Mahoney ... Paramedic
Lenny Schmidt ... Man
Chris Damiano ... Cop
John Harnagel ... Gilbert McCluskey
Joy Bisco ... Melanie Foster
J. Omar Castro ... Guard
Coley Sohn ... Nurse
Cristos ... Inmate
Paul Rae ... Hector 'The Ice Cream Man'
Boo Arnold ... Cop
Alicia Brandt ... Judy
Mark Arnold ... Jack
Trisha Simmons ... Principal Star
Randy Spire ... Alfred the Orderly
Marie Caldare ... Lila Dash
Garrett Warren ... Gangbanger #1
Hunter Allan ... Young Andrew
Kerstin Pinkerton ... Penny
Joshua Bevier ... Pharmacist
Dawn Ashley Cook ... Serena
Shannon Ryan ... Bree's Laughing Dinner Guest
Marina Anderson ... Wisteria Lane Neighbor with Collie
Brady Cook ... Office Employee
Faith Dever ... Baby Lilly
Hope Dever ... Baby Lilly
Gina Fricchione ... Maxine Bennett's Friend
Erin O'Shaughnessy ... Clair
Bob Ross ... Dr. Fitzgerald
Arlo Hemphill ... Fireman
Holly Marie Combs ... Marley Winters

Created by:
Marc Cherry

Writing credits:
Marc Cherry
Alexandra Cunningham
Joey Murphy
John Pardee
Kevin Murphy
Tom Spezialy
Bob Daily
Joshua Senter
Dahvi Waller
Susan Nirah Jaffe
Joe Keenan
Chris Black
Jeff Greenstein
Lori Kirkland
Matt Berry
Jamie Gorenberg
Jordon Nardino
Bruce Zimmerman
Jason Ganzel
Anne Flett-Giordano
Chuck Ranberg

Opening theme: Desperate Housewives Theme
Written by: Danny Elfman

Original music by:
Steve Jablonsky
Danny Elfman

Cinematography by:
Lowell Peterson
Richard M. Rawlings Jr.
Eric Van Haren Noman Walt Fraser

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
David Grossman
Arlene Sanford
David Warren
Wendey Stanzler
Bethany Rooney
Jeffrey Melman
Fred Gerber
Charles McDougall
Robert Duncan McNeill
Matthew Diamond

Produced by:
Charles Skouras III
Marc Cherry
George W. Perkins
John Pardee
Joey Murphy
Larry Shaw
Kevin Murphy
Stephanie Hagen
David Grossman
Sabrina Wind
John Blair
Chris Black
Bob Daily
Jeff Greenstein
Susan Nirah Jaffe
Joe Keenan
Michael Edelstein
Kevin Etten
Tom Spezialy
Matt Berry
Jamie Gorenberg
Lori Kirkland
Charles Pratt Jr.
Anne Flett-Giordano
Chuck Ranberg
Bruce Zimmerman
David Flebotte
Ellen Herman
Julia Sweeney
Patty Lin
Tracey Stern
Katie Ford

Number of seasons: 5

Original channel:

Cherry Alley Productions
Touchstone Television
ABC Studios
Cherry Productions

2004: Best Single-Camera TV Series (for "Ah, But Underneath", won) Art Directors Guild (ADG)
2005: Winner - BMI TV Music Award
2005: Winner - Best Continuing Series ("Pilot")
2007: Winner- TV Series International (Eva Longoria)
2005: Winner- Best Comedy Pilot Casting (Junie Lowry-Johnson and Scott Genkinger)Casting Society of America
2005: Outstanding Actress - Comedy Series (Felicity Huffman for playing "Lynette Scavo", won) Emmy Awards
2005: Outstanding Casting - Comedy Series (won) Emmy Awards
2005: Outstanding Directing - Comedy Series (Charles McDougall for "Pilot", won) Emmy Awards
2005: Outstanding Guest Actress - Comedy Series (Kathryn Joosten for playing "Mrs. McCluskey", won) Emmy Awards
2005: Outstanding Main Title Theme Music (won) Emmy Awards
2005: Outstanding Picture Editing, Single-Camera - Comedy Series (for "Pilot", won) Emmy Awards
2008: Outstanding Guest Actress - Comedy Series (Kathryn Joosten for playing "Karen McCluskey" in "Welcome to Kanagawa", won) Emmy Awards
2004: Best Series - Musical or Comedy (won) Golden Globe Awards
2005: Best Series - Musical or Comedy (won) Golden Globe Awards
2004: Best Series - Musical or Comedy (won) Satellite Awards
2005: Best Actress - Musical or Comedy Series (Huffman, won)
2006: Best Actress - Musical or Comedy Series (Cross, won) Satellite Awards
2007: Winner - Best Comedy Series Monte Carlo TV Festival
2005: Winner - Favorite New Television Drama Monte Carlo TV Festival People's Choice Awards

Also Known As:
Desperate Housewives

Beautes desesperees
Desperate housewives - I segreti di Wisteria Lane
Desupareto na tsuma tachi
Esposas desesperadas
Frustrerte fruer
Gotowe na wszystko
Meeleheitel koduperenaised
Mujeres desesperadas
Noikokyres se apognosi
Szuletett felesegek
Taydelliset naiset


Creator Marc Cherry said he got the idea to write the pilot after a conversation with his mother. She told him that raising Cherry and his siblings with their father away most of the time made her feel "desperate" sometimes.

Teri Hatcher broke two ribs filming the scene where she stumbles into a wedding cake and insisted they didn't stop production.

Oprah Winfrey loved the show so much, she was invited to the set, and had an exclusive show in which she showcased a 15 minute "episode" where Oprah (as a new neighbor) learned of all the secrets of the housewives.

Bree's response when her son tells her he's gay is, "I'd love you even if you were a murderer," the same quote that Marc Cherry's mother told him when he came out.

All episodes except the pilot are named after songs and in the first season, all the song titles were from songs written by Stephen Sondheim. At Sondheim's birthday celebration, the cast filmed a segment specifically for the party, featuring the titles.

The license plates on the cars say "Eagle State".

Lynette's boss's name is Ed Ferrara. In real life, Ed Ferrara is writer and producer Kevin Murphy's former writing partner of several TV shows including "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show" (1997) and "Weird Science" (1994).

A fan loved the dress Gabrielle wore in the pilot and so much she wrote to the producers asking name of the designer and if he could design her a prom dress. The producers instead sent her the actual gown and she wore it to her prom.

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Audrey  - who is that girl?   |2010-04-19 17:05:44
Could you please tell me the girls name that does the voice of Mary Alice? It seems I hear her from time to time on ads on TV and audio books...Thank You
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